Fleetwood Mac / The Best Of Tour 2013 / 2DVDR

Fleetwood Mac / The Best Of Tour 2013 / 2DVDR / Johanna

Live From Columbus (April 4), Philadelphia (April 6), M.S.G.New York (April 8) & Washington (April 9), NTSC


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★ 2013年Fleetwood Mac latest tour, best video!
★ I realize professional grade live video shot in multi-camera editing of its own!

Deluxe edition of the “rumor”, also announced the sale, collect the topic for the first time in a long time a new song in 10 years
reunion, long-awaited world tour of Fleetwood Mac is start from April 2013.

This work, and high-performance mobile shooting from such a source latest tour
to choicely high-quality audience shot, JOHANNA label is
is the appearance of the new series as “LIVE SEQUENCED” to edit a multi-camera MIX own.
Bird’s-eye view of the stage from the stand and seat arena, and the front row also studded
making it the live video work of professional-grade shot.

Can of excellence such as the unreleased track “Without You” and “Sad Angel” of catchy new song they really like.
Personality of the four members also rich, staging of imposing is a must-see.

From live tour the latest being done right now,
in the super-shot of songs best angle,
and live video and series of ultimate can enjoy in front of the TV monitor.

To Philadelphia Now, to Washington, to MSG.
Best seat is waiting for you.

– Sequenced LIVE SERIES / Multi-Cam Audience Shot – 
DISC-1 ■ ■ 77Mins
JPD Slate
Second Hand News
The Chain
Sad Angel
Not That Funny
Sisters of the Moon
Big Love
Never Going Back Again
Without You
Eyes of the World

■ DISC-2 ■ 80mins

Gold Dust Woman
I’m So Afraid
Stand Back
Go Your Own Way
World Turning
Band Introductions
Do not Stop
Silver Springs
Say Goodbye

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Live Movie Mixture from Columbus (April 4), Philadelphia (April 6),
MSG New York (April 8) & Washington (April 9),

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