Dream Theater / An Evening With DT Tokyo / 3CD With OBI Strip

Dream Theater / An Evening With DT Tokyo / 3CD With OBI Strip / Xavel Silver Masterpiece Series
Grand Cube, Osaka, Japan 22nd October 2014. Matrix Recording

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◆Contents = 2014/10/20 ZEPP Tokyo
◆ Sound source = Multi IEM source + Original AUD source = Matrix recording

From the 2014 tour of Dream Theater to Japan, the second day following Loud Park 2014, 10/20 ZEPP Tokyo performance, complete recording with audience recording source & multi IEM (in-ear monitor) matrix recording with superb sound quality Appeared on a limited press board! A three-hour performance that doubles the Laupa performance of the previous day, the IEM used by the best audience master and Petrus, Manzini, and Rudes recorded from near the PA table in the venue, and the wireless microphone source used by Labrier Mix and carefully master. The mix balance is adjusted for each song to achieve the quality of an official board. The feeling of separation and localization of each instrument is perfect, and even the smallest details of the play of the five people are captured with the finest sound with extremely high resolution. In particular, the closeness and realism of the performance of the guitar of Petrus is worthy of special mention, and this is a miracle sound quality unique to the XAVEL disc that cannot be imitated by any other sound source. If you can watch the “Multi-IEM+AUD” matrix sound source of XAVEL label that shows the momentum of broken bamboo, please check it out! It’s too great! ! In “AN EVENING WITH “DT”: OSAKA (XAVEL-HM-035)” that recorded the Osaka performance, Labrier who had the feeling that only one person was singing in the bathroom finally returned from the bathroom. Both power and balance were the best of all three performances. From the intro at the beginning to the end of the live (including breaks), in addition to the main part that is recorded as a perfectly balanced matrix sound source, it was played as a bonus track at Loud Park 2014 performance (this day the set was dropped) Remixed “Pull Me Under”. Here, the mix balance is changed with “IN THE PARK WITH “DT” (XAVEL-HM-034)”, so that Lavalier’s vocal comes out to the front.

◆収録内容=2014年10/20 ZEPP東京

Dream Theaterの2014年来日ツアーより、Loud Park 2014に続く二日目、10/20ZEPP東京公演を、極上音質のオーディエンス録音ソース&マルチIEM(イン・イヤー・モニター)マトリクス録音にて完全収録したアイテムが限定プレス盤で登場!前日のラウパ公演の倍にも及ぶ3時間の熱演を、場内PA卓付近から録音された極上オーディエンス・マスターとペトルーシ、マンジーニ、ルーデスの使用するIEM、さらにはラブリエが使用しているワイヤレスマイク・ソースをミックスし丁寧にマスタリング。一曲ごとにミックス・バランスも調整し、オフィシャル盤さながらのクオリティを実現。各楽器の分離感、定位感ともに満点で、5人のプレイの細部に至るまでを非常に解像度の高い極上サウンドで捉えています。とりわけペトルーシのギターの演奏の近さ、そのリアルさは特筆に値するもので、これは他のいかなる音源でも決して真似することの出来ない、XAVEL盤ならではのミラクルな音質と断言します。破竹の勢いを見せるXAVELレーベルの”マルチIEM+AUD”マトリクス音源、視聴可能なお店であれば是非聴いてみてください!凄すぎます!!大阪公演を収録した「AN EVENING WITH “DT” : OSAKA(XAVEL-HM-035)」では一人だけ風呂場で歌っているかのような風情であったラブリエもついに風呂場から帰還。迫力・バランスともに3公演中最高と断言できる最高の出来に仕上がりました。冒頭のイントロからライブ終了まで(間の休憩時間も含めて)完璧なバランスのマトリクス音源として収録されている本編に加え、ボーナストラックとして、Loud Park 2014公演で演奏されていた(この日はセット落ちしています)「Pull Me Under」をリミックス収録。こちらは「IN THE PARK WITH “DT”(XAVEL-HM-034)」とはミックス・バランスを変え、ラブリエのヴォーカルがより前面に出る仕上がりになっています。

(Disc 1)
*1st Set:
01. Intro SE
02. False Awakening Suite
03. The Enemy Inside
04. The Shattered Fortress
05. On the Backs of Angels
06. The Looking Glass
07. Trial of Tears
08. Enigma Machine

(Disc 2)
01. Along for the Ride
02. Breaking All Illusions
03. Intermission
04. Film

*2nd Set:
05. The Mirror
06. Lie
07. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
08. Scarred
09. Space-Dye Vest

(Disc 3)
01. Illumination Theory

02. Overture 1928
03. Strange Dejavu
04. The Dance of Eternity
05. Finally Free
06. Show Closing

*Bonus Track;
07. Pull Me Under(Remix)
◆Grand Cube, Osaka, Japan 22nd October 2014 [Multiple IEM Sources + EX-Audience Source = Matrix Recording]

James LaBrie (lead vocals)
John Petrucci (guitar, backing vocals)
Jordan Rudess (keyboards)
John Myung (bass)
Mike Mangini (drums)

Xavel Silver Masterpiece Series. Xavel-SMS-038

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