Frank Zappa / Complete Live At Suny Gym 1984 / 3CDR

Frank Zappa / Complete Live At Suny Gym 1984 / 3CDR / Red Zapp

Translated Text:

Live At S.U.N.Y.(Stony Brook University) Gym, Stony Brook, NY November 3rd 1984. Soundboard

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Frank · Zappa From the USA · Tour · Second · leg of 84 years, November 3 New York · Stony Brook University gym performance appeared in the early show & late show 2 performances by soundboard sound source!

Zappa and collector who collects 2 performances of masterpieces from high sound quality soundboard master from the lineup by Zappa, Ray White, triple guitar formation by Ike Willis, twin keyboard and agile Chad Wackerman’s line-up Live 3 Sheet set! !



01. Intro/02. King Kong/03. Bamboozled By Love/04. In France/05. Drowning Witch/06. Ride My Face To Chicago/07. The Deathless Horsie/08. Cocaine Decisions/09. Nig Biz/10. Alien Orifice/11. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up/12. City Of Tiny Lights/13. You Are What You Is/14. Mudd Club/15. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing/16. Joe’s Garage/17. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

01. WPLJ/02. Sharleena/03. Cocksuckers’ Ball/04. Dinah-Moe Humm/05. The Illinois Enema Bandit

06. Intro/07. Zoot Allures/08. Tinseltown Rebellion/09. More Trouble Every Day/10. Penguin In Bondage/11. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel/12. Be In My Video/13. Goblin Girl/14. Black Page/15. I’m The Slime/16. Daddy Daddy Daddy/17. The Evil Prince

01. Teenage Wind/02. Truck Driver Divorce/03. Carol, You Fool/04. Chana In The Bushwop/05. Let’s Move To Cleveland/06. Little Girl Of Mine/07. The Closer You Are (Johnny Darling)/08. No No Cherry/09. Cosmic Debris

Live At S.U.N.Y.(Stony Brook University) Gym, Stony Brook, NY November 3rd 1984

Red Zapp-065ABC

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