David Bowie / The Story Of Ziggy Stardust / 1DVDR

David Bowie / The Story Of Ziggy Stardust / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Narrated by Jarvis Cocker


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Fictional rock star who was born with the name record “Ziggy Stardust”. Its presence loudly by each to promote the tour, went more wacky evolution. Main press 2CD is, is also the weekend of such Ziggy, is a historic document that tells the moment, which celebrated its apex at the desk directly connected sound board. In the bonus, born “Ziggy” is how, will gift you a BBC documentary program to tell began to how huge.
The has been recorded in this work, the United Kingdom BBC production has been produced in recent years David Bowie specials “DAVID BOWIE & THE STORY OF ZIGGY STARDUST”. In recent years and which has been produced in his lifetime Bowie That said, is what from his boyhood go spelled initial carrier to “ALADDIN SANE”.
Honestly Although the only towards English is unfamiliar documentary I is difficult to accurately understand the contents, but still have great weight and mood of valuable video. RUNNAWAYS from Elton John, at the time of the parties, the band members such as Trevor Boulder and Woody Woodman Gee, daughter of Mick Ronson, until friends of on top of that Bowie of boyhood appeared. Encounter to there they are reality, photos of the time spent Bowie flows out from the next to the next. Of course, it also appeared everywhere performance footage from the very beginning to the “ALADDIN SANE”. This is downright uncanny. If an ordinary musician, only the place of going to consist of just a child in dirty rock bastard but, protagonist of this work is that Bowie. Photos and Senzai photos, interesting figure going Utsurikawa’ just off shot. Moreover, the newspapers and magazines that look directly into his real-time video, because even go entangled appearance of enthusiastic fans “Ziggy” is shaped, it is telling the whole to the air feeling of the era that had been breathing.
In particular, it is descended from the Kitai of character “Ziggy” birth highest. You also appeared Kabuki that becomes the roots, it is drawn figure in the studio live from the album jacket, how a number of the video that will evolve in the subsequent tour, photos, along with the comment. To hand the design and costumes of Kansai Yamamoto during the first visit to Japan in 1973 appeared to the scene to respond to the interview. Audience, and figure to evolve remains to endlessly required by the era. It is it not itself is beautiful and funny, as if just not Bowie itself it is out reflects to psychology that leads think “Let’s seal.” And, listen, even main press 2CD led to the scene of the “sealed Declaration”, all of the phenomenon is going to complete ……….

David Robert Haywood Jones boy is inspired by how to lock it, whom the became a different exist. And, he is a character, “Ziggy Stardust” is how born that produced, giant, what was buried. It is the whole containment masterpiece document also to a sense of air around him. This work press 2CD is, it itself is a great live album, is also the the one and of the document. However, that’s Hammersmith performances can be the legend, walking up there, what if there is an era wrap. 1973 of smell, one that will tell in a brilliant sight to more than air a hundred of words. By all means, along with the historic press 2CD, please inhale the era of wind to fill the chest.

本作に収録されているのは、英国BBC制作が近年になって制作したデヴィッド・ボウイ特番「DAVID BOWIE & THE STORY OF ZIGGY STARDUST」。近年とは言ってもボウイ生前に制作されたもので、彼の少年時代から『ALADDIN SANE』までの初期キャリアを綴っていくものです。
正直に言ってドキュメンタリーだけに英語が不得手な方には内容を正確に理解するのは難しいのですが、それでも貴重な映像の重みやムードが凄い。エルトン・ジョンからRUNNAWAYS、当時の関係者、トレバー・ボルダーやウッディ・ウッドマンジーといったバンドメンバー、ミック・ロンソンの娘、はてはボウイの少年期の友人までが登場。そこへ彼らが現実に出会い、過ごした当時のボウイの写真が次から次へと流れ出る。もちろん、極初期から『ALADDIN SANE』までのパフォーマンス映像も随所に登場します。これがなんとも凄いのです。普通のミュージシャンであれば、ただの子どもから汚いロック野郎になっていくだけのところですが、本作の主役はあのボウイ。写真や宣材写真、オフショットだけでも移り変わっていく姿が面白い。その上、リアルタイムの彼を直視した新聞や雑誌の映像、熱狂するファンの姿も絡められていくので「ジギー」が形作られ、呼吸していた時代の空気感まで丸ごと伝えてくれるのです。


1. Intro. 2. Early Years 3. The Man Who Sold the World 4. Hunky Dory
5. The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars 6. Aladdin Sane
7. Influence 8. Outro,


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