Iron Maiden / The Earliest Days Vol 2 / 2CDR

Iron Maiden / The Earliest Days Vol 2 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Tifanny’s Club, Edinburgh, Scotland 4th February 1980 & Unity Hall, Wakefield, England 7th February 1980


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Introducing the second edition of bestowed the very popular “THE EARLIEST DAYS!” In the first series was two shows deliver IRON MAIDEN is the oldest of the live sound source “1979”, this time the live album of 2 performances of the old to the next “METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR”. Existing “METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR” record is all the two this.
First, let’s recap the history of far to easy. IRON MAIDEN began live activities in 1976, repeating the members change, Steve Harris in 1978, Paul Di’Anno, the “nucleus” of the band where the uniform is Dave Murray hardens. And production of “THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES” to raise the profile through the encounter with the band wagon they are also responsible for the UK tour with his own expense in 1979. Pattern at this time was the previous work “THE EARLIEST DAYS 1979”.
After that, they had a contract with EMI in December 1979, participated in the compilation album “METAL FOR MUTHAS”. Here Doug Sampson was at that time a member (drum), from Tony Parsons (side guitar), and change to the Clive Burr, Dennis Stratton, was raised to create a debut album “Steel of the virgin.” And, they you have finished recording the debut, is not journey to the “METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR” of 1980 2-March.
A total of 22 bands are also said to have participated “METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR” is, all 29 performances. This work is all there is only IRON MAIDEN also recorded two shows in it. Disk 1, first appeared in the “1980 February 4, Edinburgh performances”, will hit the tour 4 performances eyes. While strong musical tone of the core When you play, pop sound that was blurred a little. “Well, this kind of mon I’ll Do …… I valuable sound source,” only the first minutes I think. After that, the better the sudden sound, makes a great sound that it can be said that the highest even at the time of the audience recording. This live is “YEARS OF WRATH 1979-1981 (Shades 319),” but it may also have been recorded, this work of the master on further. Currently, this has been distributed are five types of generational differences in the recording, was adopted in this work is of its latest and best version.
And say Diano era MAIDEN, precisely to sprint. “LIVE AT THE RAINBOW” and “MAIDEN JAPAN” is but is familiar, this work is harsh of up there, not the explosion tempo. Although Clive and Dennis prowess is in the street “virgin of steel”, it does not seem to come up to them “live unique explosive force” of freshly join.
Disk 2 following tour 7 th “February 7, 1980 Wakefield performances”. Here from the relationship that has also been around for a number, we have carefully selected high-quality master. However, still recording itself is in the roar feeling, there is a great when compared to disk 1 it seems “valuable source” sound. However, its preciousness is was more than image, it is what Steve Harris in the four songs that serve as the main vocals! Its four songs, “Prowler”, “Running Free,” “Iron Maiden,” “I’ve Got The Fire”. It is on the scene but some Diano, it seems we share a Harris and vocal as in the third phase of DEEP PURPLE In the “Prowler”, but the voice of somehow Diano is no longer out. Harris is that there is only to hear the familiar singing in always back vocal today. Rod Smallwood of Harris himself and managers is called “dub”, but singing voice that has entered the quite why Dou. Sound of this work is a thing difficult to say that beautiful, but a thing that can be seen firmly until the taste of the singing voice.

On the next day of February 8, that this work has been recording debut single, “RUNNING FREE”, “METAL FOR MUTHAS” is released on February 15 after one week. Finally giant of steel is now possible to show up to the world. This work, the very brink. While raising create a historical great board, it was still there they are “people in the know”. Debut “steel of virgin” has not been released, speaking as that announced to the world, and there are only 5,000 “THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES” the BBC RADIO 1 “FRIDAY ROCK SHOW” broadcasting only. This site, guys that were heard as “ze seems there are terrible tut band” is gathering in the reviews, was IRON MAIDEN purchase to hit grain’s been such a metal head us before. This work, you a plenty of sucked this 100 percent raw audience tape the air of the scene!

大好評を賜った「THE EARLIEST DAYS」の第2弾が登場です! 第1弾ではIRON MAIDEN最古のライヴ音源である“1979年”を2公演お届けしましたが、今回はその次に古い“METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR”の2公演のライヴアルバム。現存する“METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR”の記録は、この2つで総てです。
まずは、ここまでの歩みをカンタンにおさらいしましょう。1976年にライヴ活動を始めたIRON MAIDENは、メンバーチェンジを繰り返し、1978年にスティーヴ・ハリス、ポール・ディアノ、デイヴ・マーレイが揃ったところでバンドの“核”が固まります。そして「THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES」の制作、バンドワゴンとの出会いを経て知名度を上げた彼らは、1979年には自費ながらも英国ツアーを行います。この時の模様が前作「THE EARLIEST DAYS 1979」でした。
その後、1979年12月にEMIと契約した彼らは、コンピレーション盤「METAL FOR MUTHAS」に参加。ここで当時メンバーだったダグ・サンプソン(ドラム)、トニー・パーソンズ(サイドギター)から、クライヴ・バー、デニス・ストラットンにチェンジし、デビューアルバム「鋼鉄の処女」を創り上げました。そして、デビュー作を録音し終えた彼らは、1980年2・3月の“METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR”に旅立つわけです。
総勢22バンドが参加したとも言われる“METAL FOR MUTHAS TOUR”は、全29公演。本作は、その中でも2公演しかないIRON MAIDEN録音の総てです。まず登場するディスク1は「1980年2月4日エディンバラ公演」で、ツアー4公演目にあたります。再生すると芯の強い楽音ながら、少々ボヤけたサウンドが飛び出す。「まぁ、貴重音源ってこういうもんだよな……」と思うのも最初の1分だけ。その後、突然音が良くなり、当時のオーディエンス録音でも最上級といえる素晴らしいサウンドになります。このライヴは「YEARS OF WRATH 1979-1981(Shades 319)」にも収録されたことがありますが、本作のマスターはさらに上。現在、この録音には5種類のジェネ違いが流通しており、本作に採用したのはその最新・最良バージョンなのです。
ディアノ時代MAIDENというと、精緻に爆走する「LIVE AT THE RAINBOW」や「MAIDEN JAPAN」がお馴染みですが、本作はそこまでの苛烈さ、爆テンポではない。クライヴやデニスの腕前は「鋼鉄の処女」通りではあるものの、加入したての彼らは“ライヴならではの爆発力”にまでは至っていないようです。
続くディスク2は、ツアー7回目の「1980年2月7日ウェイクフィールド公演」。こちらもいくつも出回っている仲から、優良マスターを厳選しました。ただし、それでも録音自体が爆音気味で、素晴らしいディスク1に比べると「貴重音源」らしいサウンドではあります。しかし、その貴重さはイメージ以上でして、なんと4曲でスティーヴ・ハリスがメイン・ヴォーカルを務めるのです! その4曲は「Prowler」「Running Free」「Iron Maiden」「I’ve Got The Fire」。現場にはディアノもいますし、「Prowler」では第3期DEEP PURPLEのようにハリスとヴォーカルを分け合うのですが、どういうわけかディアノの声が出なくなったようです。ハリスは現在でも常にバックヴォーカルで歌っているだけに聴き馴染みがあるもの。ハリス本人やマネージャーのロッド・スモールウッドは「下手くそ」と言いますが、なかなかどうして堂に入った歌声です。本作のサウンドは美麗とは言い難いものではありますが、歌声の味わいまでしっかり分かるものなのです。

本作が録音された翌日の2月8日にデビューシングル「RUNNING FREE」が、1週間後の2月15日に「METAL FOR MUTHAS」がリリース。ついに世界に向けて鋼鉄の巨人が姿を現すことになりました。本作は、まさにその寸前。歴史的大名盤を創り上げながら、まだ彼らは“知る人ぞ知る”存在だった。デビュー作「鋼鉄の処女」はリリースされておらず、世間に発表したものと言えば、5,000枚しかない「THE SOUNDHOUSE TAPES」とBBC RADIO 1の“FRIDAY ROCK SHOW”放送だけ。この現場には、口コミで「凄ぇバンドがいるらしいぜ」と聞きつけた連中が集い、そんなメタルヘッド達を前にして叩きつぶさんとするIRON MAIDENがいた。本作は、その現場の空気をたっぷりと吸い込んだ本生100%のオーディエンス・テープなのです!

Disc 1(52:39)
Live at Tifanny’s Club, Edinburgh, Scotland 4th February 1980

1. Wrathchild 2. Sanctuary 3. Prowler 4. Remember Tomorrow 5. Running Free 6. Transylvania
7. Strange World 8. Charlotte The Harlot 9. Phantom Of The Opera 10. Iron Maiden
11. Transylvania

Disc 2(58:51)
Live at Unity Hall, Wakefield, England 7th February 1980

1. The Ides Of March 2. Wrathchild 3. Sanctuary 4. Prowler (with Steve Harris on Vocals)
5. Remember Tomorrow 6. Running Free (with Steve Harris on Vocals) 7. Transylvania
8. Strange World 9. Phantom Of The Opera 10. Iron Maiden (with Steve Harris on Vocals)
11. Drifter 12. Transylvania 13. I’ve Got The Fire (with Steve Harris on Vocals)

Paul Di’anno – Vocal Steve Harris – Bass/Vocal Dave Murray – Guitar
Dennis Stratton – Guitar Clive Burr – Drums

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