Eric Clapton & Friends / A Tribute To Ginger Baker London 2020/ 2CD

Eric Clapton & Friends / A Tribute To Ginger Baker London 2020/ 2CD / Beano

Eventim IM Apollo, London, UK 17th February 2020


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We’ll be releasing a complete CD of the entire Ginger Baker Tribute Concert, hosted by Eric Clapton, just recently in London on February 17! In this concert, Clapton formed a legendary supergroup, Cream together in the 1960s, and spent an irreplaceable youth together. Collected and opened. Audience sources with the whole picture in high-quality stereo recording were uploaded on the Internet, and our shop decided to release it as media immediately. Originally it is a master with high sound quality, but a professional engineer who has a reputation in our shop relaxes the low range a little and masters it, making it easier to listen and release.
Attention performers will be amazed at their luxury when you look at the credits. However, while the concert and announcement were made last year, the performers were kept secret until the day of the concert. Three days before the concert, Nile Rogers revealed on a social network with Clapton, Steve Wynwood, Steve Gadd, and others that he had entered the studio with photos, and the fans suddenly began to make noise. Then, on the morning of the day, the performers were announced, and everyone was convinced that entering the studio three days ago was also a rehearsal for this concert. This strategy was probably intended by the organizers to spice up the concert. And open the lid, the performer’s gorgeous thing! The setlist focused on a cream and blind face repertoire. Four drum kits were installed on the stage, from left to right, for Ginger’s son Kofi Baker, for Sony Emory, for Steve Gadd, and for Kenny Jones & Henry Spinetti. The audience would have been excited to see as many as four drummers. Sony Emory and Steve Gadd are always on standby as house bands. Chris Stinton on piano and two women on back chorus also appeared from beginning to end as members of the house band with Clapton. Let’s explain the listening points for each song.
Introduction ・ ・ ・ In the beginning, you will see a ginger interview video of the cream era and a drum solo scene at a concert of dissolution. Eric Clapton and the band followed. Clapton makes comments in memory of Ginger. Here Clapton calls the ginger his real name “Peter Edward” and excites the venue with the statement “He is surely somewhere today.”
Sunshine of Your Love & @Strange Brew … This is a stage that is too luxurious based on Crapton’s friend musician, former Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who has been dating since the early ’70s. Vocal and guitar solos are of course taken by Clapton. The vocalist’s second chorus is handled by back singer Sharon White.
White Room-In this song, in addition to Roger, Ronnie Wood, who is also a friend of Clapton, plays guitar, and Kenny Jones, formerly Phases & The Who, plays drums. Ronnie is also responsible for the obligato as well as the follower Wah Wah Solo, and has performed brilliantly. Clapton will take over the solo in the second half. The main vocal is Clapton, and the vocals of the B melody part are taken by back chorus Sharon White.
I Feel Free … From this song, that Nile Rogers is added on guitar. I didn’t know that my relationship with Clapton was so deep, but that was a surprising surprise. His legendary guitar cutting is clear. In addition, Willie Weeks will participate in the base from this song. It will be a long time since Clapton. The vocals are played by Paul Carrack who participated in the organ.
Tales of Brave Ulysses-played in medley format from the previous song. Rogers will continue to participate. He is entrusted with the solo of the trailer, and performs a delicious play with high tension while stepping on the wah pedal. It’s pretty weak compared to Jack Bruce, but Clapton works hard. In that sense, you can enjoy an unusual pattern that you couldn’t hear at the 2005 Cream Reunion Concert.
Sweet Wine … Will Johns participated in the guitar, and in the middle, the twin lead solo who met Clapton and dignifiedly was decided. I guess Will Johns is a very unfamiliar name, but he’s a nephew of Clapton’s nephew (Pola and the Stones, Clapton’s ex-wife Patti Boyd’s sister, and a number of Derek & The Dominos second albums). Was born to Andy Johns, who worked as an engineer at Andy Johns. (Andy Johns is a brother of producer Grin Johns.) Guitarist. He started playing guitar when he was encouraged by his uncle Clapton. Crapton, which I call on these occasions, shows the goodness of people who are familiar.
Blue Condition: A song that was humorous as a cream and was not suitable for live performances. Before the song, Clapton announces, “I’ll play a strange song that I’ve never played on the stage before.” As the original version sung by Ginger, the performance progresses with a loose rhythm, but I can hear that Clapton has decided on a sharp guitar solo in such a song. Ginger looked from somewhere in the venue and said, “Hey, will you play this song?”
Badge … Ronnie Wood participates again. In the second solo part, Ronnie plays a guitar solo on a slide following Paul Carrack’s organ solo. When I listened in this way, Ronnie’s play was quite good at holding down the key points. I remembered good support at Clapton’s Rainbow Concert in 1973. The drums include Henry Spinetti, a drummer from Clapton (he had played this song on a 1981 Japan tour).
Pressed Rat and Wart Hog-In this song, Ginger’s son and drummer Kofi Baker participated. He plays wonderful drumming reminiscent of the saying that blood cannot fight and frogs are frogs, and dads have similar vocals.
Had to Cry Today … Blind face time from here. Naturally, Steve Winwood participated. First of all, Winwood has a twin lead system with Clapton holding a strat. As with the original version, he also takes the vocals, the first solo is Clapton and the second solo is a twin lead of Wynwood and Clapton, but this time it is a triple lead development with Nile Rogers added here. High-level performances that seem to be good to reunite the blind face as they are are being developed.
Presence of the Lord … Wynwood turns around the organ and plays classic songs by Clapton. The vocals are different from those in 1969, with Clapton as the first chorus, Wynwood as the second chorus, and the third chorus after the guitar solo as a duet. Clapton’s Wah Wah Solo can also be heard after a long time.
Well Alright … Wynwood plays the piano with the members intact. In solo I play a synthesizer. This arrangement is the same as at the 2008 Clapton & Wynwood joint concert.
Can’t Find My Way Home ・ ・ ・ Winwood shows famous songs. Solo is decided by Clapton. I was playing guitar while singing off-mic, looking like Nile Rogers’ favorite song, backing up.
Do What You Like / Toad … It was the number for a ginger’s 18th drum solo. Here, his son, Kofi, shows off his father’s drum solo just like this. Isn’t this the most important tribute to Ginger? You can see the ginger’s face rejoicing at his son’s growth. The ending after drum solo is connected to the Toad phrase.
Cross Road Blues … Encore is a performance by all the performers. Kenny Jones was sitting on the fourth drum kit, and Henry Spinetti hit only the kit’s cymbals. The guitar solo was turned from Clapton to Ronnie Wood and inserted Chris Stinton’s piano solo into Will John’s guitar solo. After Clapton’s song again, we went to Winwood’s song and organ solo. It is then turned into a Nile Rogers guitar solo. And to Clapton’s Last Chorus. However, after singing, Clapton calls out “Everybody Solo!” The four guitarists on the stage face each other, and each solo is repeated tremendously. And a big circle. It was a number suitable for encore.
セ ッ ト With this setlist and this guest, the audience will be all happy. According to personal prior member predictions, is there also a “fake cream reunion” by Ginger and Jack’s two sons who are making their professional debut and Clapton? Or maybe there will be Adrian & Paul Garwitz brothers who formed Ginger and trio band “Baker Garwitz Army” in the 70’s? I was thinking about that, but it was a betrayal of this, “Clapton’s unique ginger memorial due to Clapton network.” This would have been the best. This wonderful concert is released on the press CD just 18 days after the performance date. The sound quality is a complete version of super high quality stereo audience recording. By all means, please intoxicate with this work in memory of Ginger who left a great footprint in the history of British rock.

Sunshine of Your Love & Strange Brew・・・70年代初期からの付き合いとなるクラプトンの友人ミュージシャン、元ピンク・フロイドのロジャー・ウォータースをベースに迎えての贅沢過ぎるステージです。ボーカルとギターソロはもちろんクラプトンがとっています。ボーカルのセカンドコーラスはバックシンガーのシャロン・ホワイトが担当しています。
White Room・・・この曲ではロジャーに加え、同じくクラプトンとは友人関係にあるロニー・ウッドがギターで、元フェイセズ&ザ・フーのケニー・ジョーンズがドラムで加わっています。ロニーはオブリガートのほか、後奏のワウワウソロも任され、見事なプレイを披露しています。後半はクラプトンがソロを引き継ぎます。メインボーカルはクラプトンで、Bメロ部のボーカルはバックコーラスのシャロン・ホワイトがとっています。
I Feel Free・・・この曲からはあのナイル・ロジャースがギターで加わります。クラプトンとの付き合いがここまで深いものだとは知る由もなかったのですが、それだけに意外な驚きがありました。あの伝説ともなった彼のギターカッティングが冴え渡ります。また、この曲からはベースにウィリー・ウィークスが参加。クラプトンとは久々の共演となります。ボーカルは、オルガンで参加したポール・キャラックが務めています。
Tales of Brave Ulysses・・・前曲からメドレー形式で演奏されます。引き続きロジャースが参加。後奏のソロを任され、ワウペダルを踏みながらハイテンションで味わい深いプレイを披露します。往時のジャック・ブルースに比べればかなり弱々しいですが、クラプトンが懸命にボーカルを務めます。そういう意味では、2005年のクリーム再結成コンサートでも聞けなかった珍しいパターンを楽しむことができます。
Sweet Wine・・・ウィル・ジョンズがギターで参加し、中間ではクラプトンと堂々と渡り合うツインリードソロを見事に決めています。このウィル・ジョンズ、あまり馴染みのない名前だと思いますが、彼はクラプトンの甥にあたる人物(クラプトンの前妻パティ・ボイドの妹のポーラとストーンズの数々のアルバムやデレク&ザ・ドミノスのセカンド・アルバムのエンジニアを務めたアンディ・ジョンズとの間に生まれた子。因みにアンディ・ジョンズは、プロデューサー、グリン・ジョンズの弟です)で、自分のバンドを率いてプロ活動をしている、今年47歳のギタリストです。彼がギターを始めたきっかけは伯父のクラプトンから励まされてのことだったそうです。こうした機会に呼んでやるクラプトンに身内思いの人の良さが表れています。
Blue Condition・・・クリームとしてはユーモラスな、ライブ向きではなかった曲です。曲前にはクラプトンが「今までステージで演奏したことのない、おかしな曲をやるよ。」とアナウンスし、会場が盛り上がります。ジンジャーが歌ったオリジナル・バージョンどおり、もったりしたリズムで演奏が進みますが、こんな曲でクラプトンが切れ味鋭いギターソロを決めているのが聴きものです。ジンジャーが会場のどこかから見ていて、「おい、こんな曲をやってくれるのかい?」と言ってそうです。
Pressed Rat and Wart Hog・・・この曲ではジンジャーの息子でドラマーのコフィ・ベイカーが参加。血は争えない、蛙の子は蛙、という格言を思い出させる見事なドラミングと親父さんにそっくりなボーカル(語り)を聞かせます。
Had to Cry Today・・・ここからはブラインド・フェイス・タイムとなります。当然、スティーヴ・ウィンウッドが参加。まずはウィンウッドはストラトを抱えてのクラプトンとのツインリード体制。オリジナル・バージョンの通りボーカルも彼がとり、ファーストソロはクラプトン、セカンドソロはウィンウッドとクラプトンのツインリードとなりますが、何と今回はここにナイル・ロジャースも加わってのトリプルリード展開となります。このままブラインド・フェイスを再結成しても良さそうなくらいのレベルの高い演奏が展開されています。
Presence of the Lord・・・ウィンウッドがオルガンに回り、クラプトン作の名曲が演奏されます。ボーカルは69年当時とは異なり、クラプトンがファーストコーラス、ウィンウッドがセカンドコーラス、ギターソロ後のサードコーラスは二人のデュエットとなっています。クラプトンのワウワウソロも久々に聴けます。
Well Alright・・・メンバーはそのままでウィンウッドがピアノをプレイ。ソロではシンセサイザーをプレイしています。このアレンジは2008年のクラプトン&ウィンウッドのジョイントコンサート時と同じです。
Can’t Find My Way Home・・・ウィンウッドが名唱を聴かせる名曲を披露。ソロはクラプトンが決めます。バックを務めるナイル・ロジャースのお気に入り曲なのか、えらくノリノリな様子で、オフマイクで歌いながらギターをプレイしていました。
Do What You Like / Toad・・・ジンジャーの十八番とも言うべきドラムソロのためのナンバーでした。ここでは息子のコフィがここぞとばかりに親父さん顔負けのドラムソロを披露しています。これがジンジャーへの一番の追悼になったのではないでしょうか。息子の成長ぶりに喜ぶジンジャーの顔が見えるようです。ドラムソロ後のエンディングをToadのフレーズに繋ぐという構成です。
Cross Road Blues・・・アンコールは出演者全員による演奏となっています。第4のドラムキットにはケニー・ジョーンズが座り、ヘンリー・スピネッティはそのキットのシンバルのみを叩きました。ギターソロはクラプトンからロニー・ウッドへ回され、クリス・スティントンのピアノソロを挿んでウィル・ジョンズのギターソロへ。再びクラプトンの歌の後はウィンウッドの歌とオルガンソロへ。そしてナイル・ロジャースのギターソロへと回されます。そしてクラプトンのラストコーラスへ。ところが歌い終わったクラプトンが何と「Everybody Solo!(みんなソロを弾いて)」と声を掛けます。ステージ上の4人のギタリストが向かい合い、各々ソロを重ねるという凄い展開に。そして大団円。アンコールに相応しいナンバーでした。

Disc 1 (36:11)
1. Introduction
2. Sunshine of Your Love (with Roger Waters)
3. Strange Brew (with Roger Waters)
4. White Room (with Roger Waters, Ronnie Wood on guitar & Kenney Jones on 3rd drum kit)
5. I Feel Free (with Nile Rodgers, Paul Carrack on organ & vocals)
6. Tales of Brave Ulysses (with Nile Rodgers)
7. Sweet Wine (with Paul Carrack on organ & Will Johns on guitar )

Disc 2 (67:48)
1. Blue Condition
2. Badge (with Ron Wood, Henry Spinetti on 3rd drum kit)
3. Pressed Rat and Wart Hog (with Kofi Baker on drums & vocals)
4. Had to Cry Today (with Steve Winwood & Nile Rodgers on guitar)
5. Presence of the Lord (with Nile Rodgers on guitar, Steve Winwood on organ & vocals)
6. Well Alright (with Steve Winwood on organ & vocals & Nile Rodgers on guitar)
7. Can’t Find My Way Home (with Steve Winwood on organ & vocals & Nile Rodgers on guitar)
8. Do What You Like / Toad (with Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood & Nile Rodgers; with drum solo by Kofi Baker)
9. Cross Road Blues (with everyone & Roger Waters on cowbell)
10. Outro including Nile Rodgers trying to encorage 2nd encore

Eric Clapton – guitar 6 vocal, Paul Carrack – organ & vocal, Chris Stainton – piano, Sonny Emory – drums, Steve Gadd – drums, Willie Weeks – bass, Katie Kissoon and Sharon White – back chorus

Steve Winwood – guitar, organ & vocal, Roger Waters – bass, Nile Rodgers – guitar, Ronnie Wood – guitar, Kofi Baker – drums, Kenney Jones – drums, Henry Spinetti – drums, Will Johns – guitar


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