Emerson Lake & Powell / Back On The Road Sessions / 2CD

Emerson Lake & Powell / Back On The Road Sessions / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated text:
Rehearsals at Keith Emerson’s House in the South Coast of England in 1985


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CDR-released in 2002, the highest title of Emerson Lake & Powell back sound source was sold out long out of print “BACK ON THE ROAD”. This time, TDK that “Back On The Road (New Backing)” Cozy Powell was owned D90 tape, and TDK SA60, were entitled was discovered from Cozy library anew as “Space Intro” “In addition Emerson the title of the fan must listen, must-have that disk from the master of radio CM of the 1986 US tour for typed and 60Radio “, the three:. Lake & Powell Chopped take rehearsal of its outstanding receivables is as is also recorded for 24 seconds from the beginning even to the main” BACK ON THE ROAD SESSION “, rather than baked screwdriver mere already issued, the title track of its outstanding receivables it is very valuable that also includes. In addition, it is a feature because it was digitized directly from the master tape, freshness and sound quality of the sound is good to excellent compared to its outstanding. This board is one that has been recorded at the home of Keith Emerson in 1985, (in this stage of the re-recording before by (disappearance of the master tape of the tractor rush to the Emerson home) accident and “Back On The Road” and quality ) of the official classes (for stereo line recording back track entitled) of “the Score”, it has been constructed studio session, in the playback session. Arrange all playing and is different from the regular version backtrack. Pattern of the recording of “Back On The Road “has been recorded studio sessions, but realistic-feeling of air, such as that microphone recording of the familiar rehearsal take of Cozy tape also can enjoy. The present invention has been recorded in telecommunications Cozy perhaps, it would be happy to fan by drumming of Cozy is is what is recorded on the powerful. (That it had hit the kick in the back of the snare of two beats, three beats. You know) in the playback session, and either packed arrangements while listening to playback , Emerson or playing the piano to match the playback, how or sprinkled with hassles are included as realistic sound. Studio door session playback session moth random two recorded the hand had been masu moth, the moth very much mourning two important de listen meet Death Star . 2 track eyes of the disk 2, orchestra number such as film music is inserted about 2 minutes originally as take the first appearance this time, in the number of spirited melody This is like war movies, songs from where these it will have to be Kangu ~ tsu whether inflated ideas. There based sessions such as Greg and conversations between members of the song, also quite vivid part, but it is a very valuable as the recording. There are two take the Space Into the bonus track of the above, it seems to take you to the test recording intro for “Mars”. Radio CM of the last we have built up a CM effective while editing well ELP number of old and new in what was built in the Westwood One provides for the North American tour for 1986. It is a fairly exaggerated content, but it is built pretty well to invite the excitement of listeners. You can listen to the names of In’vu ~ ei who served as the opening act on a tour in the portion of the end . It is a very valuable source, but only (Back On The Road # 1 has only been recorded in the Cozy in the “Best Of The Tapes” first, the whole picture is being pressed on CD tracks other press for the first time all improve sound quality by recording of from on CD. master tape, unreleased take, valuable fan and bonus track is determined from the limited release. popular Virtuoso Label 90 minutes must-listen from beginning to end!

★ It is a sentence that describes each track of the main “BACK ON THE ROAD SESSIONS”.

In 2002 the CDR release, long was sold out, out of print Emerson Lake & Powell back sound source highest title of “BACK ON THE ROAD”. This time, “Back On The Road (New Backing)” Cozy · TDK D90 tapes Powell had owned, further newly discovered from Cozy library “Space Intro” and entitled TDK SA60 And, “Emerson Lake & Powell: 60Radio “and typed radio CM for the 1986 US tour, is the title of the fan must listen, must-have that disk of the three from the master. As has been recorded is the main chopped take of “BACK ON THE ROAD SESSION” rehearsal also 24 seconds of its outstanding receivables from the beginning even if, the present title is not a grilled maneuvering on the mere already issued, the track of its outstanding receivables It is very valuable that also includes. In addition, since it is directly digitized from the master tape, freshness and sound quality of the sound is a preeminently characterized by good compared to its outstanding. This board is one that was recorded at his home in Keith Emerson in 1985, in a freak accident (by tractor rush to the Emerson home loss of the master tape) by re-recording before (in this stage as “Back On The Road” and entitled) back-track of “The Score” (official class sound quality in stereo-line recording), studio sessions, but is composed of a playback session. Backtracking different playing and arrange all the regular version. Studio session has been recorded pattern of recording of “Back On The Road”, but you can enjoy realistic, air feeling like being familiar microphone recording at Cozy tape of the rehearsal take. Perhaps one that was recorded in telecommunications Cozy, therefore Cozy of drumming is it would be happy to fan that has been recorded to the powerful. (Also in the back of two beats, three beats of the snare you know that you had hit the kick.) In the playback session, or stuffed with arrangements while listening to the playback, or playing the piano is Emerson to fit the play back, how or sprinkled with hassles have been recorded in realistic sound. Studio sessions and playback sessions have been recorded at random, but it is full marks meet to hear that none is very important. 2 track eyes of the disk 2 as take first appearance this time, originally orchestra number is inserted about 2 minutes, such as film music, this is in the number of spirited melody like a movie war, the song from where it was said, it will be Kangu~tsu of the whether the inflated ideas. Based sessions such as conversation and Greg between members in a song, there are also quite vivid part, but it is super valuable as a record. Space Into of the aforementioned bonus track There are two takes, it seems to take you test recording for the intro of “Mars”. Radio CM of last has built up an effective CM while successfully edit the old and new ELP number in what was built for providing Westwood One for the 1986 North American tour. It is quite exaggerated content, but it is pretty well made to invite the listening hand of excitement. You can also listen name of In’vu~ei who served as the opening act on tour in the portion of the end. It is a very valuable source, but in the whole picture is only only the first (Back On The Road # 1 is being pressed on CD has been recorded in the “Best Of The Tapes” Cozy, first all other tracks of the press on CD. sound quality improvement by a recording from the master tape, unreleased, valuable bonus track and the fan is 90 minutes. limited release determined from the popular Virtuoso label must listen from start to finish!

★ the “BACK ON THE ROAD SESSIONS” in the main it is the text that describes for each track.

1. Rehearsal Tapes
tape chopped rehearsal take that had been recorded 24 seconds at the beginning of. Take because of the complete first appearance is very valuable.

2. Back On The Road # 1
is the sound quality of enough to be published in this state official (perfect line recording). It is a prototype of the “Back On The Road” and was named “The Score”, but equivalent to a sense official, no asserts that large masterpiece version that combines the charm of the more maturity. The instrumental version, but the arpeggiator outstandingly cool also frequently used the arrangement of Keith and, above all, Cozy of drumming is overwhelming! In particular, the second half of the 2 bus barrage will be made ​​to Namida-sa the fans big powerful

3.The Miracle # 1
is the instrumental version of the grand Omagari decorated with A face the second half of the album. Keith in still feel that he said groping in the dark also play as Cozy also faithfully likes to their habit, we earnestly beating. (Also Greg base interesting) it is indeed Suponteniasu play an interesting take you have a natural session. Start from the middle, 3: in the vicinity of 08, will turn off suddenly.

4. Band Discussion # 1
all members and Tony Taverner will start the hassles regarding arrangement of The Miracle. Everyone, or each other to confirm the code, you can sing the melody, or whistling, Keith can play the keyboard, it is a pretty good atmosphere. Greg pretty is like “trying to focus on arrangements that assumes the live performance”, it is interesting to have taken the Ondo.

5. The Miracle # 2
and I will not play back many times The Miracle. Also hear members of the middle voice. Last Exit to become only the drum in a fairly natural feeling. It is an interesting take.

6. The Miracle # 3
examples are not still complete, but it has been properly recorded from the intro. # 1 than sound quality is even better. Cozy play is also very clear. This will impress! It will cut off suddenly at 4:37.

7. Back On The Road # 2
sound distortion version it is excessive input by the microphone recording. Also nice voice to say “Yeah” at the beginning. Force is a perfect score. Greg vocal appearance! “Once Again ~ ♪” Cozy of drum arrangement also compelling. Arrangement is not possible to still compared to # 1, but it is the take of the appeal to reverse. Also compelling ending. Too terrible (3:30 vicinity)

8. Band Discussion # 2
Back On The Road # rollicking 2 to even too much force and play back the members like a child! Conversation of members of high spirits is the fun take to hear. (For some reason, also enter the sound of the car running outside)

9. Back On The Road # 3
Start from the free-form intro of the keyboard. Sound quality to the 5 better than. Members while playing back has ever excited. You hear the sound of wind the tape in the vicinity of 1:38.

10. Back On The Road # 4
start from the playback sound. Emerson will play the piano lightly situ. Also the start of the song of the tape, Emerson playing to fit the piano. This also is a valuable take! Arrangement has been considerable finished. Cozy of the drum is also quite firm is distribution, music has been lively. Also appeared Greg vocal! “Once Again ~ ♪ All Right, You Got It!” Only repeated, but it is quite fun. In quite a long take, it will also say the best take at this stage!

11.Back On The Road # 5
Cozy Telecom-specific (?), but is a microphone recording by Telecom, its minute, Cozy of force is amazing! This also all-you-can-you want to do in the great hit. Playing I have to stop in the middle. Out of control or that we feel that is no longer stick. But it is good at so visible appearance of three people that are playing and enjoying!

12.Back On The Road # and 6
while conversation will stop at 1:30 to play back, to enter directly the next track meeting.

13. Band Discussion # 3
is the conversation part that see that they have to worry about the deadline (the deadline). The following Greg of word
“Mmm..Yeah, were it not for the fact that we’ve got to turn up on Monday with this gear recorded..I’d go home now right”
to say what the deadline, perhaps, It is submitted to the record company will for the completion time of the demo-take.
Feeling that is frustrating a little tired everyone, Greg and engineers of Tony “than stuffing the arrangements (The Score), or not it is better to change the sound of the keyboard” have or vice versa.

14.Greg ‘Bass Session with Keith & Cozy
3 people that determines the base line of Back On The Road. Leader Emerson. C #, to Emerson for the A ♭ and instructions, Greg of the voice into not a little fun is instruction. Most, Emerson to seek the best sound. The way, the sound texture of “1,2,3.4!” And Cozy also putting is cool.

Disc 2
1. Locomotion
large must listen take you to listen at the official take more powerful.

2. Orchestra Music
why of its outstanding receivables, whether unknown ’60s film music style orchestral music has entered in this position. Although it is a 2-minute take of that comes in twice repeat, what tried to from this song of brave melody ideas and configuration helpful to you?

3. The Miracle # 4
will not start from the middle, but the sound quality is good. It is rough, but fired up enough of the play must listen! It has been recorded until the ending.

4. The Miracle # 5
which also has started from the middle. Again the sound quality is good. Balance OK. Emerson is very interesting keyboard arrangements! Also we have offered entire structure balance. Last it will fade out.

5. Band Discussion # 4
3 people who something conversation while singing the melody. Short 15-second take of.

6. Conversation with the equipment Technicians
2 people technician appeared. We have a description of the equipment.

7. Back On The Road # 7
sound quality good. # This is the version that was nearing completion of the 1. Arrange also been firmly organized, it is a different thing aspects from those of the latter part of the disk 1. While Keith is playing back, it’s playing the piano. Actually quite a mono listen here, is the second half interesting.

8. Back On The Road # 8 
# 7 again to play back. Many times or winding the tape, repeat playback

9. Conversation with the equipment technicians
conversation with the technician is still followed. It seems that the equipment-related story in terms of endorsement of Japan.

Disc 1 (47:14) 
1. Rehearsal Tapes 2. Back On The Road # 1 3. The Miracle # 1 4. Band Discussion
5. The Miracle # 2 6. The Miracle # 3 7. Back On The Road # 2 8 . Band Discussion # 2
9. Back On The Road # 3 10. Back On The Road # 4 11. Back On The Road # 5 12. Back On The Road # 6
13. Band Discussion # 3 14. Greg’s Bass Session with Keith & Cozy 

Disc 2 (41:34) 
1. The Loco-Motion 2. Orchestra Music 3. The Miracle # 4 4. The Miracle # 5 5. Band Discussion # 4
6. Conversation with Technicians # 1 7. Back On The Road # 7 8. Back On The Road # 8
9. Conversation with Technicians # 2

Bonus Tracks 
10. Space Intro # 1 11. Space Intro # 2
Taken from the Original cassette tape TDK SA60 Titled “Space Intro”

12. Radio promo Spot for US Tour 1986
Taken from Bill Young Productions Inc. Cassette Tape Titled “Emerson Lake & Powell: 60Radio”

Virtuoso 189/190



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