Eagles / Do Be Show In Japan 1976 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Eagles / Do Be Show In Japan 1976 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / New Kids Records

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Nagoya Kokaido Hall, Aichi Japan February 9, 1976. Digitally Remastered

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■ The last day to commemorate the first visit to Japan
■ Completely recorded with high sound quality sound board.

The debut of Eagles was formed in 1971 as being organized as a back band of Linda Ronstadt. The debut song “Take It Easy” hit and its sailing was smooth. Following the first album, “Rogue” “On the Border” presenting an album including songs that are important for Eagles even now, the music nature of the band that was originally a country color was also gradually closer to the lock I will be inclined. In such a situation was announced “cursed night”. It was in 1975.

Although it was a band having many hit songs before then, “Cursed Night” gained high reputation and became widely recognized as a big band as a big band in earnest. The best album so far released at the same time also leads to tremendous sales. It was during this time that the long-awaited Japanese performance was organized.

In 1976, the first Japan tour took place in Tokyo Osaka Nagoya and six other performances in Fukuoka and Kobe. This work is the last performing place in February 9, 1976, the Nagoya performance is completely recorded on the sound board. After finishing the Budokan performance, Eagles who was convinced of the success of the first visit to Japan has become a wonderful Chiaki-ku, which would have had the last Nagoya performance together with the wonderful memories of Japan.

This work completely records on Nagoya City public hall performance on February 9, 1976, which will be the final performance from Eagles’ first performance in Japan, with sound board of high sound quality. It is a title that will be handed down forever as a precious record in the history of Japanese rock. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.






Nagoya Kokaido Hall, Nagoya, Aichi Japan February 9, 1976
01. Take It Easy
02. Outlaw Man
03. Doolin-Dalton – Desperado (reprise)
04. Turn To Stone
05. Lyin’ Eyes
06. You Never Cry Like A Lover
07. Take It To The Limit
08. Desperado

01. Midnight Flyer
02. One Of These Nights
03. Already Gone
04. Too Many Hands
05. Good Day In Hell
06. Witchy Woman
07. Rocky Mountain Way
08. James Dean
09. Best Of My Love
10. Funk 49
11. Carol

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