Eric Clapton / Newcastle 1983 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Newcastle 1983 / 2CD / Beano

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Live at City Hall, Newcastle, UK 11th April 1983

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Eric · Clapton ‘s First Public High Quality Master in Japan was delivered again from heavyweight tapers living in the UK! The master of this time was three sound sources of 1983. To our surprise, our three staffs in 83 years were all unpublished so far. First of all, it is the main board that recorded the Newcastle performances of UK, April 11, 1983 which is the lead, with a superb stereo audience recording. With our shop corrected just a few pitch madness, it was a preeminent sound quality of clear, plump sound, so that it is almost unnecessary to add hands.
Let’s look back over the activities of Clapton this year, including the concert where the main board was recorded.

«February 1, 1983: Release of album” MONEY AND CIGARETTES “»
· February 1 – March 3, 1983: National Tour, First Leg
· April 8 – May 23, 1983: European tour including England ← ★ Coco ★
· June 6, 1983: Charity concert in London appeared with Pablo Duo, Chas & Dave
· June 25 – July 17, 1983: National Tour, Second Leg
· September 20th, 21st, 1983: Appearance of “ARMS Concert” at Royal Albert Hall, London. Beck, Paige and the three biggest guitarists took on the same stage for the first time became a topic.
· November 28 – December 9, 1983: “ARMS US Tour”

In the latter half of this year, I will play a leading role of acting as the organizer of that “ARMS Concert”, but you can see that it was a very energetic year of activities to take a long-term tour by then Let’s see. That was supposed to be, until the previous year, I continued the all-British band that produced that “JUST ONE NIGHT” cozily, but during the recording of the new album, Clapton who was upset by members for the most lazy Left the Albert Lea alone and decided to take off the big nata to dismiss all members. As a result, a skillful musician who is mixed with the United States and Britain has decided to set aside this time. It was the tour of this year that started simultaneously with the release of the completed album “MONEY AND CIGARETTES” driving the momentum. It may be said that it was this tight tour schedule to tell the state of Clapton which was full of both strength and strength. In the original national tour, many of the numbers from that album had been set in, but gradually the new songs fell as the tour progressed, and in the later European tour it was only one song The Shape You’re In (It was common for tour of Clapton). From this European tour, famous German soundboard sounds from Bremen’s performance are famous, but that has been proven there as well. However, it is. What was the first time in the early European tour that was released publicly, three masterpieces of the album were left in the master of this performance. I’ve got A Rock N ‘Roll Heart and Is not Goin’ Down can listen to this book is precious. And you can listen to Albert Lee’s song Pink Bedroom with such a clear sound quality. There is also an unusual scene in which the clapton mixes the phrase “sadness wish” of animals in the intro of Blues Power. Throughout the entire clapton and band performance is tight, it is a quality that can be said to be extremely mature. There is no other saying that the rhythm section of Jamie All Day car, which continued to support Clapton from ‘461’ to ’70’s, is powerful. I do not get tired of the set list, with representative songs, with blues, with new songs. The quality of the performance of this day, the strange set list, and this exquisite sound quality. In the 1983 tour’s audience titles it is the emergence of a famous sound source that will definitely begin to emerge. It will be released on limited press CD, so please order as soon as possible.


≪1983年2月1日:アルバム「MONEY AND CIGARETTES」リリース≫
・1983年4月8日~5月23日:イギリスを含むヨーロッパツアー  ←★ココ★
・1983年11月28日~12月9日:「ARMS USツアー」

この年の後半には、あの「ARMSコンサート」のオーガナイザーを務めるという大役を果たすわけですが、それまでにも長期ツアーを敢行するという、非常に精力的な活動年だったことがお分かりいただけるでしょう。それもそのはず、前年まで、あの「JUST ONE NIGHT」を生み出したオール・ブリティッシュバンドを居心地よく継続していたのですが、ニュー・アルバムのレコーディング中に、メンバーのあまりの怠惰ぶりに立腹したクラプトンはアルバート・リーだけを残し全員を解雇するという大ナタを振り下ろしました。その結果、今度は米英混合の実力派ミュージシャンが脇を固めることになりました。その勢いを駆って完成したアルバム「MONEY AND CIGARETTES」のリリースと同時にスタートしたのが、この年のツアーだったわけです。気力・体力ともに充実していたクラプトンの様子を物語るのがこのタイトなツアー日程だったと言えるかもしれません。当初の全米ツアーでは当該アルバムからのナンバーは多くセットインしていたのですが、ツアーの進行とともに徐々に新曲はセット落ちし、後のヨーロッパ・ツアーでは The Shape You’re In 1曲のみとなってしまいました(クラプトンのツアーにはよくあることでした)。このヨーロッパ・ツアーからは有名なドイツ、ブレーメン公演からのサウンドボード音源が有名ですが、そこでもこのことが証明されています。ところが、です。何と初めて公開されたヨーロッパ・ツアー初期の本公演のマスターには、何と当該アルバムのナンバーが3曲も残されていたのです。I’ve Got A Rock N’ Roll HeartとAin’t Goin’ Downが聴ける本盤は貴重というほかはありません。そしてアルバート・リーの佳曲Pink Bedroomもこれほどクリアな音質で聴くことができるのです。Blues Powerのイントロでは、クラプトンがアニマルズの「悲しき願い」のフレーズを混ぜるという珍しいシーンもあります。全編を通じてクラプトンとバンドのパフォーマンスはタイトで、円熟の極みと言えるクオリティです。ドナルド・ダック・ダンと「461」から70年代のクラプトンを支え続けたジェイミー・オールデイカーのリズムセクションは強力と言う他ありません。セットリストも、代表曲あり、ブルースあり、新曲あり、と飽きさせません。この日のパフォーマンスのクオリティ、セットリストの妙、そしてこの極上音質。1983年ツアーのオーディエンス・タイトルでは筆頭に躍り出ることが間違いない名音源の登場です。限定プレスCDでのリリースとなりますので、お早めのオーダーをお願い致します。


Disc 1 (47:52)
1. Tulsa Time 2. I Shot The Sheriff 3. I’ve Got A Rock N’ Roll Heart 4. Worried Life Blues
5. Ain’t Goin’ Down 6. Let It Rain 7. Double Trouble 8. Pink Bedroom

Disc 2 (66:24)
1. Key To The Highway 2. After Midnight 3. The Shape You’re In 4. Wonderful Tonight
5. Blues Power 6. Ramblin’ On My Mind 7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Ramblin’ On My Mind (reprise) 9. Cocaine 10. Layla 11. Band Introduction
12. Further On Up The Road

Eric Clapton – guitar / vocals Albert Lee – guitar / vocals Chris Stainton – keyboards
Donald “Duck” Dunn – bass Jamie Oldaker – drums


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