Black Sabbath / Beat Club 1970 & Never Say Die / 1DVDR

Black Sabbath / Beat Club 1970 & Never Say Die / 1DVDR / Non Label

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The Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 25th May 1970. NTSC

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There are a number of professional shots, as long as the live image is overlooked when it comes to official original 70’s original BLACK SABBATH. One gift that releases their official footage with superb quality is a gift release decision.
Indeed, there were only two live images of SABBATH in the 70’s that was made into an official work. It is only television appearance of “May 25, 1970 Bremen” and “Hammersmith performance on June 19, 1978”. Both are now out of print. This work is a set that reprinted from the highest peak version of overseas maniacs, the two kinds. Let’s introduce each picture in detail.

【25 May 1970 Bremen: BEAT CLUB】
First of all, it is a name picture representative of Brussels 70 (the image which was once known for Paris 70) and just after debut. It is 4 songs broadcasted on German special program “BEAT CLUB”. Actually, two songs were taken separately, “Black Sabbath” “Blue Suede Shoes” recorded “May 25th”, “Iron Man” “Paranoid” shooting date unknown. It was also said that “September 26”, but it turned out that this was a broadcast day.
Was this video a subtle right, commercialized several times. Half official works such as “THE BEST OF MUSIKLADEN LIVE” and CDV “BLACK MASS” have been loved. Unlike this work, the full regular release version which is regarded as the highest peak. It was woken up from the bonus DVD that was attached to the “BLACK BOX” of RHINO label. Although it is a honorable box of masterpiece along with the finest remaster, it is hard to obtain at the present 14 years since its release. This work is reprinting such beautiful image beauty.
And the live depicted with that quality is the best. It is a studio live of television appearance rather than a concert, and frames like frame kitsu decorate them and image processing are perfect feeling of era. Especially valuable is “Blue Suede Shoes”. Of course, although it is a cover of Elvis, it is an extremely rare song that is played only once, even afterwards. Actually, the television station side at the time was heavy and it is hard to understand the original song I do not understand. It was nearly played by the real production. It is amazing that it will be decided spectacularly, but this seems to be like them just after debut. As a matter of fact, the first album “BLACK SABBATH” was also produced almost at the studio live, and the stage plays cover songs “Warning” and “Evil Woman”. The debut work and this work are officially leaving one side of the fact which was actually a cover man.

【19 June 1978 Hammersmith performance: NEVER SAY DIE】
Another official image is a traditional masterpiece “NEVER SAY DIE” that recorded the 10th anniversary tour. Although I changed the media again, it has been recurrent several times, but the last DVD of 2005 is now out of print. Premier is beginning to be used even second hand. Although I think that there are also many people who viewed it because it is more famous than BEAT CLUB, it is a big standard indeed. The quality premised on release is the splendor of becoming the highest peak in many 70’s pro shots.
The show drawn with that quality is also excellent. “Symptom Of The Universe”, “Never Say Die” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor” which had not been played after reunion were also delicious, and the overall set is superb because it is the 10th anniversary. And more than that is the performance itself. Unlike BEAT CLUB, which was a studio show, the vividness and momentum of the stage that witnessed a lot of fans is dazzling. It is also an image that makes Ossey’s right position and stinky “Snowblind” say “Ozzy bullying” (now it is normal for them at that time) it is also a video.

In addition to this, clips such as the fine Brussels 70 and “It’s Alright” “A Hard Road” are partially used in the history video, but the official live image of the 70’s that was made into a work with Kitty is this 2 Only seeds. And these two are not even a duplicate with the super masterpiece compilation “OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS ULTIMATE EDITION” of the 70’s Proshot.
Whatever the reunion, what such an official picture draws is the glow of only 70’s that never came back. It is one piece that can witness the dazzling spectacle with the highest quality. Please, please enjoy this once on this occasion.

プロショットは数あれど、公式となるとライヴ映像が究めて少ない70年代オリジナルBLACK SABBATH。そんな彼らのオフィシャル映像を極上クオリティで集成した1枚がギフト・リリース決定です。

【1970年5月25日ブレーメン:BEAT CLUB】
まず登場するのは、ブリュッセル70(かつてパリ70で知られていた映像)と並んでデビュー直後を代表する名映像。ドイツの名物番組“BEAT CLUB”で放送された4曲です。実は2曲ずつ別々に撮影され、「Black Sabbath」「Blue Suede Shoes」が「5月25日」収録で、「Iron Man」「Paranoid」は撮影日不明。かつて「9月26日」とも言われましたが、これは放送日だった事が判明しています。
この映像は権利が微妙だったのか、幾度となく商品化。『THE BEST OF MUSIKLADEN LIVE』やCDV『BLACK MASS』といったハーフオフィシャル的な作品が愛されてきました。本作はそれとは違い、最高峰とされる完全正規リリース・バージョン。RHINOレーベルの『BLACK BOX』に付属していたボーナスDVDから起こされたものです。極上リマスターと共に名作の誉れ高いボックスではありますが、発売から14年が経った現在では入手困難。本作は、そんな極めつけの映像美を復刻しているのです。
そして、そのクオリティで描かれるライヴこそが最高。コンサートではなくテレビ出演のスタジオ・ライヴで、その彼らを飾るプリクラのようなフレームや画像処理も時代感満点です。特に貴重なのは「Blue Suede Shoes」。もちろん、エルヴィスのカバーですが、後にも先にも1回しか演奏されていない激レア曲です。実は、当時のテレビ局側がヘヴィでわけのわからないオリジナル曲では困るとカバーを要求。ほぼぶっつけ本番で演奏されたのです。それが見事に決まってしまうのも凄いですが、これがまたデビュー直後の彼ららしい。実のところ、1stアルバム『BLACK SABBATH』もほぼスタジオ・ライヴで制作され、ステージではカバー曲「Warning」「Evil Woman」を演奏している。デビュー作と本作こそが、実はカバー巧者だった彼らの一面を公式に残しているのです。

【1978年6月19日ハマースミス公演:NEVER SAY DIE】
もうひとつの公式映像は、結成10周年ツアーを収録した伝統の名作『NEVER SAY DIE』。こちらもメディアを変えて幾度か再発されてきましたが、最後の2005年DVDも今や廃盤。中古もプレミアが付き始めてもいます。こちらはBEAT CLUB以上に有名なためにご覧になった方も多いと思いますが、さすがの大定番。リリースを前提にしたクオリティは、幾多の70年代プロショットでも最高峰となる素晴らしさです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウも絶品。再結成後にはついぞ演奏される事のなかった「Symptom Of The Universe」「Never Say Die」「Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor」も美味しく、10周年だからこその総括セットが素晴らしい。そして、それ以上なのがパフォーマンスそのもの。スタジオ・ライヴだったBEAT CLUBとは違い、大勢のファンを目の当たりにしたステージの生々しさと勢いが眩しい。長らくオジーが右側に立つポジションやキツそうな「Snowblind」が“オジー虐め”と言われたのも懐かしくなる(現在では、当時の彼らにとって普通の事だった事が分かっています)映像でもあります。

この他にもヒストリービデオには細切れのブリュッセル70や「It’s Alright」「A Hard Road」等のクリップも部分的に使われていますが、キチンと作品化された70年代の公式ライヴ映像はこの2種だけ。そして、この2つは70年代プロショットの超傑作コンピレーション『OZZY OSBOURNE YEARS ULTIMATE EDITION』とも一切ダブリません。

Live at the Beat Club, Bremen, Germany 25th May 1970

1. Iron Man 2. Paranoid 3. Black Sabbath 4. Blue Suede Shoes?

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 19th June 1978

5. Supertzar 6. Symptom Of The Universe 7. War Pigs 8. Snowblind 9. Never Say Die
10. Black Sabbath 11. Dirty Women 12. Drums Solo 13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
14. Guitar Solo 15. Electric Funeral 16. Children Of The Grave 17. Paranoid



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