David Gilmour / Madison Square Garden 2016 1st Night / 2DVDR

David Gilmour / Madison Square Garden 2016 1st Night / 2DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. USA 11th April 2016. NTSC


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Best video of the “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR” can live experience has arrived. Since buzz in September last year as “nine years of solo tour”, the shop also always, we have been reports in the latest sound source. However, the recording that appeared one after another, although a best, most only live album of the only voice. Turned to the other day, I was finally only was able to introduce the pro-shot “COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016” that contains the full concert. Of course, the “COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016” is a digital broadcasting of the best in the current standard, “masterpiece of representative Sakuchu”, no doubt to the “best in the super-determined image to see Lee”. However, pro-shot which made full use of to hand zoom from aerial Although an unusually high degree of completion of a video work, was what poor is to “experience a sense of”. This work, though it is audience-shot of such “experience a sense of” perfect score, you also complete, visual beauty of one of thorough investigation to the limit.
Such that the present work has been shooting “April 11, 2011 Madison Square Garden concert 2016”. I video that appeared only recently, but since there live itself from now even 4 months ago, Let’s check from the entire tour.

– September 5, 2015 – September 19, 2011: Preview & European tour # 1 (6 performances)
– September 23, 2015 – October 3, 2011: Britain performance # 1 (5 performances)
– 2015 December 11 – December 20: South American tour (6 performances)
– 2016 March 24 – April 12: North American tour (11 performances) ← ★ here ★
– 2016 April 24: TEENAGE CANCER TRUST (1 performance)
– 2016 June 25 – July 28: The European Tour # 2 (17 performances)
– 2016 September 25 – 30, 2011: British performance # 2 (5 performances)

This is the overall picture of “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. Of the “North American tour” of all 11 performances, it was the concert falls Saishuban 10 performances eyes. Point of this work was taken in such a MSG performances, quality more than anything else. When typing is not classified as “audience shooting Wankame”, but is the difference between dimensions it is assumed to be the image from the words.
First of all, a rarity point 1 “Angle”. How it can have been taken in the Wankame from afar of the stage front, second floor or the forefront of the of, or venue set-up camera is. Face up to the stage from far overhead arena seat. Shields and shadows are staring at the stage without from mixing also comma 1 mm, smartphone arena seats spread into the sea of ​​the sea so. It has been taken in the best angle to master the spectacle and visibility. Rarity point 2 “image quality”. The scene is very, very, very clear ultra-vivid image quality. ‘s The distant view shooting, as mentioned earlier, but beautiful enough to be seen from a distance until the smoke particles, is unbelievably only one angle of the pro shot.
Rarity point 3 “camera work”. From the beauty of the distant view, but do you zoom intense up to the bust-up of Gilmore, the smooth and Burezero of movement is highest. Of course, of the ultra-zoom image quality also show off vividly the power of the latest digital equipment. Moreover, the proper use of the distant view and zoom is also a splendid, distant spectacle, circular screen, you Gilmore of up, as possible one by one holding a pretend …… attractions to each member. Furthermore last exquisite point “voice”. This is also, I audience sound imperial. Shooting is a distant view, but of whether the voice was covered with another recording is direct enough feeling. Sufficiently high quality sound that can be to the press CD also unplug only voice.

Unfortunately, Japan performances not likely to overlook “RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”. Although the apex video is “COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016” in the best multi-camera broadcast, in order to “experience” the Kano tour, best what this work. “Wankame audience” is beautifully so far, it is to be able to beautifully recorded. We have to experience the myriad of audience shooting, but have never seen a high level of the video so far. If the original, “COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016” perhaps should have been the first to introduce in the watch is not “Astronomy Domine,” “Fat Old Sun” and the like, but as the audio and video forget it even it’s beautiful…….
Not only the latest equipment, position, technique, visual beauty to realize for the first time all together understanding …… its all to the music. The world to expand the limits of the audience shooting. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”を生体験できる極上映像が到着しました。昨年9月に「9年ぶりのソロツアー」として話題を集めて以来、当店も常々、最新音源でレポートして参りました。しかし、次々登場する記録は極上なものの、ほとんどが音声だけのライヴアルバムばかり。先日になって、やっとフルコンサートを収めたプロショット『COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016』をご紹介できただけでした。もちろん、その『COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016』は現在基準でも極上のデジタル放送であり、“代表作中の代表作”、“イの一番に観るべき超・決定映像”に間違いない。しかし、空撮から手元ズームまで駆使したプロショットは映像作品としての完成度が異常に高いものの、“体験感”には乏しいものでした。本作は、そんな“体験感”満点のオーディエンス・ショットでありながら、完成度・映像美も極限まで突き詰めた1本なのです。

・2016年3月24日-4月12日:北米ツアー(11公演) ←★ココ★
・2016年4月24日:TEENAGE CANCER TRUST(1公演)

これが“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”の全体像。全11公演の「北米ツアー」のうち、最終盤10公演目にあたるコンサートでした。そんなMSG公演で撮影された本作のポイントは、何よりもクオリティ。タイプ分けすると「ワンカメの客席撮影」に分類されるわけですが、その言葉からイメージされるものとは次元が違うのです。

残念ながら、日本公演は望めそうもない“RATTLE THAT LOCK TOUR”。その頂点映像は極上マルチカメラ放送の『COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016』ですが、かのツアーを“体験”するためには、本作こそがベスト。“ワンカメ・オーディエンス”がここまで美しく、見事に記録できるとは。無数の客席撮影を体験してきましたが、ここまで高い次元の映像は観たことがありません。本来であれば、『COMPLETE WROCLAW 2016』では観られない「Astronomy Domine」「Fat Old Sun」等を最初にご紹介すべきだったのかも知れませんが、それさえも忘れるほどに音声・映像が美しい……。


Disc 1 (1:09:27)
1. 5 A.M. 2. Rattle That Lock 3. Faces Of Stone 4. Wish You Were Here 5. What Do You Want From Me
6. A Boat Lies Waiting 7. The Blue 8. Money 9. Us And Them 10. In Any Tongue 11. High Hopes

Disc 2 (1:23:12)
1. Astronomy Domine 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Fat Old Sun 4. Coming Back To Life
5. Band Introductions 6. Girl In The Yellow Dress 7. Today 8. Sorrow 9. Run Like Hell
10. Time 11. Breathe (Reprise) 12. Comfortably Numb

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 153min.

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