Derek And The Dominos / Malvern 1970 / 1CD

Derek And The Dominos / Malvern 1970 / 1CD / Beano

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Live at Winter Gardens, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK 14th August 1970

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This week will be “Eric Clapton Week” for a long time. In the Clapton sound source, three Vintage New Masters were brought from heavyweight tapers resident in the UK who are familiar. It is the new excavation master of Derek & The Dominos, the band that Clapton himself recognized as the best band on the career cutting the leadership! On August 14, 1970, this is the main recording of a gig at a small hall of the local city of Malvern in a monaural and audience recording, but in the comment by the heavyweight master attached to the tape, “This sound source Although there is a pre-launch board, the master I sent this time is actually a cassette copy that I received directly from the person who performed the recording by the open reel deck at the time at the time, Unfortunately the original open reel was only 60 minutes However, I was surprised to hear it.The set list (song order) of the already released sound source which is on the net is different and Tell The Truth which is not included in them includes only 60 seconds Eric was playing slide guitar in this song.The clapton’s MC saying that this song is the last number of the day is also collected Have been. This was not marked as I think to be a historical release. “. In other words, it means that the set list of the original board (order of performance) was incorrect, which was replaced for some reason. Moreover, Tell The Truth which is the first recording of this board was being performed. That is exactly the excavation master to rewrite the historical facts. Let’s record the set list of the originating places here.

1. Country Life
2. Anyday
3. Bottle Of Red Wine
4. Do not Know Why
5. Roll It Over
6. Blues Power
7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Bad Boy

It was recording eight songs. It is completely different from the main board. It was strange that starting a gig from a number featuring Bobby · Whitlock on the keyboard rather than Clapton, if you think about it. Clapton formed a new band, the opening of the exhibition tour was not the side member’s number. It is good to conclude that the originating platform was made by another master who added hands as it was circulated as it flowed out. With the release of this board, the truth of Derek & The Dominos will be rewritten one more.
And, above all, the main value of this board is that it is a cassette master that was copied directly from the recorder’s open reel tape, as Heavenly Taper said. In other words, it is a genuine first generation master. As a result, the quality of sounds such as the sound quality of the originating platform was not guaranteed as it was guaranteed. If you decide the sound quality of the originating machine as a C grade audience recording, the main board is upgraded to B + class audience recording or A – class audience recording level. Of course, the master of the heavyweight itself, literally the disadvantages on the sound were found only in the vintage class. The pitch was staggering about 40% to 50% higher than a semitone by aging, and there was a roaring of excessive treble hiss and bass bass. Furthermore, the whole sound image was something that was Mosari. And at 5:22 on Roll It Over there was a drop in sound, Bad Boy had frequent noise on the right channel, sound blur, sound blur on Anyday. However, it was the result of mastering by our engineers that we solved them all. An artificial and unnatural sound of a drum snare and cymbal that you notice as soon as you listen to the pre-launch board. Based on that point, our shop engineer focused on keeping the natural feeling of the original sound very carefully, and made mastering while avoiding the texture of the drum, especially the reverberation sound of the cymbal and the sound of the snare becoming artificial. Originally the master was also a difference of the clouds from that of the original launch but, in addition to that, if there was mastering of our shop, it was possible to upgrade the sound quality enough to think that this is the sound source of that day?

Well, let’s look back on Clapton’s history of 1970’s activities here to understand the importance and preciousness of the gig of this day.

· January 1970: Recording solo album “ERIC CLAPTON” with Delaney & Bonnie & Friends at LA
· February 2 – 22, 1970: North America tour as a member of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
After that, leave the band and return to the UK
· May 5, 1970: Jumped into the concert of traffic led by Steve Winwood, an old friend of mine in Oxford, England.
· June 14, 1970: Derek & The Dominos’ debut · concert will be held at Hall, Leishem in the center of London.
· June 18, 1970: Recording the first single Tell The Truth c / w Roll It Over in London
«August 1, 1970: First solo album” ERIC CLAPTON “released, single Tell The Truth also released in this month»
· August 1 – 22, 1970: Short-term British tour ← ★ Coco ★
· August 23, 1970 – mid September: Recording the album “LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS” in Miami
· September 20 – October 11, 1970: European tour
· October 15 – December 6, 1970: long-term national tour
· December 18, 1970: Attended the Keith Richards birthday party held by Rolling Stones while recording at the Olympic · Sound Studio. Recording studio live version of “Brown Sugar” with Stones

We can not read details of the trend of Clapton simply from this topic but at the beginning of this year we will complete the solo album for the first time with the cooperation of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends who participated, After finishing the tour with, I will leave the band and return to the UK. From here, it can be seen that Clapton fulfilled its mission as a side man and aimed for the pursuit of your own music. In June, I gathered members of former friends and made concerts and debuts as a new band, Derek & The Dominos, so I can see that I formed a band between March and May. After that, on release of the solo album, we will go on a short British domestic small hole tour to confirm the unity and performance of the band. Clapton flew to Miami with the band, and it went into recording of the name plate “LAYLA ~” of the century. When it becomes, this board is that it is a live sound source of the period when Clapton burned the most passion and bolstered the challenging spirit, before the recording of that “LAYLA ~” and immediately after the release of the first solo album I think that you will understand.
A new band just formed. The English are myself only. How far can you realize your blues with the members you found in the United States? The date of recording is approaching. I want to save my skills at the live stage and get in Miami. How does the audience think of your new appearance? What is your rating for this band? Receiving new songs? Various thoughts will have passed away in the heart of Clapton.
And Clapton found confidence in the New Band, and flew to Miami at will.
It is the main board that packed that moment in its original form.
Here we are playing 4 songs from the first solo album just released and 2 songs from the new single. It should be noticed that Clapton was already showing slide play here. I can listen only for a minute, but the sliding guitar which I spot at Tell The Truth for the first recording! Here I was playing with the fast version as a single. In general it is said that it was opened to the slide by direct duet from Duane Inelman who came across “LAYLA ~” recording in Miami, but Genius guitarist, Clapton had already mastered the slide. I am also playing Have You Ever Loved A Woman and Anyday. These two songs were to be recorded in Miami later. In other words, what Anyday has already done, Have You Ever Loved A Woman knows that he was already playing on live assuming recording with a strong will of Clapton. It is not an overstatement to say that the hot feelings hidden in my heart are full of play of this day.
Dominos’ valuable sound source realized a remarkable upgrade. A true set list that was discovered for the first time in this master. As Heavenly Taper says, this book may be one of the historical releases of Clapton’s career. It will be a limited release only for the first press so do not miss this opportunity.

★ It is the first clapton title of this year. First public release in Japan.

今週は久々の「エリック・クラプトン・ウィーク」となります。クラプトン音源ではお馴染みのイギリス在住の重鎮テーパーからヴィンテージ・ニューマスターが3つももたらされたからです。その先陣を切るのはクラプトン自らがキャリア上最高のバンドと認めたバンド、デレク&ザ・ドミノスの新発掘マスターです!1970年8月14日、イギリスの地方都市マルヴァーンの小ホールでのギグをモノラル・オーディエンス録音で収録したのが本盤ですが、テープに添えられていた重鎮マスターのコメントでは、「この音源には既発盤が存在するが、今回送ったマスターは、実際に当時、当会場でオープンリールデッキによって録音を敢行した人物から直接受け取ったカセットコピーだ。残念ながら元のオープンリールは60分しかなかったのだが、聴いてみて驚いた。ネット上に上がっている既発音源のどれともセットリスト(ソング・オーダー)が異なっている上に、それらには含まれていないTell The Truthが60秒だけ収録されていたのだから!この曲ではエリックがスライドギターをプレイしている。この曲が本日のラストナンバーだと言っているクラプトンのMCも収録されている。これは歴史的リリースになると思うよ。」と記されていました。つまり、既発盤のセットリスト(演奏曲順)は何らかの理由で入れ替えられた、間違ったものであったということです。しかも本盤が初収録となるTell The Truthが演奏されていました。まさに歴史的事実を塗り替える発掘マスターだというわけです。ここに既発盤のセットリストを記しておきましょう。

1. Country Life
2. Anyday
3. Bottle Of Red Wine
4. Don’t Know Why
5. Roll It Over
6. Blues Power
7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
8. Bad Boy

そして、何よりも本盤に価値があるのは、重鎮テーパーがコメントした通り、録音者のオープンリールテープからダイレクトにコピーされたカセットマスターであるという点です。つまり正真正銘ファースト・ジェネレーションマスターということです。それだけに既発盤の音質など足元にも及ばないサウンドクオリティが保証されていました。既発盤の音質をC級オーディエンス録音とするならば本盤はB+級オーディエンス録音かA-級オーディエンス録音レベルまで音質がアップしています。もちろん重鎮のマスターそのものは、文字どおりヴィンテージ級のものだけにサウンド上の欠点が散見するものでした。ピッチは経年により半音の40%~50%程度高い所をふらふらしていましたし、過剰な高音ヒスと低音のベースの唸りもありました。さらに全体の音像はモッサリしたものでした。そしてRoll It Overの5:22時点には音の落ち込み、Bad Boyには右チャンネルにノイズが頻発、音ブレ、Anydayにも音ブレがありました。しかし、これらをことごとく解消したのが当店エンジニアによるマスタリングの成果なのです。既発盤を聴かれるとすぐに気づく、ドラムのスネア、シンバルの人工的で不自然なサウンド。その点を踏まえ、当店エンジニアは原音のナチュラル感の維持をとことん重視し、ドラムの質感、特にシンバルの残響音とスネアの音が人工的になってしまうことを避けてマスタリングを行ないました。元々のマスターも既発盤のそれとは雲泥の差でしたが、それに加えて当店のマスタリングがあったればこそ、「これがあの日の音源?」と思えるほどの音質のグレードアップが図れたのです。


・1970年1月:デラニー&ボニー&フレンズと共にソロアルバム「ERIC CLAPTON」のレコーディングをLAにて行なう
・1970年6月18日:ロンドンにてファースト・シングルTell The Truth c/w Roll It Overをレコーディング
≪1970年8月1日:初のソロアルバム「ERIC CLAPTON」リリース、シングルTell The Truthもこの月リリース≫
・1970年8月1日~22日:短期イギリス・ツアー ←★ココ★
・1970年8月23日~9月中旬:アルバム「LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS」をマイアミにてレコーディング
・1970年12月18日:オリンピック・サウンド・スタジオでレコーディング中のローリング・ストーンズが開催したキース・リチャーズのバースデイ・パーティに出席。ストーンズと共に「Brown Sugar」のスタジオライブ・バージョンをレコーディングする

ここではリリースしたばかりのファースト・ソロアルバムからのナンバーを4曲、そしてニューシングルの2曲をプレイしています。注目すべきは、ここで既にクラプトンがスライドプレイを披露していたことでしょう。1分少ししか聴けませんが、初収録のTell The Truthでのほとばしるスライドギター!ここではシングルどおりのファスト・バージョンでプレイされていました。一般にはマイアミでの「LAYLA~」のレコーディングで巡り会ったデュエイン・オールマンから直伝されてスライドに開眼したと言われていますが、天才ギタリスト、クラプトンは既にスライドもマスターしていたのです。さらにHave You Ever Loved A WomanとAnydayをプレイしています。この2曲はこの後マイアミでレコーディングすることになるナンバーでした。つまりAnydayは既に出来上がっていたこと、Have You Ever Loved A Womanはクラプトンの強固な意志でレコーディングを想定してライブで既にプレイしていたということが判ります。胸に秘めた熱き想いがこの日のプレイに溢れていると言っても過言ではありません。


1. Introduction 2. Roll It Over 3. Blues Power 4. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
5. Bad Boy 6. Country Life 7. Anyday 8. Bottle Of Red Wine 9. Don’t Know Why
10. Tell The Truth ★

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Bobby Whitlock – Keyboards, Vocals
Carl Radle – Bass Jim Gordon – Drums


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