Deep Purple / Live From The Riot 1973 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Deep Purple / Live From The Riot 1973 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala

Translated Text:
Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan June 25, 1973. Digitally Remastered


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Full debut sound source!
There has been a cut in its outstanding panel, including “THE MULE”, uncut complete recording!

In Ritchie Blackmore its long career, visited Japan many times, including the local performances not only big cities, is performing a number of Japanese performances in the past. The such Ritchie visited Japan for the first time is a visit to Japan as a member of the 1972 Deep Purple. At this time, the two shows in Osaka, one performance only at Budokan, stay in only three performances. But Richie popular in Japan increased day by day, so that increases to really 6 performances and multiple of the number of performances in the next 1973. Then in ’76, but is going to increase the number of performances every overlaying a visit to Japan and ’78, Japan tour for the second time in 1973 that this work has been recorded, the met with the second quarter purple last stage, It has become a thing with fondness also for the fans.

This time human relationships within the band, especially the relationship of Ritchie and Ian has deteriorated to irreparable, last in Ian and base of Roger the Japan tour had been decided to withdraw. Most Japanese fans but did not to it imagine that has become such a situation, and therefore whether the concert itself can of is not very well, set list also with the previous year and almost the same, not very evaluation is high. But hot air venues horrendously, it is no doubt that was the will alone transmitted come about “real” listen to the sound in this work.

1973 Japan tour is done one by one performance in Hiroshima and Nagoya, continuous performances at Nippon Budokan had been organized to then. On the first day, it occurs notorious incident yet to be handed down. By that did not meet the encore, is the riot occurred at Budokan. This state, as is the jacket photos, and even look at the state of the arena that chair has been Nagitaosa, also, much is also talk that the fire has been unleashed, it suggests is that was pretty intense. In response to the riots, band side issues a comment that “because like the audience does not enjoy a live encore did not 演-Ra”. But this is the official reason, also reportedly because was furious that had a customer who threw a firecracker on stage during a performance to be due to one theory. Angkor Contrary to the expectations of the audience in any case was not done. And the next day of the Budokan concert is canceled because of the riots. Japan artist align the mouth “Japanese fans are meek” was a distant dark events away from the era that has been said.

While it is a concert of such June 25, 1973, concert itself as long as you listen to the sound seems to those very incandescent. The audience is also enthusiastic, it is not a reaction that very band side is frustrated. There are between “Highway Star” long, such as tuning before the start of the opening, is played is “Silent Night” out of season, spark along with the then fierce roar. The band has developed an intense play without relaxation of the moment.

This work, this presence was recorded person into play (which also said did not participate in the riot) own the master tape at that time have been produced is the original. Of course, it is a first appearance source. Record person says, it is frequently performed tape trade from that time, but was to be with might have come partially into the world maybe, that of the first time being on CD from the master. Noisy crowd clear and around also he does not, although there are some holes sense of echo, is a very good recording even taking into account the era of 1973. Crisp, spread of certain sound image is that of the master-quality unique not just through the dubbing. Even more amazing is that it is a full-length in the song. Although not the state of riot caught unfortunately, because that was not performed encore as described above, in about an hour and a half of the concert, a point that is complete recording of the whole picture is noted. There was a cut in its outstanding panel “The Mule” In Reproductions work it has been full inclusion, has become just the day Perfect documents.

The uncut complete recording of June 25, 1973 the Budokan performances at the first appearance sound source. Angkor happened riot because that was not done, it is just their day of sound. This day cast a dark shadow on the Japanese rock history, no doubt that it has become some sort of turning point. Riot in front of enthusiastic audience of incandescent and before the concert, Ruru like Hitler’s birthday the same way as the Berlin Philharmonic to the command of Furtwangler who played the ninth greeted the audience, overflowing tension Meien posterity in the will will do not say that historic concert remains as. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

既発盤でカットがあった「THE MULE」を含め、ノーカット完全収録!




そんな1973年6月25日のコンサートであるが、音を聴く限りコンサート自体は非常に白熱したものに思える。聴衆も熱狂的で、とてもバンド側が不満を感じる反応ではない。オープニングの「Highway Star」が始まる前にチューニングなど長い間があり、季節外れの「きよしこの夜」が奏でられ、その後激しい爆音と共にスパーク。バンドは一瞬の弛緩なく激しいプレイを展開している。

本作は、当時この場に臨場した録音者(暴動には参加しなかったとも述べている)自らのマスターテープが元となり制作されている。もちろん初登場ソースである。録音者曰く、当時からテープトレードを頻繁に行なっており、もしかしたら部分的に世に出ているかもしれないとのことだったが、マスターからCD化されるのは初めてとのこと。クリアかつ周囲にうるさい観客もおらず、エコーに若干ホール感があるものの、1973年という時代を考慮しても非常に良好な録音である。鮮明で広がりのある音像はまさにダビングを経ていないマスター・クオリティならではのもの。さらに素晴らしいのは、曲中ノーカットである点である。残念ながら暴動の様子は捉えられていないが、前述のようにアンコールが行なわれなかったため、およそ1時間半のコンサートにおいて、その全貌を完全収録している点が特筆される。既発盤でカットのあった「The Mule」も本作では完全収録しており、まさに当日の完璧なるドキュメントとなっている。


01. Introduction
02. Highway Star
03. Smoke On The Water
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Child In Time

01. Keyboards Solo
02. Lazy
03. Drum Solo
04. The Mule
05. Space Truckin’
Shakuntala. STCD-054/055

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