Dokken / Complete Beat Club 1982 / 1DVDR

Dokken / Complete Beat Club 1982 / 1DVDR / Shades

Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 14th January 1982.

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Translated text:

New excavation of BEAT – CLUB complete version which has become a hot topic. That extreme initial DOKKEN hen has appeared!

This work was recorded as “Bremen January 14, 1982 (it has been considered” January 4th “so far)”. The debut work “BREAKING THE CHAINS” was first released in Europe. It has been released in Japan and the United States in 1983, but in the UK, Germany and Greece it was released in 1981. It is a multi camera / pro shot when it appeared as that promotion.

【Complete version with more than 15 minutes of plenty of premiere scenes! 】
This program is famous as a valuable picture of the era when the base was still Foang Curculier. It is a big staple that has repeatedly upgraded many times. This work is the new excavation master that becomes the highest peak. It is the unedited · longest version before the broadcast that the “BEAT – CLUB” itself was discovered. Suddenly unpublished scene from the opening. The already-released group which was air check of the broadcast started from the middle of “Paris Is Burning”, but this work was recorded from chitin and the intro. On the contrary, the venue before the performance is held for four and a half minutes. In addition, there was no song title or member / telop that had been covered in the broadcast, and it was not recorded for about 2 minutes after the show. It is truly undeveloped freshness fully open.
More than that, of course, the performance scene. This time, the first debut “I Can not See You” “In The Middle” is also included! “BREAKING THE CHAINS” repertoire is drastically reduced after the debut of the world, but especially these two songs are rare rare numbers that I could not find any record so far. I can witness it with a super best pro shot … …. Moreover, with the addition of these two songs, all the songs of the original board “BREAKING THE CHAINS” will be shown. There is even more rare “Red Book”, Forean’s base solo, George Lynch’s guitar solo is perfect. It is one piece of “BREAKING THE CHAINS + α watching with eyes”.

[Quality is also the ultimate upgrade] It is a new excavation full of highlights at all, but it is not only long, it’s amazing. Anyway, new discovery of BEAT-CLUB itself. There is no such thing as a dubbing trace so much, there is no deterioration of regeneration to the master who would have been asleep in the warehouse for many years. About ten years ago the high quality version of air check was talked about “Official grade!”, But even that does not matter at all. Overwhelming visual beauty in eyes that I am accustomed to today’s digital standards. It is not a standard at the time, it is a complete official quality of modern standards.
Youthful DOKKEN painted with its visual beauty is fresh. Performance of violent Foang is also the best, but also fresh don · dokken that guitar is played with further guitar. Moreover, the sound of Don’s guitar is decked, it is mixed with the balance of George or more (Camera work is plenty also to George). Although it is a bit strange from the sense of the present, there is no reason that the broadcasting station does not know dynamics in the band just after debut, originally the German version “BREAKING THE CHAINS” is the personal name of “DON DOKKEN”. Thanks to that, Don ‘s skill can also be enjoyed on the official super – superb sound board. And its performance is also interesting. Although white and red striped shirt is an amateur smell, the performance while holding a guitar is quite accustomed. Later in the year, I became freehand by the opposite of George, but Don may become a better summer if I had a guitar.

Very rare initial set including two songs of the first public release, figure of a don with a fauen and a guitar … … And the momentum that flares up just after debut. It is an ultra-super multi-camera professional shot in which all of it is drawn with the highest peak quality ever. Currently, “BEAT – CLUB complete version” speaking IRON MAIDEN editing has caused a whirlwind, but this work is equal to or more than precision and quality. Impact of that new excavation, again!


本作が収録されたのは「1982年1月14日ブレーメン(これまでは“1月4日”とされてきました)」。デビュー作『BREAKING THE CHAINS』が最初にリリースされたのはヨーロッパ。日本やアメリカでは1983年になってからですが、英国・ドイツ・ギリシャでは1981年のうちに発売されました。そのプロモーションとして出演した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。

この番組は、まだベースがフォアン・クルーシェだった時代の貴重映像として有名。幾度となくアップグレードを繰り返してきた大定番です。本作は、その最高峰となる新発掘マスター。当の“BEAT-CLUB”自身が発掘した放送前の未編集・最長版なのです。オープニングからしていきなりの未公開シーン。放送のエアチェックだった既発群は「Paris Is Burning」の途中から始まっていましたが、本作はキチンとイントロから収録。それどころか、開演前の会場も4分半にわたって収めています。さらに放送では被せられていた曲名やメンバー・テロップがなく、終演後も2分ほど長く録りっぱなし。まさに未編集の生々しさ全開なのです。
それ以上に凄いのはもちろん演奏シーン。今回、初登場となる「I Can’t See You」「In The Middle」も収録しているのです! 『BREAKING THE CHAINS』レパートリーは世界デビュー後に激減してしまうわけですが、特にこの2曲はこれまで記録らしい記録も見当たらなかった激レア・ナンバー。それを超極上プロショットで目撃できてしまうとは……。しかも、この2曲が加わったことでオリジナル盤『BREAKING THE CHAINS』の全曲が披露されたことになる。そこにさらにレアな「Red Book」、フォアンのベース・ソロ、ジョージ・リンチのギター・ソロもばっちり。「目で観るBREAKING THE CHAINS+α」な1枚なのです。

その映像美で描かれる若々しいDOKKENはえらくフレッシュ。暴れまくるフォアンのパフォーマンスも最高ですが、さらにギターを手にして弾きまくるドン・ドッケンも新鮮。しかも音がドンのギターは音もデカく、ジョージ以上のバランスでミックスされている(カメラワークはジョージにもたっぷり割かれます)。今の感覚からするとちょっと異様でもあるわけですが、デビュー直後だけに放送局がバンド内の力学など知る由もなく、そもそも当時のドイツ盤『BREAKING THE CHAINS』は「DON DOKKEN」の個人名義。そのおかげでドンの腕前もオフィシャル級の超極上サウンドボードで楽しめるわけです。そして、そのパフォーマンスも面白い。白と赤のストライプ・シャツこそ素人臭いものの、ギターを持ちながらのパフォーマンスは実に手慣れている。後年、ジョージの反対でフリーハンドになりましたが、ドンはギターを持っていた方がサマになるかもしれません。

初公開の2曲を含む激レアな初期セット、フォアンやギターを抱えるドンの姿……そして、デビュー直後の燃え上がるような勢い。そのすべてが史上最高峰クオリティで描かれる超極上マルチカメラ・プロショットです。現在、“BEAT-CLUB完全版”と言えばIRON MAIDEN編が旋風を巻き起こしておりますが、本作は貴重度もクオリティも同等以上。あの新発掘の衝撃、再び!!

1. Introduction 2. Paris Is Burning 3. Young Girls 4. I Can’t See You ★初登場
5. In The Middle ★初登場 6. Nightrider 7. Breaking The Chains 8. Seven Thunders
9. Red Book 10. Felony 11. Bass Solo 12. Stick To Your Guns 13. Guitar Solo
14. We’re Illegal

Don Dokken – Lead Vocals, Guitar George Lynch – Lead Guitar Backing Vocals
Juan Croucier – Bass, Backing Vocals Mick Brown – Drums, Backing Vocals


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