Elton John & His Band / Osaka 2015 / 2CDR

Elton John & His Band / Osaka 2015 / 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 16th November 2015.


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The first time in eight years, to follow the band will be 14 years, Elton John of the Japan tour of 2015. Live album of the first day, “November 16, 2015, Osaka Castle Hall performance” has arrived. This time of the visit to Japan only two shows in Osaka and Yokohama. The other day matches and Yokohama Arena concert “YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING,” but was the continued very popular, this work is the second installment that. This time in the Japan tour is complete.
The sound, even inferior unexpected great audience recording in the first series. Although in the first round of Yokohama performances there was a live broadcast, but still was impressive super beautiful dramatic sound enough forced to release, this film is also beautiful. As it appeared in the recent net, now just “super-high-quality!” And one that is become a hot topic. Although not detailed recording position is transmitted, we are using the Shops MK4 microphone of best-in-class, perfect all the balance from bass to treble, touch the piano, even subtleties of vocal we fully capture delicate. Although there was a more than enough sound even at the time of the net sound source, further subjected to their own re-mastered in this work, we have pursued the beauty of the musical tone to the limit.
Of course, if Different also Yokohama and venue in Osaka, but the feel is different because the taper is also different, clear of equivalent. On top of that, the tone-singing voice of this work is has been wearing a faintly faintly venue echo, and pretend the group masterpieces it becomes a warm, not is also referred obtained. Point It is this warmth of this work. Yokohama is also there in Osaka also exactly the same set list, but Yokohama in performance to sluggish the space that perfectly clear even where the beauty melody “drama of excitement”, this performance in Osaka Komu moist and stain the beautiful melody heart “kindness of excitement” such I.
Yokohama performances and different from, not only the nuances of such a sound. Elton singing voice, there is also strength in touch. It might be the special position of this performance in Osaka was involved. In fact, this “ALL THE HITS TOUR 2015” are those around the world in all 53 performances over the course of the starting round one year from January 2015. Japan tour has been organized as part of the “Asia / Oceania leg”. Here, let me the image of a summary and a little seeing schedule.

· January 10, 2015 – May 2: North American leg (12 performances)
– May 31, 2015 – July 20: European leg (22 performances)
– August 10, 2015 – October 25: North and South America leg (4 performances)
– November 16, 2015 – December 19: Asia / Oceania leg (15 performances)

In this way, Japan performances Upon the beginning of the “Asia / Oceania leg”, Osaka performance is its first day. Europe / US leg of up to here is the sporadic concert there were many, but “Asia / Oceania leg” a high density of once every two, the 3rd schedule. This Osaka performance is not tired because from the previous one live is across the approximately three weeks off, the spirit that’ll plunge into Saishuban world tour on it to the singing voice, dwells on the fingertip. It is such stage that I.

Dramatic “YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING” and, friendly this work. Even with the same melody, it gives you impression that different in a completely different look. Again, this is a rich sound world that only the audience recording can None. Two of the best live album that will tell all of Elton for his come back the first time in eight years, the Osaka Hen. Please enjoy slowly and carefully.

12月18日(金)~12月22日(火)の期間、店頭または通販にて、ジェネラル系のBeano, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, LUXOR等、プログレ系のAmity, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill、メタル系のShades, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley、Calm & Storm, またこのコーナーの「Import Title」のアイテムを2枚ご購入頂いたお客様へのプレゼント・アイテムのアイテムのご紹介です。


8年ぶり、バンドを従えては14年ぶりとなる、2015年のエルトン・ジョンの来日公演。その初日「2015年11月16日・大阪城ホール公演」のライヴ・アルバムが到着しました。今回の来日は大阪・横浜の2公演のみ。先日は横浜アリーナ公演を収めた「YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING」が大好評を賜りましたが、本作はその第2弾。今回で日本公演はコンプリートです。
横浜公演と異なるのは、そんなサウンドのニュアンスだけではありません。エルトンの歌声、タッチにも力強さがある。それは、この大阪公演の特別なポジションが関係していたのかも知れません。実は、この“ALL THE HITS TOUR 2015”は、2015年1月から始まった丸1年をかけて全53公演で世界を巡るもの。日本公演は“アジア/オセアニアレッグ”の一部として組まれました。ここで、ちょっと日程をご覧になって概要をイメージしていただきましょう。



劇的な「YOKOHAMA 2015: AUDIENCE RECORDING」と、優しい本作。同じメロディでさえも、まったく違う表情で違う感動をくれる。これもまた、客席録音だけが成しうる豊かな音世界です。8年ぶりに戻ってきてくれたエルトンの総てを伝えてくれる2つの極上ライヴ・アルバム、その大阪篇。どうぞじっくりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1(75:00)
1. Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding 2. Bennie And The Jets 3. Candle In The Wind
4. All the Young Girls Love Alice 5. Levon 6. Tiny Dancer 7. Believe 8. Daniel
9. Philadelphia Freedom 10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 11. Piano Improvisation
12. Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)

Disc 2(72:05)
1. Hey Ahab 2. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues 3. The One 4. Your Song
5. Burn Down the Mission 6. Sad Songs (Say So Much) 7. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
8. Member Introduction 9. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 10. The Bitch Is Back
11. I’m Still Standing 12. Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock ‘n Roll)
13. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting 14. Crocodile Rock

Elton John – Vocal. Piano Davey Johnstone – Guitars, Vocals Nigel Olsson – Drums, Vocals
Matt Bissonette – Bass Guitar, Vocals Kim Bullard – Keyboards
John Mahon – Percussion, Drums, Vocals


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