John Lennon / Complete Home Demo Recordings 1975-1980 Vol 1 / 5CD Wx Slipcase

John Lennon / Complete Home Demo Recordings 1975-1980 Vol 1 / 5CD Wx Slipcase / Misterclaudel

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Complete Home Demos Recordings 1975-1980 Vol.1, John Lennon Househusband Years. Digitally Remastered




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Latest work of M Claudel will be the demo that was recorded from 1975 to 1980, he called the House Husband life of John Lennon on the exhaustive the title includes the first appearance sound source. John, to be called the love from a parent to a child has not been received in the I’m a light had become a burden of a very big heart. And for the Julian awaited blessed son, just The Beatles popularity of hit and time that has become global, it was not raised with enough Kama~tsu. It would be the reflection, from birth is Sean between the Yoko in 1975, to stop any of the music activities, will be in the middle of retired state in order to concentrate on raising children. That the period of five years from 1975 in 1980, speaking from the time of the musicians of the cycle, the fact that the five-year period does not release the album is a long period of time it is not even been thought to have retired from the public way.

The posthumous work in 1980 the end of the year “double Fantasy” will be released. Has received a number of interviews as the promotion, but one of them, there was a reporter who asked to be or not to be, such as composer to five years of silence. John in answer to the question “If you are allowed to remain subjected to guitar wall, it was not touched at all,” says the. Of course, this is an embarrassment and a joke in the fact that after a long time of the album, you can create a number of songs in fact, have been known that they were recording a demo. It becomes aside, the “double fantasy” is great, those condensed the accumulation of the past five years, it does not further squeezed become other to because selection has been music group to the real album of half the number of songs.

When you produce a movie “Imagine” in 1988, Andrew Salt of the director as “the 20th century of the person or not than not a person that the video is remaining about this”, I have marveled the abundance of the material beneath, I will Such seems as John had done consciously that leave the record. Underground sound source that was left of John climbed in just a huge number, because there is no systematic and summarized material, the whole of understanding is a difficult situation. Piecemeal in the late ’80s radio program that called the topic in “THE LOST LENNON TAPES” or first appearance sound source has not been recorded, also, such as a new sound source, even in recent years come out, it was really chaotic situation It has become. M Claudel, in order summarized John of the sound source in a systematic manner, the session series for each album, and live recordings have been completed. Studio sessions, followed by live, next is the demo collection. It also recorded a demo of the House Husband era of 1975 to 1980 in a systematic manner.

In carrying to record a demo of John of househusband era, which was not only known to fragmented until now, those famous, and etc. In carrying continue to build in the first appearance sound source, you know that you spend a really CD10 sheets minute , it needs to be recorded huge amount of 800 minutes in the time was found. So, now to be released as a series divided the demo of this househusband era to five at a time two sets. Even though the demo, or wanted while playing the guitar, or was the piano, it is rich in variety as or use the rhythm machine, it will not get bored those who listen. Also, by listening to the sound of the early stages of making song called demo, and we know very well the process of until the song is completed. For example the famous “Starting Over” was originally Song Title of “Do not Be Crazy”, and that the lyrics had been significantly different, even originally rebuild the song was created as another song such that it was combined into one songs, we are able to perceive from this demo collection.

And here but is the most important, on the characteristics of the demo, the instrument be of a minimum, only the main is that John’s vocal. John of the great rock ‘n’ roll voice is, you can enjoy as much as or even this. John would have obtained enough first-class alone song even without a composer, I have that voice heard in vivid ear. If this is the people that are attracted to John, you’ll able to understand that the most attractive of John is in the “that voice”. That vocal to touch the heartstrings of those of mind to listen, but can not be adequately expressed in words, what not being transmitted to sufficient only say “that voice”. John Lennon as a vocalist in a simple performance because, that more fully can enjoy is, you may say that the biggest attraction of the demo.

This work mean that Vol.1, we recorded a demo of 1975-1980 (Vol2 is expected that all five will be recorded in 1980 in the demo). Who is neither than to listen, also There is only demo of the era that does not assume the release, the official still and it features the music that remain unpublished often. Among which was announced as a new song of the Beatles in 1995 and “Free As A Bird”, “Real Love” is, of course, has been studied as a third of the new song “Now And Then” it is also included. From about 1979, after as well many music initial demonstration of View of day as a “double-fantasy”, which I will think because John there was a sense of trying to announce soon a new album. Please refer to the track list other details.

Latest work of M Claudel, the culmination including the first appearance sound source the demo recording sound source of 1980 House Husband period from 1975. It will be John’s demo for the first time systematically and recording the title. Permanent Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With a slip case.






1988年に映画『イマジン』を制作する際に、監督のアンドリューソルトは「20世紀の人物でこれほど映像が残っている人物はいないのではないか」と、その素材の多さを驚嘆していましたが、かようにジョンは記録に残すことを意識的に行なっていたと思われます。ジョンの残したアンダーグラウンドな音源はまさに膨大な数にのぼり、体系的にまとめた資料がないため、その全体の把握は困難な状況です。80年代後半に話題を呼んだラジオ・プログラム『THE LOST LENNON TAPES』でも断片的に初登場音源が収録されていたり、また近年になっても新たな音源が出てくるといった、実に混沌とした状況になっています。Mクローデルは、ジョンの音源を体系的にまとめるべく、アルバムごとのセッション・シリーズ、そしてライヴ音源が完結しています。スタジオ・セッション、ライヴに続いて、次はデモ音源集です。それも1975年から1980年までのハウスハズバンド時代のデモ音源を体系的に収録しています。

ジョンの主夫時代のデモ音源を収録するにあたって、今まで断片的にしか知られていなかったもの、有名なもの、そして初登場音源などで構築していくにあたって、実にCD10枚分を費やすことがわかり、時間にして800分という膨大な量を収録する必要が判明しました。そこで、この主夫時代のデモ音源を5枚づつ2セットにわけてシリーズとしてリリースすることになりました。デモといっても、ギターを弾きながらだったり、ピアノだったり、リズムマシーンを使ったりとバラエティに富んでおり、聴く者を飽きさせません。またデモ音源という曲作りの初期段階の音源を聴くことにより、曲が完成するまでの過程が非常によくわかるのです。例えば有名な「スターティング・オーヴァー」が当初「Don’t Be Crazy」という曲名だったこと、そして歌詞が大幅に異なっていたこと、さらに元々は別の曲として作られた曲を再構築して1曲にまとめたことなどが、このデモ音源集からうかがい知ることができるのです。


本作はVol.1ということで、1975年から1980年までのデモ音源を収録しています(Vol2は5枚全てが1980年のデモ音源が収録される予定です)。誰に聴かせるのでもなく、またリリースを前提としていない時代のデモ音源だけあって、今でも公式には未発表のままになっている楽曲が多いのが特長です。その中には1995年にビートルズの新曲として発表された「Free As A Bird」と「Real Love」はもちろんのこと、第三の新曲として検討された「Now And Then」も含まれています。1979年くらいからは、後に「ダブルファンタジー」として陽の目を見る楽曲の初期デモが多く並び、これはジョンがそろそろニューアルバムを発表しようという意識があったからだと思われます。その他詳細はトラックリストをご参照ください。



01. Tennessee (Take 1) (Watching the Wheels)
02. Tennessee (Take 3)
03. Tennessee (Take 4)
04. Tennessee (Take 5)
05. Sally And Billy (Take 2) (Only People)
06. Sally And Billy (Take 3)
07. Everybody(Nobody Told Me)

08. Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love)(Take 1)
09. Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love)(Unknown take)
10. Cookin’ (In The Kitchen Of Love)(Take 8)
11. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy’s (Take 2 complete)
12. She Is A Friend Of Dorothy’s (Take 7)

13. Mucho Mungo

14. Now and Then (I Don’t Want To Lose You original source)
15. Now and Then (I Don’t Want To Lose You) (restored Beatle reunion master)
16. Free As A Bird (Take 1)
17. Free As A Bird (Take 3)

18. Whatever Happened To…? (Partial take 1 with voiceover)
19. Whatever Happened To…? (Take 2)

20. Mirror, Mirror (Take 1)
21. Mirror, Mirror (Take 2)
22. Mirror, Mirror (Take 3)
23. Mirror, Mirror (Take 4)
24. Mirror, Mirror (Take 5)

25. One Of The Boys (Take 1)
26. One Of The Boys (Take 2)

01. Sea Medley:
– When I Was Young and In My Prime
– My Old Man’s A Dustman
– I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
– Leaning On A Lam post
– Chinese Laundry Blues

02. Maurice DuPont (Act I)
03. Maurice DuPont (Act II)
04. Maurice DuPont (Act III)

05. Too Much Monkey Business – Subterranean Homesick Blues
06. Rock Island Line
07. Brown Eyed Handsome Man – Get Back
08. Beyond The Sea – Blue Moon – Young Love
09. Satire 1 (“Lord, Take this Makeup Off Me”)
10. Satire 2 (“News Of The Day”)
11. Satire 3 – Maggie Mae
12. Falling In Love Again
13. I’m A Man
14. “‘Twas a night like Ethel Merman”
15. Dialogue “Search For Tomorrow”
16. The Great Wok

17. I Don’t Wanna Face It #1 (Early demo take 2)
18. I Don’t Wanna Face It #2 (Early demo unknown take)
19. I Watch Your Face
20. The Diary Tape September 5, 1979

21. Serve Yourself #1
22. Serve Yourself #2
23. That’s The Way The World Is (Real Love/I’m Stepping Out)(Take 1)
24. That’s The Way The World Is (Take 2)
25. Don’t Be Crazy (Take 1)((Just Like) Starting Over)
26. Don’t Be Crazy (Take 2)
27. Baby Make Love To You (Real Love)
28. Baby Make Love To You – Girls And Boys #1

01. Girls And Boys #2 (Real Love)
02. Real Life #1 (Take 1- complete)(I’m Steeping Out/Real Love)
03. Real Life #2 (Take 2)
04. Real Life #3 (Take 3- complete)
05. Real Life #4 (Take 4- complete)
06. Real Life #5 (Composite demo fragment) (I’m Steeping Out)
07. Real Life #6 (‘Let Go’ bridge 1)(Real Love/I’m Steeping Out)
08. Real Life #7 (‘Let Go’ bridge 2)
09. Serve Yourself #3
10. Serve Yourself #4
11. Girls And Boys #3
12. Girls And Boys #4 (fragment with voice over)

13. It’s Real
14. The Diary Tape October 10, 1979
15. Not For Love Nor Money
16. The Diary Tape Oct – Nov, 1979
17. The Diary Tape November 22, 1979 (Sean’s ‘Little Help’/With A little Help from My Friends)
18. Sean’s “In The Sky”
19. Sean’s “Loud”
20. Sean’s “Serve Yourself – Be-Bop-A-Lula”

LATE 1979 to EARLY 1980
21. Beautiful Boy (instrumental jam with voice over)
22. Electric guitar with drum machine improvisation

01. Beautiful Boy (12 minute version)
02. Rock Island Line
03. Hawling At The Moon
04. Beautiful Boy – Howling At The Moon – Across The River
05. She Runs Them Round In Circles – Beautiful Boy
06. Many Rivers To Cross – My Girl
07. Help Me To Help Myself
08. Life Begins At 40
09. Across The River
10. India India
11. Improvisation #1
12. Improvisation #2

13. Girls And Boys (Early Take)(Real Love)
14. Girls And Boys (take 4)(Real Love)
15. Girls And Boys (take 5)(Real Love)
16. Girls And Boys (take 6)(Real Love)

17. Emotional Wreck (take 1)(Watching The Wheels)
18. Emotional Wreck (take 2)(Watching The Wheels)
19. Watching The Wheels #1 – Howling The Moon
20. Watching The Wheels #2 – Howling The Moon
21. Watching The Wheels #3
22. Watching The Wheels #4 (take 18)
23. Watching The Wheels #5 (take 19)
24. Watching The Wheels #6 (take 20)
25. Watching The Wheels #7 (take 91)
26. Watching The Wheels #8 (take 1)

01. Watching The Wheels #9 (take 1)
02. Watching The Wheels #10 (take 6)
03. Watching The Wheels #11
04. Watching The Wheels #12 (I’m Crazy) (“Side Two- Take 1”)
05. Watching The Wheels #13 (“After Lunch, Take 1”)
06. Watching The Wheels #14
07. Strangers Room #1 (I’m Losing You)
08. John Henry #1
09. Strangers Room #2 (I’m Losing You)
10. Strangers Room #3 (I’m Losing You)

11. John Henry #2
12. John Henry #3
13. Watching The Wheels (complete)
14. Corrina Corrina

15. My Life #1 (take 1 – complete) ((Just Like) Starting Over)
16. My Life #2 (take 2) ((Just Like) Starting Over)
17. My Life #3 (take 3 – complete) ((Just Like) Starting Over)
18. My Life #4 (unknown take)((Just Like) Starting Over)

19. Serve Yourself #5
20. Serve Yourself #6
21. Memories – Howling At The Moon #1
22. Cathy’s Clown
23. You Send Me
24. Memories – Howling At The Moon #2

Misterclaudel.  MCCD-497-501

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