Jeff Beck / Live At The Greek 1995 / 1CDR

Jeff Beck / Live At The Greek 1995 / 1CDR / Breakdown

Translated text:

Live At Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA September 19th 1995 Audience

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From the American tour in 1995 of Jeff Beck for a long time when there was no album release for a long time, the performance at the Los Angeles Greek Theater appeared for the first time from the high-quality audience recording master!

With a trio organization with Tony Highmas and Terry Bodgio with a tour that was a double header with Santana, the live sound source at this time is limited and it can be said that it is a precious excavation live sound source.
Starting from the unpublished song “Hurricane” from the opening, it is a collector audition live which showed a thrilling performance by trio organization while a short set list!



01. Intro / Hurricane/02. Star Cycle/03. Guitar Shop/04. Savoy/05. Behind The Veil/06. Freeway Jam/07. You Never Know/08. Where Were You/09. Big Block/10. ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers/11. Sling Shot/12. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/13. Blue Wind/14. People Get Ready/15. Going Down

Live At Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA September 19th 1995



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