Emmylou Harris & The Angel Band / Live From Red Fox 1974 / 2CDR

Emmylou Harris & The Angel Band / Live From Red Fox 1974 / 2CDR / Vintage Masters
Translated Text:

Live At Red Fox Inn, Bethesda, Maryland May 8th 1974. Soundboard

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The precious early sound board · live of the American diva Emilux · Harris who continues to be active since the 1970s appeared from “Vintage Masters”! May 8, 74 Completely recorded on the soundboard with performances performed following the Angel band at Red Fox Inn in Bethesda, Maryland. It is a noteworthy excavation live tone source that captured the precious early live of country taste with sound board!


01. Hot Burrito #1
02. Hickory Wind
03. Shop Around
04. Honky Tonk Blues
05. Louise
06. California Cottonfields
07. High On The Hilltop
08. Reconstructed
09. When Will I Be Loved
10. God Knows I Love You
11. Before Believing
12. Queen Of The Silver Dollar
13. Someone I Used to Know
14. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
15. A Song For You
16. High On The Hilltop
17. Born Again
18. Drifting Too Far From Shore

01. Country Baptizin’
02. That’s All It Took
03. Together Again
04. Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
05. Our Father
06. Maybe Mexico
07. Sold It All Away
08. Instrumental (Jeff Wisor & J.B. Morrison)
09. Satan’s Jewel Crown
10. Born Again
11. Country Baptizin’
◆Live At Red Fox Inn, Bethesda, Maryland May 8th 1974

Vintage Masters. VMCDR-519A/B

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