Grand Funk Railroad / Live 1969-1989 / 1DVDR

Grand Funk Railroad / Live 1969-1989 / 1DVDR / Non Label

PBS “The Show”, WITF-TV, Hershey, PA November 1969 & Woodstock Reunion Concert August 1989 Broadcast Date: 7th March 2009

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The latest version of the masterpiece music program archive by recording mania. GRAND FUNK Hen spelled in the best professional shot of the 60’s and 80’s is a gift and release decision.
This music program is a Japanese program “Golden Western Music Live” broadcasted in 2009. This program features the GRAND FUNK version of this program featuring the Pro-shot live of Classic Rock by the Broadcasting Association of Japan. In our shop, record mania introduces a number of images recorded with high-end equipment, but this work is a special grade among them. There is no deterioration because digital recording of digital broadcasts in 2009 has been made. There is no need to talk about the four fives, it is the ultra-super-quality of the full official class.
The program content drawn with such quality broadcasts four live videos with commentary by the chairman. And this presidency is wonderful again. Music entertainers are usually commenting on the senseless feeling, but this presiding is the enka guitarist of the former MEGADETH. He is a self-confident fan who always started playing music under the influence of GRAND FUNK. Not only can we talk from the viewpoint of both players and listeners, we also experience what GRAND FUNK was for Americans at that time. Unlike mere “I like this band”, it is very easy to understand the heat-like but realistic commentary and it is very “conveyed”.
However, the main part that occupies most of this work is the live itself. Let’s introduce each of the four videos.

[November 1969: American TV program “THE SHOW” (1 song)] It is extremely early to appear first. It is a television program “THE SHOW” that appeared in 1969 that made the debut of shock. At the time they were recording their 2nd album ‘Grand Funk’, and they showed off the “Inside Looking Out” cover of the animals that were still on sale. Unlike a regular concert, it is a studio live with no spectators, but Mark Ferner’s singing at the age of 21 is true and hot. Interplay will also show off a lot, and he will brave enough hard rock American rock today.
In addition, earthquake seems to have met in Hokkaido during this broadcast, and the earthquake bulletin also enters. This freshness is also the fun of the program archive.

【July 9, 1971: New York show (1 song)】
The next year is 1971 two years later. It is a pro shot of the New York performance performed about three months after “SURVIVAL” release. Although it is an old-fashioned film shooting, its beauty is excellent. It is an image beauty that the red pants of the mark are stained with eyes.
Also, camera work is unique. Of course, although it is a multi-camera pro shot, the facial expressions of the three members and the doup of the audience are often used. It’s a close-up main so you don’t notice that it was a stadium until the song was over and there was a call. There is also the ugly 70’s of lighting equipment in the early 70’s, but there is no basis for rock photography. A dancing crowd, a distorted expression … A sense of the times trying to convey the “youth culture of rock” is also an interesting film.

[June 1, 1974: Los Angeles performance (8 songs + α)] The third video is the main part of this film. It is a multi camera pro shot of the peak period about three months after “SHININ ‘ON” release. When the times go so far, everything is complete as entertainment. The members of GRAND FUNK, who became a four-man group with Craig Frost, are performing in a costume that shines with lame, and their writing has also evolved significantly. The camera work that draws it is also wonderful that leads to the present age. Also, there are many songs, and there are MC scenes between songs, but there are also Japanese subtitles properly.
And above all, the performance is gorgeous. Although it is only eight songs although it is more than other pictures, this is very rich. All three major hits at the time, “Shinin ‘On”, “The Loco-Motion” and “We’re An American Band”, are complete, and a number of major songs are lavishly developed. Members of WET WILLIE also have guest participation in “The Loco-Motion”.
Don Brewer’s drum solo is a powerful force behind the gorgeous classic Rush. Take off the carnival-like costumes you had at the beginning and hit the kit with a huge number of steps and it’s a rampage that only destroys you. You can also witness the head thrust to the snare with the highest quality.

[August 1989: WOODSTOCK REUNION performance (3 songs)] The last one flew at once in 1989. It is a professional shot when Mark Ferner appeared in “WOODSTOCK REUNION CONCERT” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of legendary festival in solo. Only this is a solo, but what is recorded is all GRAND FUNK numbers. A simple T-shirt and denim-style mark sings lightly, “Bad Time”, a five-member race “I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home)”, and a heartwarming beat “Heartbreaker”. A total of 3 songs are shown.

It is a masterpiece program of about one and a half hours that spells 20 years of history from the debut in the finest live pro shot. As well as a movie collection, it is a piece that clearly conveys good-looking coolness to those who say, “What kind of band is GRAND FUNK?” Please enjoy yourself at this opportunity.

録画マニアによる傑作音楽番組アーカイヴの最新弾。60年代から80年代の極上プロショットで綴るGRAND FUNK編がギフト・リリース決定です。
今回の音楽番組は、2009年に放送された日本番組“黄金の洋楽ライブ”。某放送協会によるクラシック・ロックのプロショット・ライヴを特集する番組で、本作はそのGRAND FUNK編を録画したもの。当店では記録マニアがハイエンド機材で録画した映像の数々をご紹介しておりますが、本作はその中でも特級。2009年のデジタル放送をデジタル録画しているだけに劣化ゼロ。四の五の語る必要さえなく、完全オフィシャル級の超極上クオリティなのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれる番組内容は、司会の解説を交えながら大きく4つのライヴ映像を放送しています。そして、この司会がまた素晴らしい。普段は音楽好きな芸能人が違和感スレスレの解説をしているのですが、今回の司会は元MEGADETHの演歌ギタリスト。彼は常々ファンを自認しており、GRAND FUNKの影響で音楽を始めた人物。プレイヤーとリスナー両面の視点で語れるだけでなく、当時のアメリカ人にとってGRAND FUNKがどういう存在だったかも体験している。単なる「私、このバンド好きなんです」とは違い、熱っぽくもリアルな解説が分かりやすく、非常に“伝わって”くるのです。

【1969年11月:アメリカのTV番組“THE SHOW”(1曲)】
まず登場するのは極初期。衝撃のデビューを飾った1969年に出演したテレビ番組“THE SHOW”です。当時の彼らは2ndアルバム『Grand Funk』録音直後で、まだ発売前だったアニマルズのカバー「Inside Looking Out」を披露しています。通常コンサートとは違って観客のいないスタジオ・ライヴですが、まだ21歳だったマーク・ファーナーの歌いっぷりは真摯で熱い。インタープレイもたっぷりと披露し、当代きってのハードなアメリカン・ロックを豪快にブチかましてくれます。


3つめの映像こそ、本作のメイン。『SHININ’ ON』発売から約3ヶ月後という絶頂期のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。ここまで時代が進むとすべてがエンターテインメントとして完成の域。クレイグ・フロストを迎えて4人組になったGRAND FUNKの面々はラメに光る衣装で熱演を繰り広げ、ライティングも大幅に進化。それを描くカメラワークも現代に通じる素晴らしさです。また、曲数が多い事もあって曲間にはMCシーンもありますが、そこではちゃんと日本語字幕も入ります。
そして何より演奏が豪華絢爛。他の映像より多いとは言え8曲だけなのですが、これがえらく濃厚。当時の3大ヒット「Shinin’ On」「The Loco-Motion」「We’re An American Band」をすべて取りそろえ、大代表曲の数々が贅沢に繰り広げられる。「The Loco-Motion」ではWET WILLIEのメンバーもゲスト参加しています。

【1989年8月:WOODSTOCK REUNION公演(3曲)】
最後は、一気に飛んで1989年。マーク・ファーナーがソロで伝説フェスの20周年を祝う“WOODSTOCK REUNION CONCERT”に出演した際のプロショットです。これのみソロですが、収録されているのはすべてGRAND FUNKナンバー。シンプルなTシャツ&デニム姿のマークが軽やかに歌う「Bad Time」、5人編成で軽快に駆ける「I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home)」、熱く熱く弾き倒す「Heartbreaker」。計3曲を披露しています。

デビューから20年の歴史を極上のライヴ・プロショットで綴る約1時間半の傑作番組です。映像コレクションとしてはもちろんのこと、「GRAND FUNKってどんなバンド?」という方にも分かりやすくカッコ良さがビビッドに伝わる1枚。どうぞ、この機会にじっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro

PBS “The Show”, WITF-TV, Hershey, PA November 1969

2. Inside Looking Out

Shea Stadium, New York, NY 9th July 1971

3. I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home)

4. Studio Talk

The Forum, Los Angeles, CA 1st June 1974

5. Footstompin’ Music 6. Rock & Roll Soul 7. Heartbreaker 8. Shinin’ On
9. The Loco-Motion 10. We’re An American Band 11. T.N.U.C. 12. Drum Solo
13. Inside Looking Out

Mark Farner – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica Craig Frost – keyboards, backing vocals
Don Brewer – drums vocals Mel Schacher – bass

14. Studio Talk

Woodstock Reunion Concert August 1989

15. Bad Time 16. I’m Your Captain (Closer To Home) 17. Heartbreaker

Mark Farner – vocals, guitar Arnie Vilches – Guitar Mike Maple – Drums
Lawrence Buchner – Bass Michael Blair – Keyboards

18. Outro


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