Jeff Beck / Live In Phoenix 2018 / 2CDR

Jeff Beck / Live In Phoenix 2018 / 2CDR / Breakdown

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Live At Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ July 21st 2018. Audience

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Jeff Beck’s latest live tone generator that went into the national tour from the European tour in 2018 arrived newly! July 21, 2018 Completed performances at the Phoenix Celebrity Theater, Arizona, complete with a high-quality audience recording master. The set list is almost the same as the European tour, but Johnny Depp as a special guest on this day has appeared as a surprise at the encore “Going Down”! It is the latest live tone generator of 2018 of Jeff Beck which is still vigorously continuing live activity!


01. Pull It
02. Stratus
03. Nadia
04. You Know You Know
05. Morning Dew
06. I Have To Laugh
07. Star Cycle
08. Lonnie On The Move
09. Mna Na Eireann
10. Just For Fun

01. A Change Is Gonna Come Big Block
02. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
03. You Never Know
04. Brush With The Blues
05. Blue Wind
06. Superstition
08. A Day In The Life
09. Corpus Cristi Carol
10. Goin’ Down (with Johnny Depp)
◆Live At Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ July 21st 2018


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