Emerson Lake & Palmer(ELP) / Shapper Than A Knife / 2 DVDR

Emerson Lake & Palmer(ELP) / Shapper Than A Knife / 2 DVDR /Non Label
Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, USA 3rd & 4th February 1993


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The 2DVDR is a gift and release decision that contains the full audience of the premier audience at the Radio City Music Hall 2DAYS, a traditional venue in New York City! Speaking of “Radio City Music Hall” in Manhattan, it is the world’s largest hall venue boasting over 80 years of history. Not to mention many live works, there may be a lot of people remembering that iconic neon sign as an award ceremony of a musical Tony award or MTV video music award. In such a traditional venue, a reunion ELP falls. Yes, so to speak this work is the American version of “LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL”.
It is a concert 4 months after the recording of the official “LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL”, and the nuances of the performance is fairly close, but the official was an incomplete recording with many cuts, but this work is an audience, You can taste it thoroughly for about 4 hours by complete recording for 2 days. Moreover, the photographer knows the taste of the band and holds the sights one by one to keep an eye on it. The feeling of being full is like a large volume like eating three meals at a time.
When I play the disc 1, I get a glimpse of it for a moment on the screen that blurs in the distant view, “I can’t do it …”, but it will soon be stable. The beautifully captured up to the face of each member is drawn into the beauty of the image that is projected abundantly. Of course, since it is a one-cam audience of video recording, I can not say that “Albert Hall is as good as the image quality!”, But it is valuable because the video 22 years ago can be viewed so beautifully. Due to the relationship between lighting, Keith’s up is particularly good coloring, and the staff who has been checking this work watched it for a moment, and it is the quality of saying “Is it TV broadcasting?”
Instead of playing the disc 2, this time the “Tarkus” flows with the back of the “Terror Brain Reform” jacket (ish but a little different) screen. Apparently, I could not record the beginning, but in about a minute and a half, a live video will appear. After that, I am anxious about out-of-focus images and angles that are not fixed, but it is stable in about 3 minutes. It will be full of beautiful zoom excellent in the sense of stability same as Disc 1. So far, it seems that the military distribution will go up towards the disc 1, but in fact the recommendation is this disc 2. The sound is good by all means. Disc 1 was sounding good enough, but the clearness of Disc 2 is great with a circle. In addition, you can watch even “From The Beginning” and “Nutrocker” that are not on Disc 1! In particular, “Nutrocker” is a song that I am delighted to see not even in the 1992 Japan tour.
The opening that starts with “Tarkus” is a production unique to 1993, but in particular with Disk 2, you can watch the scene of jumping into the audience with the success of the fireworks with the action using the ribbon controller. Others You can enjoy a lot of 1993 unique scenes such as “Touch And Go”, “Hoedown”, and Keith who brings up the accordion with “C’est La Vie”.
A reunion ELP that attracts with imposing performances at American traditional venues. This is a two-disc set revived by the real record that was once again tasted in the official “LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL” once again.

ニューヨークの伝統会場「ラジオシティ・ミュージックホール2DAYS」を極上オーディエンスのフルショットで収めた2DVDRがギフト・リリース決定です! マンハッタンにある「ラジオシティ・ミュージックホール」と言えば、80年以上の歴史を誇る世界最大のホール会場。数々のライヴ作品はもちろん、ミュージカルのトニー賞やMTVビデオ・ミュージック・アワードの授賞式として、あの象徴的なネオン看板を記憶されている方も多いのではないでしょうか。そんな伝統ある会場に、再結成ELPが降り立つ。そう、言わば本作は「LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL」のアメリカ版なのです。
オフィシャル「LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL」の収録から4ヶ月後のコンサートであり、演奏のニュアンスはかなり近いですが、オフィシャルがカットの多い不完全収録だったのに対し、本作はオーディエンスといえど、2日間の完全収録で約4時間に渡ってたっぷりと味わえる。しかも、撮影者はバンドの旨味を知り尽くしており、見所をいちいち押さえて目を離させない。その満腹感たるや3食を一度に食べたような大ボリュームです。
代わってディスク2を再生すると、今度は「恐怖の頭脳改革」のジャケ(っぽいけどちょっと違う)画面をバックに「Tarkus」が流れる。どうやら冒頭は収録できなかったらしいのですが、1分半ほどでライヴ映像が現れます。その後、ピンぼけな映像とフラフラと定まらないアングルに不安になりますが、それも3分ほどでググッと安定。ディスク1と変わらぬ安定感抜群の美麗ズームだらけになります。ここまではディスク1の方に軍配が上がりそうですが、実はオススメはこのディスク2。なんと言ってもサウンドが良い。ディスク1も十分に良いサウンドでしたが、ディスク2のクリアさは輪をかけて素晴らしいのです。さらに、ディスク1にはない「From The Beginning」「Nutrocker」まで観られる! 特に「Nutrocker」は、1992年の日本公演でも観られなかっただけに嬉しい1曲です。
「Tarkus」で始まるオープニングは1993年ならではの演出ですが、特にディスク2ではリボン・コントローラーを使ってのアクションで花火を成功させ、客席に飛び込むシーンも観られる。その他「Touch And Go」や「Hoedown」、「C’est La Vie」でアコーディオンを持ち出すキースなど、1993年ならではのシーンがたっぷり楽しめるのです。
アメリカ伝統の会場で堂々のパフォーマンスで魅せる再結成ELP。かつてオフィシャル「LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL」で味わった感動が、またひと味違ったリアルな記録で蘇る2枚組です。

Disc 1
Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, USA 3rd February 1993

1. Intro. 2. Tarkus 3. Knife Edge 4. Paper Blood 5. Black Moon 6. Close To Home
7. Creole Dance 8. Still…You Turn Me On 9. C’est La Vie 10. Honky Tonk Train Blues
11. Touch And Go 12. Pirates 13. Hoedown 14. Pictures At An Exhibition
15. Drum Solo/The Great Gate Of Kiev 16. Lucky Man 17. Fanfare For The Common Man/America/Rondo

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 113min.

Disc 2
Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, USA 4th February 1993

1. Intro. 2. Tarkus 3. Knife Edge 4. Paper Blood 5. Black Moon 6. Close To Home 7. Creole Dance
8. Still…You Turn Me On 9. From The Beginning 10. C’est La Vie 11. Nutrocker
12. Honky Tonk Train Blues 13. Touch And Go 14. Pirates 15. Hoedown 16. Pictures At An Exhibition
17. Drum Solo/Great Gates Of Kiev 18. Lucky Man 19. Fanfare For The Common Man/America/Rondo

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 119min.

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