Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke / Definitive Nagoya 1978 / 2CD

Jeff Beck With Stanley Clarke / Definitive Nagoya 1978 / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 26th November 1978

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To leave now Jeff Beck, who came to Japan with Stanley Clarke who was 40 years old in 1978, Miracle live album that updates its highest record appears, it is decision making permanent preservation press.
It is engraved in this work “November 26, 1978: Nagoya City Auditorium” performance. Its super / superb audience recording. In 1973’s BB & A, in poor physical condition in 1975 three performances were held, but in 1978, which was the third time, it gained popularity overheating and expanded at a stretch. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule of the time.

· November 20th: Ibaragi Prefectural Cultural Center
· November 22nd: Ishikawa Kosei Pension Center
· November 23: Kurashiki City Hall
· November 24th: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
· November 26: Nagoya City Auditorium 【this work】
· November 28: Nippon Steel Otani Stadium
· November 29: Osaka Health Pension Center
· November 30 – December 2: Nippon Budokan (3 performances)

Over all, 10 performances. This work ‘s Nagoya performance was the 5th show just in the middle. This show has long been known as a name recording “A BATTLE”, and also from a professional magazine, “1978 Japan Tour is the best sound” has been said. This work was digitized from its master tape. It is a new vertex live album that updates the highest peak of many years.
Actually, the sound of this work is excellent. What is wonderful above all is a very natural sound. The conventional board was also a transcendent sound like the latest digital recording, but the finish was sweet. The clapping sound of the applause burst out violently due to equalizing of impression pressing which was also a fashion at the time, and beautifully glossy reverberation was drowned out on the other hand. In contrast, this work correctly master sound. Of course, the pitch that was crazy with meticulous mastering is correctly arranged, but the natural ringing is the master itself as it is the site itself.
Everything is real and beautiful, but what is symbolic is the reverberation of the cymbals. Its brilliance is even visible even in the metallic luster, and a delicate vibe is left to the moment when it disappears. Please listen to the intro of “Cat Moves” which entered the set from this day. In 1978, the recording which the cymbal sound is beautifully delicately drawn so far is not in memory for a moment. Of course, this work is not just the recording that the cymbal sound jumped through, it is only an example. The master ‘s original intrinsic subtlety is striking, and the splendor of the separate beauty, balance ensures the full story. Three-dimensional feeling has also increased due to the clearer detail, and the stereo feeling has also improved greatly. The disadvantage that “Journey To Love” intro is lacking is the same as the conventional one, but it is also extremely slight. Up to the announcement of the final announcement of “just now … …” The top quality of 1978 is a shakeable recording of impatience.
The show drawn with that sound is also wonderful. To tell the truth, I came to Japan in 1978 as well. There was no physical condition like 1975, but the members were different in the original schedule. Initially, in addition to Jeff, Stanley, Simon Phillips, Mike Gerson was a lineup. However, Jeff could not be satisfied with Mike’s performance, and suddenly changed to Tony Himus. The rehearsal entered the tour only three days before the arrival day. As a result, the beginning of the performance in Japan has not reached the normal tone, and the ensemble has advanced rapidly as we follow the show. It was after the middle stage that he was in full force. This work ‘s Nagoya performance is a concert known as such “first masterpiece”.
In fact, the performance of this work is wonderful like playing with Guyguy from the performance, especially “Freeway Jam” is top form. It will let you listen to the best performing performances through Japan Tour as well. Stanley is doing well, and “School Days” including the base solo is a staggering phrase. Of course, the ironman Simon Phillips is perfect. Although Ibaraki performance on the first day is still unknown, it plays plenty of different combinations with Ishikawa, Kurashiki and Osaka that were held before this work. However, I could not go with a perfect masterpiece. Some scenes where Jeff’s phrases do not mesh one by one from the middle stage to the final stage also come out. Especially the severe is “Blue Wind” of the big russ. Although the audience at the scene is delighted, Jeff’s guitar will not be able to reconstruct itself and will end. Anyway, this is also one document. Jeff’s irritability brings a tremendous momentum to “Scatterbrain”, and Jeff’s real pleasure of all the performance is unlikely to be experienced with super high sound quality.

Jeff in 1978 who dominated the famous Stanley and the archipelago. It is one book that was revived with the master quality that renews the highest mountain name recording that was also said to be its best. A super luxury live album that overturns the common sense of the seventies audience, plenty of the brightness of the apex. Please, please fully enjoy.


・11月26日:名古屋市公会堂 【本作】

以上、全10公演。本作の名古屋公演は、そのちょうど真ん中にあたる5公演目でした。このショウは従来から名録音『A BATTLE』が知られており、専門誌からも「1978年ジャパン・ツアーで最も音が良い」とされてきました。本作は、そのマスター・テープからデジタル化されたもの。長年の最高峰を更新する新たなる頂点ライヴアルバムなのです。
すべてがリアルで美しいのですが、象徴的なのはシンバルの残響音でしょうか。その輝きは金属光沢さえも目に浮かび、繊細なヴァイヴが消えゆく刹那まで綺麗に残されている。この日からセット入りした「Cat Moves」のイントロを聴いていただきたい。1978年にして、ここまで美麗・繊細にシンバル音が描かれている録音は、ちょっと記憶にありません。もちろん、本作はシンバル音が飛び抜けた録音ではなく、あくまでも一例にすぎません。マスター本来が吸い込んだトータルでの繊細さこそが際立っており、セパレートの美しさ、バランスの見事さが全編を貫く。鮮明になったディテールにより立体感も増し、ステレオ感までもが大きく向上している。「Journey To Love」イントロが欠ける欠点は従来と同じものの、それも極々僅か。「ただ今をもちまして……」の終演アナウンスまで1978年の頂点クオリティが揺るがない銘品録音なのです。
実際、本作の演奏は開演からグイグイと引っ張るような演奏が素晴らしく、特に「Freeway Jam」は絶好調。ジャパン・ツアーを通しても屈指となる熱演ぶりを聴かせてくれる。スタンリーも調子よく、ベースソロを含む「School Days」では驚異的なフレーズを連発。もちろん、鉄人サイモン・フィリップスは完璧。初日の茨城公演は未だ不明ではあるものの、本作の前に行われた石川・倉敷・大阪とは次元の違うコンビネーションをたっぷりと聴かせてくれるのです。とは言え、完璧な名演ともいきませんでした。中盤から終盤にかけてジェフのフレーズが今ひとつ噛み合わないシーンも出てきてしまう。特に厳しいのは大ラスの「Blue Wind」。現場の観客は大喜びなものの、ジェフのギターは崩れを立て直せずに終演を迎えてしまうのです。ともあれ、これも1つのドキュメント。ジェフの苛立ちが「Scatterbrain」に凄まじい勢いを吹き込みもしますし、すべての演奏が一期一会なジェフの醍醐味が超高音質で味わえるのです。



Disc 1 (34:23)
1. Intro. 2. Darkness/Earth In Search Of A Sun 3. Star Cycle 4. Freeway Jam
5. Cat Moves 6. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 7. Bass Solo/School Days

Disc 2 (47:16)
1. Journey To Love 2. Lopsy Lu 3. Diamond Dust 4. Scatterbrain incl. Drum Solo
5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Jelly 6. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 7. Blue Wind

Jeff Beck – Guitar Stanley Clarke – Bass Tony Hymas – Keyboards Simon Phillips – Drums


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