Eric Clapton / Convention Center Sacramento 6 February 1983 / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Convention Center Sacramento 6 February 1983 / 2CD / Mid Valley

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Recorded live at Convention Center, Sacramento, CA : 6 February 1983

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■ I absolutely want to listen! Number one performance in 1983!
■ It is a masterpiece ranked in the upper rank through a career!
■ Especially the solo of “LAYLA” is a must!

Considering the era of 1983, it can be said that high quality sound audience recording is reasonable. (It was circulating on the touch of a sound board sound source) But it may feel bad if you compare it with the sound board sound source etc of the recent recording or Mid Valley excavated. But it is a prestigious performance that can be said to be No. 1 in 1983. Everyone, as you know, it is quite rare for a sound board to leave a real masterpiece. Actually, it seems that everyone is keenly aware that the desire to listen to that day on the sound board rarely comes true.
The introduction became long. In 1982, Clapton will do the only US tour of the year in June. In the autumn, after transferring from Polydor who had been enrolled for many years to Warner Bros., we will start making the first album “Money and Cigarettes”. In an endless Nassau session, Clapton suffers from a sense of inability to express. Clapton will dismiss and leave some band members who were leading himself at a meeting with Tom Daud, who he trusted in his heart. And, adopting members that adopted Daudo’s opinion, there was surely a new Clapton figure in the completed album. The American tour that led the new member started from Seattle on February 1, 1983. This sound source was recorded on February 6, 1983, performance in Sacramento, USA. It is an extremely early performance called the 4th performances from the beginning of the tour. Donald Duck Dan, Roger Hawkins, Albert Lee and Chris Steinton. Since then on February 15th Roger Hawkins gives drums to Jamie All Dayika due to health problems, it is a very rare performance, and above all, from the new “Money and Cigarettes” middle tour This is another unusual set list that a number of new songs that fall out will appear. And the essence of the splendor of this sound source is in Clapton ‘s dazzling audience.
Clapton playing so far is very rare. It is exactly the face of “slow hand”. From the beginning to the end he is rolling around. His peculiar fast playing phrase is amazing. Moreover, the phrase on this day is also clear, although that phrase is this song with numerous performances such as “I Shot The Sheriff” on this day. Furthermore, “Cocaine”. The solo etc in the middle of this song is fairly skewed from the head, but it is configured to intentionally cool down from the midfield, pace down, then turn it up again. It is a live take of a number of this song, but such a configuration is very unusual. This day is also different on “Layla” which is usually endlessly endless. The solo that shows a truly wonderful dazzling evolution does not stop. Clapton of this day seems to be intuition, it may be said that the idea was clear. When listening to the performance of this day from the head, I feel a kind of clapton ‘s spirit. It is hard to find the stage that is so hot like this in 1983, much less than in 1983. I think that there are many people who are supreme in sound quality, but I am sincerely thinking that I want you to listen with passion. And I think that it would be a title to be played many times.


ここまで弾きまくるクラプトンの演奏は非常に珍しいものです。まさに「スローハンド」の面目躍如です。頭から最後まで彼は弾き捲っています。彼特有の切れのある速弾きフレーズが凄いのです。しかもそのフレージングがこの日は例えば「I Shot The Sheriff」名演の多いこの曲ですが、この日のフレーズも冴えています。さらに「Cocaine」。この曲の中間におけるソロなどは、頭からは結構飛ばしていますが、中盤から意図的にクールダウンというか、ペースダウンさせて、それから再びじっくり盛り上げていくような構成をとっています。数あるこの曲のライブテイクですが、こうした構成は非常に珍しいと言えます。いつもは無難に終わりがちな「Layla」もこの日は違います。本当に素晴らしいめくるめく展開を見せつけるソロはたまりません。この日のクラプトンは直感というか、アイデアが冴えていたと言っていいでしょう。この日のパフォーマンスを頭から聴いていきますと、クラプトンの気合のようなものをひしひしと感じます。これほど熱のこもったステージは、83年はおろか、他年においてもなかなか見出すことが困難です。音質至上主義の方も多いと思いますが、ぜひ熱い情熱をもって聴いて欲しいと心から思います。そして何回も再生されるタイトルになってくれればいいなと思います。

CD 1
01. After Midnight
02. I Shot The Sheriff
03. Worried Life Blues
04. Crazy Country Hop
05. Crosscut Saw
06. Slow Down Linda
07. Sweet Little Lisa
08. Key To The Highway
09. Tulsa Time
10. I’ve Got a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart
11. Wonderful Tonight

CD 2
01. Blues Power
02. Who’s Lovin’ You Tonight > Have You Ever Loved A Woman > Ramblin’ On My Mind
03. Let It Rain
04. Cocaine
05. Layla
06. Further On Up The Road
Recorded live at Convention Center, Sacramento, CA : 6 February 1983

Mid Valley. MVR-785/786

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