Emerson, Lake & Palmer / San Bernardino 1977 / 2CD

Emerson, Lake & Palmer / San Bernardino 1977 / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live At Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA. USA 13th August 1977


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Is the best live album appeared in the “WORKS TOUR 1977”. Say 1977 and played with the orchestra, but is famous, it is only 16 performances in which more than 90 performances. This work is the audience recording that contains the “August 13, 1977 in San Bernardino performances” by the original trio.
However, the quality is very different and what is the image in terms of “audience recording”. Direct feeling and clear that is greater than in much the common sense of the 1970s, like a sound board. Stadium great cheer spectacle also we have a firmly of, it is also in the distance spread sensation on the back, there is no upcoming cry. Detailed recording position is not transmitted, but whether abuses were recorded up close of the PA, or whether to set up a microphone, even on the floor on the stage …. Anyway, super direct musical tone penetrate the whole volume, Sonouede’s the ideal audience recording, such as vast cheers surging from a distance.
The recording itself is, once from Windmill label “EVIL WORKS” is also certain things that it has been released as. But this time in the “course is press” from such magazine collector also is acclaimed etc. were received, this time again carried the mastering by modern technology. While taking advantage of maximizing the natural sound that recording itself has, thoroughly remove fine noise. In addition, we have complemented with there was a cut of “Pictures At An Exhibition” of the second half 14 seconds Dan Ramp ski recording “July 14, Providence performances”. That 14 seconds is the playing of another live, but on the same day of another recording was bad too sound. The high quality the first time of this work, it what’s it did not work as long as not a Ramp skiing record. In addition, I thought the shining or only its part, towards the main sound is wonderful. Even also have a Kano name recording artist Ramp skiing, it does not reach the main part of San Bernardino performances. The quality of this work, I such so much of things.
Once portrayed as saying that “WORKS TOUR” of great in such a super sound! Also in the official “KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR” and the 1978 “LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78” There is also a time that has been excavated, but does not compare to say clearly. In particular, “LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78” includes, but is Keith Emerson was the absolute upset the first time of erroneous touch volley, this work is the best condition to about contrasting. Too fast “Hoedown” impressive enough dizziness is also fingering flowing. Generally, although from THE NICE until 1974 you spoke to as heyday (in fact, but it also is a fact), splendor of fingering, such as flow and sense of stability, said it is this 1977 is the apex It is also good. For those who underestimate the “WORKS TOUR” in official what is the great performance that I would like you to know own.
In addition, the set list also differences greatly from the official board, start from “KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR” not in the “LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78” “Karn Evil 9”. “Knife Edge” is also playing. Two of the official board, but it was time to incorporate the song “WORKS VOLUME 2”, here is zero. Is reduced to four tracks of the song “C’est La Vie” in “WORKS VOLUME 1,” “Piano Concerto No 1,” “Pirates,” “Fanfare For The Common Man”, it sets condensed the place most delicious of EL & P .

“WORKS TOUR” say the “orchestra played” I think in some people, which is the image of the “beginning of the end of the prime EL & P”. However, performance flowing out of this work, too beautiful and refined. There is no what the verge of collapse last-minute rampage sore was fascinated by the early 1970s, the best condition of Keith survived the fat hear plenty as a musician in the 32-year-old at the time in this work. Moreover, while summarizing the 70s in the performance the first time, we have assembled in one show only in the songs you want to hear.
Very large masterpiece “that THE BEST OF EL & P” was fully drawn in the reality of this production 100% of the performance and the customer record sound. Live album, which boasts of their sound and performance of top class, even a whole career. This stride of what is “WORKS TOUR”. By all means, please enjoy the wonderful music world in the excellent name recording.

“WORKS TOUR 1977”の極上ライヴ・アルバムが登場です。1977年というとオーケストラとの共演が有名ですが、それは90公演以上ある中の16公演だけ。本作は、本来のトリオ編成による「1977年8月13日サンバーナーディーノ公演」を収めたオーディエンス録音です。
この録音自体は、かつてWindmillレーベルから「EVIL WORKS」としてリリースされたこともあるもの。その際にも専門誌・コレクターなどから「プレスされて当然」等々の絶賛が寄せられましたが、今回は改めて現代技術によるマスタリングを実施。録音自体が持っている自然な鳴りを最大限活かしつつ、微細なノイズを徹底的に除去。さらに、カットのあった「Pictures At An Exhibition」の後半14秒はダン・ランピンスキー録音の“7月14日プロヴィデンス公演”で補完いたしました。その14秒は別ライヴの演奏なのですが、同日の別録音はあまりにも音が悪かった。本作のハイクオリティぶりには、それこそランピンスキー録音でもない限り使えなかったのです。しかも、そのパートだけ輝くのかと思いきや、本編サウンドの方が素晴らしい。かの名録音家ランピンスキーをもってもしても、本編のサンバーナーディーノ公演に届かない。本作のクオリティとは、それほどのものなのです。
そんなスーパーサウンドで描かれる“WORKS TOUR”の素晴らしいことと言ったら! オフィシャルでも『KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR』や1978年の『LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78』が発掘されている時期でもありますが、ハッキリ言って比較にならない。特に『LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78』は、キース・エマーソンがミスタッチ連発の絶不調ぶりでしたが、本作は対照的なほどに絶好調。速すぎる「Hoedown」も流れるような運指で目眩がするほどに見事。一般的にTHE NICEから1974年までが全盛期のように語られますが(実際、それも事実なのですが)、安定感と流れるような運指の見事さは、この1977年こそが頂点と言ってもいい。オフィシャルで“WORKS TOUR”を甘く見ている方にこそ、本領を知っていただきたい名演です。
また、セットリストもオフィシャル盤とは大きく違い、『KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR』『LIVE AT NASSAU COLISEUM’78』にはない「Karn Evil 9」からスタート。「Knife Edge」も演奏しています。2つのオフィシャル盤は『WORKS VOLUME 2』の曲を取り入れた時期でしたが、こちらはゼロ。『WORKS VOLUME 1』の曲も「C’est La Vie」「Piano Concerto No 1」「Pirates」「Fanfare For The Common Man」の4曲に抑えられ、EL&Pの一番美味しいところを凝縮したセットなのです。

“WORKS TOUR”というと「オーケストラ共演」「全盛EL&Pの終わりの始まり」をイメージされる方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。しかし、本作から流れ出るパフォーマンスは、あまりにも美しく精緻。70年代初期に魅せた崩壊寸前ギリギリの暴れっぷりこそありませんが、本作では当時32歳で演奏家として脂の乗りきったキースの絶好調がたっぷりと聴ける。しかも、その演奏ぶりで70年代を総括しながら、聴きたい曲だけで1つのショウに組み上げているのです。
まさに“THE BEST OF EL&P”を本生100%の演奏と客記録音のリアリティで描ききった大傑作。彼らのキャリア全体でもトップクラスのサウンドと演奏を誇るライヴアルバム。これこそが“WORKS TOUR”の本領。ぜひ、その素晴らしき音楽世界を絶品の名録音でお楽しみください。

Disc 1(59:25)
1. Karn Evil 9 2. Hoedown 3. Tarkus 4. C’est La Vie 5. Lucky Man 6. Take A Pebble
7. Piano Concerto No 1 8. Take A Pebble(Reprise) 9. Knife Edge 10. Tank incl. Drum Solo

Disc 2(51:35)
1. Pictures At An Exhibition 2. Still…You Turn Me On 3. Pirates 4. Nutrocker
5. Fanfare For The Common Man 6. Rondo 7. Fanfare For The Common Man(reprise) 8. Finale

Virtuoso 278/279

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