Dire Straits / Singing Oldies And Goldies / 2CD Trifold

Dire Straits / Singing Oldies And Goldies / 2CD Trifold / The Godfather Record
Blossom Music Center, Cleveland OH, USA August 5th 1985. Soundboard.

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1. Ride Across The River
2. Expresso Love
3. One World
4. Romeo And Juliet
5. Private Investigations
6. Sultans Of Swing
7. Why Worry
8. Walk Of Life
9. Two Young Lovers
10. Money For Nothing
11. Wild West End

1. Tunnel Of Love / Band Introduction
2. Brothers In Arms
3. Solid Rock

30th January 1978:
4. BONUSTRACK: Southbound Again
5. BONUSTRACK: Eastbound Train
6. BONUSTRACK: Down To The Waterline
7. BONUSTRACK: In The Gallery
8. BONUSTRACK: Water Of Love
9. BONUSTRACK: Setting Me Up
10. BONUSTRACK: Me And My Friends
11. BONUSTRACK: Real Girl
12. BONUSTRACK: Sultans Of Swing

The Godfather Record. GR-1002/1003

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