Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / London Rehearsals 1999 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / London Rehearsals 1999 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR /  Wardour
Translated Text:

Nomis Studios, London, UK 25th June 1999 plus Bonus DVDR “London Rehearsals 1999 The Video. STEREO SBD

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Paige Crows was an ideal encounter with Jimmy Page and a band that respects the 1960s and 70s. The activity is fulfilling enough to think that most stages were released somehow, as the number of gigs was limited. Originally it was supposed to be around the US after August 2000 and should have come to Japan in the fall. However, after the tour of August was canceled (at the time that Paige was holding illness on his back), the subsequent activities were also frozen in the endless manner and the performance in Japan also ended in phantom .
What is released this time is a valuable record of the scene where the unit that ended in such a short life firstly met. However, in 1995 Paige jumped into the stage of Crows in Paris, it is not the first time in a strict sense. However, the sound source of this time captured the meeting and rehearsal as a unit to act together. That pattern is already a glimpse of video shot by staff shoot on YouTube, but this time it will become clearer the sound source documented with a longer and much clearer stereo sound board recording.

The meeting was realized on June 25. The previous YouTube was credited as October 4, but of course it could not be such a meeting just before the tour began, actually it was done in June. It was entering England before the live event at Wembley Stadium that appeared with Aerosmith etc the next day (the day before live at Cologne) Black Crows at Panmi in UK and Nomis Studios in London It was the first time that we rehearse together for the first time.
This time, the first piece of disc released in two sets will duplicate the example YouTube movie and contents, but the sound quality is quite different. That is the sound captured by the microphone attached to the video camera of the staff, and when the sound of the band comes out saturated state at once and the clearness has decreased. Especially Chris Robinson’s vocals and Steve Gorman’s drums were hard to hear. By the way, I think that you can understand from both the video and the sound source, but Ed Hirsch of the keyboard did not participate in the rehear of this day, it seems that it was taking off.
That point sound board recording, so completely different dimension clearness is masterpiece. However, there is also a minus point here, and regarding the first piece, the sound of the page guitar is hard to hear. In a song where he is practicing in the band like “Houses Of The Holy” (and not taken up in tour production), I can hear the guitar, but in other songs Black Crows guitarist The volume is overwhelmingly large. For example, in scenes where Chris swung in “Woke Up This Morning” and Paige plays solo, surprisingly the audio of the video is easier to hear. Therefore, at the time of this release, DVD-R attached to the first delivery can be said to be an indispensable item.

However, the performance of Black Crows’ various people, including that “Woke Up ~”, is unusually incongruous, and you should not feel insatiable by listening. As expected it is only about the band who sews between the gigs and participated in the rehearsal. As you can see from the movie, as soon as the two pairs have crowded with 4 plenty, feeling each other is confirmed and the situation that “I am sure this is confirmed” is transmitted far more realistically than the movie. When it comes to “Shake Your Money Maker” which was playing together in Paris in 1995, plenty of room to spare. Moreover, although this is a scene that seems to be a rehearsal, I can also enjoy the scenes of lightly jamming at the “B’s Smokestack Lightning” by R & B cover ‘It’s Your Thing’. Besides, among these, Chris also sings the touch of the Beatles ‘Yer Blues’ and even the feeling that they are doing their favorite songs is transmitted.
When it comes to the second piece, we will work on “Whole Lotta Love” by ZEP Anthem, but fortunately the page’s volume is turned on at once from this song. It is pushed forward to the tone color of his 18 noothamine. Furthermore, a glowing rehearsal of ‘Oh Well’ which was also taken up in the gig performance number, this one that has a hearing response beyond mere training level. At this point already the performance is already played by two guitarists Black Crows, and the page has completed the formation that Paige plays the lead between. However, if Paige steps on the wah pedal and the performance will break at the moment such as “Now playing” is a burst of laughter. Furthermore, the scene where the jam of “Oh Well” shifts to “Train Kept A Rollin ‘” can be called the real thrill of rehearsal.
Finally Paige is a bottleneck and ZEP classic 2 songs are band and practiced. This scene is exactly the case “expert teacher and student” is right. Especially “You Shook Me” that was supposed to be a long time performance The page which I played with Sararito was truly, and it seems that the body remembered as a matter of course. Please feel the tension and excitement of the incandescent rehearsal of unit encounter with short lived in perfect stereo sound board recording!

★ Use the world first stereo sound board · master you got directly from stakeholders.



その点サウンドボード録音ですので、まったく別次元のクリアネスが圧巻。ただし、こちらにもマイナス・ポイントがあって、一枚目に関してはペイジのギターの音が聞き取り辛い。まだ「Houses Of The Holy」(しかもツアー本番では取り上げられなかった)のように彼がバンドに稽古をつけている曲ではギターが聞こえるのですが、他の曲になるとブラック・クロウズ二人のギタリストの音量が圧倒的に大きい。例えば「Woke Up This Morning」でクリスに振られてペイジがソロを弾きまくる場面などは、意外にも動画の音声の方が聞きやすいのです。よって今回のリリースに際し、初回納品分に付属するDVD-Rは必要不可欠なアイテムだと言えるでしょう。

だがしかし、その「Woke Up~」を始めとしてブラック・クロウズの面々の演奏が異様に白熱しており、聞いていて食い足りなさを感じることはないはず。さすがはギグの合間を縫ってリハに参加したバンドだけのことはある。動画を見れば解るように、さっそく二組ががっぷり四つに渡り合っており、お互いに手応えを感じて「これはイイぞ」と確かめ合っている様子が動画よりはるかにリアルに伝わってきます。95年のパリで一緒に演奏していた「Shake Your Money Maker」になると余裕たっぷり。さらに、ここがリハらしい場面なのですが、ブルース・スタンダードの「Smokestack Lightning」にR&Bカバーの「It’s Your Thing」で軽くジャムを繰り広げる場面も楽しめてしまう。おまけに、これらの間ではクリスがビートルズの「Yer Blues」のさわりを歌うなど、自分たちが好きな曲をやっている感までも伝わってくる。
二枚目になるとZEPアンセムの「Whole Lotta Love」に取り組みますが、幸いにもこの曲からペイジの音量が一気にオン。彼の18番であるテルミンの音色まで前面に押し出される。さらにギグ本番でも取り上げられた「Oh Well」の白熱したリハーサル、これも単なる稽古のレベルを超えた聞き応えのあるもの。この時点で既に演奏はブラック・クロウズ二人のギタリストが担い、ペイジは間でリードを弾くというフォーメーションが完成しています。ただし、ペイジがワウ・ペダルを踏んで「さあ弾くぞ」といった瞬間に演奏がブレイクしてしまうのは爆笑かと。さらには「Oh Well」のジャムが「Train Kept A Rollin’」へと移り変わる場面もリハーサルの醍醐味と呼べるでしょう。
そして最後はペイジがボトルネックでZEPクラシック二曲をバンドと稽古。この場面は正に「先生と生徒」という例えがピッタリ当てはまる。特に久々の演奏であったはずの「You Shook Me」サラリと弾いてみせたペイジはさすがで、やはり体が覚えていたということなのでしょう。完璧なステレオ・サウンドボード録音にて、短命に終わったユニット邂逅の白熱したリハーサルの緊張と興奮を感じてください!



Disc 1 (45:33)
1. In My Time Of Dying 2. Houses Of The Holy 3. Woke Up This Morning 4. Woke Up This Morning
5. Sloppy Drunk 6. Sloppy Drunk 7. Sloppy Drunk 8. Sloppy Drunk 9. Shake Your Money Maker
10. Shake Your Money Maker 11. Smokestack Lightning 12. It’s Your Thing
13. Whole Lotta Love 14. Whole Lotta Love

Disc 2 (41:42)
1. Whole Lotta Love 2. Oh Well 3. Train Kept A Rollin’ 4. Oh Well
5. In My Time Of Dying 6. You Shook Me


Jimmy Page – Guitar Chris Robinson – Vocals Rich Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Steve Gorman – Drums Audley Freed – Guitar


Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / London Rehearsals 1999 The Video /1Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated text:
Nomis Studios, London, UK 25th June 1999

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The main press 2CD is a masterpiece that can be closely attached to valuable rehearsals with a direct brain sound board. However, as mentioned in the commentary of this volume, video is also left in this rehearsal, and you can enjoy a different feeling from the sound board as well. Such a masterpiece image is a bonus attachment decision.
What is contained in this work is the same studio rehearsal as the main press press 2CD. However, what was left with the video is not the whole story, but it is about 42 minutes only with the part corresponding to disc 1. However, the contents are not exactly the same, there are partially long portions and conversely a short portion, which is also very valuable as a record. However, the quality seems to be the home video that the staff shot on hand, and it is also somewhat sweet image quality.
However, its contents are precious and dense. Paige and THE BLACK CROWES are pushed into a narrow studio whether they can move a few steps respectively, and the space where the staff goes around is also a space. The backstage feeling is unbearable. If you are a beginner from the dazzling THE BLACK CROWES who is full of energy to listen to the famous songs, Paige ‘s performance, like lecturing songs, is really feverish. I felt the feeling “This combination is going to be IKE!” Only with the voice of the main press 2CD, but if it accompanies the scene, it increases the persuasive power further. Whether it is impressed by preciousness, trying to use it for promotion, the mood to be snapped flash of the snapshot is super real.
Furthermore, it is actually speech that raises the feeling of attending such a back stage. Although I mentioned in the explanation of this main part again, the sound of this work is not a sound board but a microphone recording of a shooting camera. The soundboard sound of the press CD was brought into close contact with the guitar string and the microphone head, but since this work is a spatial recording, “the sense of presence” is a full mark. Moreover, it is also a point that you can hear Paige’s guitar larger than the sound board. You can hear clearly the phrase that takes heat with guigui with the action that goes on.

The mood that the sense of tension loosens with the gesture of Paige who plays a little between eye contacts, the scene whispersing at the ear, the expression of Chris Robinson who is immersed, the response of the performance. Temperature and smell flowing in such a place can be tasted because it is video.
This work “to witness” in the workspace space for this press 2CD focusing on precious rehearsal’s “performance”. Not only can you see the other side of the finest sound board, it is a masterpiece picture that you can feel more deeply and colorfully, with expression and breathing added to that one sound. Please, please enjoy it altogether.


しかし、その中身は貴重で濃密。それぞれ数歩動けるかどうかの狭いスタジオにペイジとTHE BLACK CROWESが押し込まれ、スタッフもうろうろする空間。その裏舞台感がたまらない。聴いて育った名曲に全力で臨むひたむきなTHE BLACK CROWESの面々も初々しければ、曲をレクチャーするようなペイジの演奏も実に熱っぽい。「この組み合わせはイケるぞ!」という感触は本編プレス2CDの音声だけでも感じ取れましたが、それが光景を伴うと更に説得力を増す。貴重さに感動しているのか、プロモーションに使おうとしているのか、スナップ撮影のフラッシュも炊かれるムードも超リアルです。


1. In My Time Of Dying 2. In My Time Of Dying 3. Houses Of The Holy 4. Woke Up This Morning
5. Woke Up This Morning 6. Sloppy Drunk 7. Shake Your Money Maker 8. Smokestack Lightning

COLOUR NTSC Approx.42min.

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