Eric Clapton / Budokan 2016 Day 2 / 2CDR / Non label

Eric Clapton / Budokan 2016 Day 2 / 2CDR / Non label

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 15th April 2016.


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This time of Eric Clapton, also the second day performances from the Japan tour is the appearance on the gift items in haste! Even this master in our original, is what has been provided from the same recording’s as “Budokan 2016 Day 1”. The board of the recording was done on favorable terms that the same, a great position for the Budokan Arena B block middle mixer before, in other words the mixer produce to adjust the best sound. This board as well, “Budokan 2016 Day 1”, because it is very recording is the whole volume with a clean sound in the clear, which is also the sound quality is said to far beyond the average level of the audience recording. It and the first day without regret we will at the same time to gift the gift item. The first day and the majority of fans have seen the second day, meaning that there is this second day, it suggests that has been offered at through the first day, but more as Clapton seems stage has made a rating of to have been deployed. Set list did not change the first day, but that’s why would be that person who was often found the difference. On the other hand, surprise element that happened on the first day, impromptu of Ed Sheeran was not this day. In other words, the new song that has been showcased in the acoustic set is not that it was played by only Clapton band. Sonaruto, if fan psychology, I think we are likely to want to listen to both of the second day of the first day and tour the original performance swollen contains for the first time showing off has been acoustic set at Sheeran impromptu. Here also it of course discarded hard content. The most significant difference between the first day of in terms of performance would be the response rate after I Shot The Sheriff. Clapton of the day I was showing off a solo full of smooth and passion than the first day. By all means, please try than to listen to the first day. And I would like two days Date sound source also quickly We check well-balanced in this clearing of the first day as well. Because there is a limited number also people here, it is no longer we will soon be terminated. Please thank you as soon as possible of your availability.

今回のエリック・クラプトン、ジャパン・ツアーから2日目公演も速攻でギフトアイテムに登場です!本マスターも当店オリジナルで、「Budokan 2016 Day 1」と同じ録音者から提供されたものです。本盤の録音は武道館アリーナBブロック真ん中ミキサー前、つまりミキサーが最良の音響を調整し作り出すための絶好ポジションと同じ、という好条件で行なわれました。本盤も「Budokan 2016 Day 1」同様、非常にクリアでクリーンなサウンドで全編が収録されていますので、これもまたサウンドクオリティはオーディエンス録音のアベレージレベルをはるかに超えるものと言えます。それを惜しげもなく初日と同時にギフトアイテムでプレゼントさせていただきます。初日と2日目をご覧になったファンの大多数は、この2日目はある意味、初日を経てこなれてきたことが窺える、よりクラプトンらしいステージが展開されたとの評価を下したようです。セットリストは初日と変わりませんでしたが、だからこそその違いを分かった方が多かったということでしょう。一方で、初日に起こったサプライズ要素、エド・シーランの飛入りはこの日はありませんでした。つまり、アコースティックセットで披露された新曲はクラプトン・バンドだけによる演奏だったというわけです。そうなると、ファン心理とすれば、シーラン飛入りで盛り上がる初日とツアー本来のパフォーマンスが初めて披露されたアコースティックセットを含む2日目の両方を聴きたいと思われるのではないでしょうか。こちらも当然捨て難い内容なのです。パフォーマンス面においての初日との最も顕著な違いはI Shot The Sheriffの後奏でしょう。この日のクラプトンは初日以上に滑らかでパッションに満ちたソロを披露したのです。是非、初日と聴き比べてみてください。そして初日同様のこのクリアでバランスの良い2日日音源も逸早くチェックいただきたいと思います。こちらの方も数に限りがございますので、なくなり次第終了させていただきます。どうぞお早めのご入手をお願い致します。

Disc 1 (61:59)
1. Introduction 2. Somebody’s Knockin’ 3. Key To The Highway 4. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. Next Time You See Me 6. I Shot The Sheriff 7. Circus Left Town
8. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
10. I Will Be There 11. Cypress Grove 12. Sunshine State

Disc 2 (45:08)
1. Gin House 2. Wonderful Tonight 3. Crossroads 4. Little Queen Of Spades
5. Cocaine 6. High Time We Went

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Andy Fairweather Low – guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards Paul Carrack – organ, keyboards, vocals
Dave Bronze – bass Henry Spinetti – drums Dirk Powell – multi-instrumentalist
Michelle John – backing vocals Sharon White – backing vocals


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