Jeff Beck / Wolf Trap 2018 / 2CDR

Jeff Beck / Wolf Trap 2018 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA, USA 20th August 2018

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Jeff Beck completed the luxury coupling tour “STARS ALIGN TOUR” with Paul Rogers & Ann Wilson. His newest and longest live album is appearing.
It is recorded in this work “Vena performance on 20th August 2018”. It is masterpiece audience recording which caught one act of topic tour “STARS ALIGN TOUR”. Current Jeff enters a new ensemble with female cellist, Vanessa · Freeburn · Smith. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in such a step in 2018.

· June 8 – July 9: Europe (19 performances)
· July 18 – August 26: North America (27 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the schedule which has been published to date. Although the whole schedule has already ended, the show after that has not been announced yet. The Vina performance of this work was a concert of 23 concerts of “North America” ​​that is the final stage.
We have reported on the site of “STARS ALIGN TOUR” until now, but the length of this work is quite different from that. Jeff ‘s holding time was about 60 minutes only for the coupling tour, but this work was a long show that exceeded 90 minutes. The reason is Paul’s absence. Three pairs were selling “STARS ALIGN TOUR”, but it was not all the performances. Paul Rodgers is out of a few shows, only Ahn Wilson and Jeff. The Vena performance of this work is one of them, and for that reason the length of a single independent performance burr has been realized.
Of course, the point of this work is not just length. Rather, the biggest attraction is the beautiful sound. The musical sound which is selected on the corner is a solid core and hardly distances are felt, and vivid details are soundboard burrs. It is a great ringing that is deprived more than that. As a matter of fact, this work firmly picks up the venue acoustics, but it is perfectly integrated with the performance while it is transparent. Writing like this may seem to be a boisterous recording, but it is not so. The rich ringing is integrated with effectors and guitar sounds themselves, making them bigger. Moreover, natural feeling unique to the on site sound different from the effector. While the core of the guitar jumps straight, it’s a gorgeous sound as if its core is wearing an aura.
To tell the truth, this unique noisy is unique to this work. The original sound of the net which became the origin even though this reverberation sound was too strong and it was somewhat muzzled. However, in this work carefully arranging the ringing, the core was raised clearly, and it became an exquisite balance. Of course, this recording is not born with any recording, but the original characteristics of the recording happened to be suitable for mastering. I succeeded in bringing out that possibility to the maximum.
The show drawn with such sound is the highest peak of “2018 type JEFF BECK GROUP” which greeted Miss Vanessa. Although the cello had added a brilliant coloring to the title so far, this work is exquisite combination which increased completeness by following the number of places. Besides, this work is a live album that can compete enough with only sound, and because it is an exquisite sound, a new ensemble can clearly be tasted to every corner.
And again, I’m glad the increase in masterpieces. Compared to the short set, five songs “Star Cycle” “A Change Is Gonna Come” “You Never Know” “Blue Wind” “Corpus Christi Carol” has been added. Although all are familiar songs, among them “Corpus Christi Carol” was a number that was not played on the previous Europe tour, and collaboration with Miss Vanessa is the first visit to our shop. Before “Going Down” it is stamped slightly over two minutes, but Cello is a superb version gracefully wrapping Jeff’s crying cry. This “Corpus Christi Carol” is dedicated to Jeff Buckley, but another tribute song is “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Although it is the work of Sam Cook, it was Aretha Franklin who used this famous piece as a repertoire. She is dedicated to her dead four days before this film.

Jeff Beck of 2018 who greeted Miss Vanessa, emotionally, gracefully and heavily. At the moment when the next show is not announced, it is unknown whether we will continue to explore the possibility of entering the cello. Now that it is this work that will become the point of arrival of “2018 type JBG”. One that can taste the new chapter of Jeff with the full scale full sound. By all means, it is the inscription you want to experience.

ポール・ロジャース&アン・ウィルソンとの豪華カップリング・ツアー“STARS ALIGN TOUR”を完遂したジェフ・ベック。そんな彼の最新・長尺ライヴアルバムが登場です。
本作に収録されているのは「2018年8月20日ヴィーナ公演」。話題のツアー“STARS ALIGN TOUR”の一幕を捉えた傑作オーディエンス録音です。現在のジェフは女性チェリスト、ヴァネッサ・フリーバーン・スミスを迎えた新たなアンサンブルに突入。まずは、そんな2018年の歩みの中でショウのポジションを確認しておきましょう。


当店では、これまでも“STARS ALIGN TOUR”の現場をレポートしてきましたが、本作がそれとは大きく異なるのは長さ。カップリング・ツアーだけにジェフの持ち時間は約60分だったのですが、本作は90分を超えるロングショウだったのです。その理由はポールの不在。3組合同が売りの“STARS ALIGN TOUR”ではありましたが、それは全公演ではなかった。数公演はポール・ロジャースが抜け、アン・ウィルソンとジェフのみ。本作のヴィーナ公演はその1つであり、そのためにほぼ単独公演ばりの長さが実現したのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウは、ヴァネッサ嬢を迎えた“2018年型JEFF BECK GROUP”の最高峰。これまでのタイトルもチェロが見事な彩りを加えていましたが、本作は場数を踏んで完成度を増したコンビネーションが絶妙。しかも、本作は音だけで十分に勝負できるライヴアルバムであり、絶品サウンドだからこそ新たなるアンサンブルが隅々までクリアに味わえるのです。
そして、やはり名曲の増量が嬉しい。ショート・セットに比べると5曲「Star Cycle」「A Change Is Gonna Come」「You Never Know」「Blue Wind」「Corpus Christi Carol」が追加されています。どれもお馴染みの曲ではあるものの、その中でも「Corpus Christi Carol」は先のヨーロッパ・ツアーでは演奏されなかったナンバーで、ヴァネッサ嬢とのコラボレーションは当店初お目見え。「Going Down」の前に2分弱つま弾かれるのですが、チェロがジェフ特有の泣きを優美に包み込む絶品バージョンなのです。この「Corpus Christi Carol」はジェフ・バックリーに捧げられていますが、もう1曲のトリビュート曲が「A Change Is Gonna Come」。サム・クックの作ですが、この名曲をレパートリーにしていたのがアレサ・フランクリン。本作の4日前に亡くなった彼女に捧げられているのです。


Disc 1 (51:58)
1. Pull It 2. Stratus 3. Nadia 4. You Know You Know 5. Morning Dew 6. I Have to Laugh
7. Star Cycle 8. Lonnie on the Move 9. Mna na h-Eireann 10. Just For Fun
11. Little Wing 12. A Change Is Gonna Come (dedicated to Aretha Franklin)

Disc 2 (40:20)
1. Big Block 2. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 3. You Never Know
4. Brush With the Blues 5. Blue Wind 6. Superstition 7. A Day in the Life
8. Band Introductions 9. Corpus Christi Carol

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