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Live Compilations PERFECT SOUND


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Main two sets of “THE DARK SIDE OF DREAM THEATER” was a live album to listen together PINK FLOYD and RUSH of cover. However, they are also not be completely reproducible and special projects, is enjoying a number of cover. Was collected in one fell swoop the recording of such a fine cover is this work.
The lineup is a wide variety. Again, although there is also “The Necromancer” of “One Of These Days” and RUSH of PINK FLOYD, besides U2 and THE WHO, OZZY OSBOURNE, QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, KANSAS, YES, representative songs of IRON MAIDEN but I line up Zurarito. I of each of the different live audience recording, almost without any discomfort by the mastering process to equalize as much as possible, you passed, listen in most one laver, such as the cover live. What can it be, any take also might be because you have carefully selected only take recorded was in excellent sound. The sound output of the field to the recording because of the sound board Beams picked up neatly, side by side also will the discomfort is not happening.
And, also, just wonderful workmanship cover is played in such a quality. Yet faithful arrangements pay tribute to the original, yet perfect performance the first time than the head family. Only because they have continue to create an ultra-unique music, you might not even need to arrange turned in the direction. Particularly interesting is, what “Diary Of A Madman” of Ozzie. Though it is well-known songs of Randy era, head family in the only little play in live, is really fresh live take.
Despite the fun cover that have not been put to force as “album full reproduction”, such as the main 2-Pack, go one after another complete copy in the perfect performance force DREAM THEATER. In a simple ensemble, is the name cover a collection of sheer until the ability of the bottomless. Good even listen as a classic compilation of Rock Classics, also good enjoy precisely Kimeru playing and kidnapping. One perfect for just us instead. By all means, c’mon full stomach in conjunction with the two sets of this volume.

本編2枚組の「THE DARK SIDE OF DREAM THEATER」は、PINK FLOYDやRUSHのカバーをまとめて聴けるライヴアルバムでした。しかし、彼らは完全再現や特別プロジェクトでなくても、カバーを数多く楽しんでいる。そんな細かいカバーの録音を一挙に集めたのが本作です。
そのラインナップは多種多様。ここでもPINK FLOYDの「One Of These Days」やRUSHの「The Necromancer」もありますが、他にもU2やTHE WHO、OZZY OSBOURNE、QUEEN、LED ZEPPELIN、BLACK SABBATH、KANSAS、YES、IRON MAIDENの代表曲がずらりと並ぶのです。それぞれに違ったライヴのオーディエンス録音なのですが、可能な限り均一化するマスタリング処理により違和感もほとんどなく、ほとんど1回のカバーライヴのようなノリで聴き通せます。それが可能なのも、どのテイクも絶品のサウンドで録られたテイクばかりを厳選しているせいかも知れません。現場の出音を端正に拾ったサウンドボードばりの録音ゆえに、並べても違和感が起きないのでしょう。
そして、そんなクオリティで演奏されるカバーもまた、素晴らしい出来映えばかり。オリジナルに敬意を表する忠実なアレンジでありながら、それでいて本家よりも完璧な演奏ぶり。超個性的な音楽を生み出し続けている彼らだからこそ、ムキになってアレンジする必要もないのかも知れません。特に面白いのは、オジーの「Diary Of A Madman」でしょうか。ランディ時代の有名曲でありながら、本家はライヴでほとんど演奏しないだけに、実に新鮮なライヴテイクです。
本編2枚組のような“アルバム完全再現”ほど力を入れていないお楽しみカバーにも関わらず、完璧な演奏力で次々と完コピしていくDREAM THEATER。シンプルなアンサンブルの中に、その底なしの実力まで透ける名カバー集です。ロック・クラシックスの名曲コンピレーションとして聴くも良し、さらっと精緻にキメる演奏を楽しむも良し。まさにお代わりにはもってこいの1枚。ぜひ、本編2枚組と併せてお腹いっぱい召し上がれ。

1. Bad(U2) Irving Plaza, New York, USA December 29th, 1998
2. The Necromancer(Rush) / Baba O’riley(Who) Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USA July 11th, 2003
3. Diary Of A Madman(Ozzy Osbourne) Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles USA July 24th, 2003
4. Death On Two Legs(Queen) Hammersmith, London, UK January 17th, 2004
5. Since I Been Loving You(Led Zeppelin) Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, USA July 19th, 2003
6. One Of These Days(Pink Floyd) Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands January 18th, 2004
7. Heaven And Hell(Black Sabbath) Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany January 30th, 2004
8. Paradox(Kansas) Uptown Theater, Kansas City, USA March 15th, 2004
9. Heart Of The Sunrise(Yes) Zenith de Paris, Paris, France January 29th, 2004
10. Run To The Hills(Iron Maiden) Astoria, London, UK October 21th, 2002

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