David Bowie / Outside In Moscow / 1DVDR

David Bowie / Outside In Moscow / 1DVDR / Non Label

Kremlin Palace Concert Hall, Moscow, Russia 18th June 1996.

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A professional shot with a special show that is only once in the life of Bowie is a gift release decision. The “special show” is “Moscow performance on June 18, 1996”. This is the act of “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”. Let’s start with an image of the entire world tour.

・ September-October 1995: North America (27 performances)
・ November-December 1995: UK (16 performances)
・ January-February 1996: Europe # 1 (23 performances)
・ June 1996: Japan (7 performances)
・ June-July 1996: Europe # 2 (20 performances) ← ★ here ★

This is a panoramic view of “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”. This work is the first day of “Europe # 2.” In other words, it was also the “next concert” of the Japanese performance. What is special about such a show? It is in the performance country itself. Actually, this is Bowie’s only Russian performance. In 1990, we had concerts in former communist areas such as Hungary and Yugoslavia, but this was the only one that we sang in Russia later.
Of course, this Bowie would not have been conscious of “this”, but this day is definitely the first experience. Unlike the usual enthusiastic fans, Bowie is in front of the audience sitting quietly and staring. You can witness a precious and strange sight.
It is such a precious Russian performance, but the quality is special. Of course, since it is the 90s, it will be analog broadcasting, but at that time it would be more than enough to be officially released. . Moreover, the shooting itself is wonderful. Speaking of Russia, it will be a rock-backed country, but it is one of the world’s leading superpowers. Unlike South America, if the stage production is top notch, the camera work that moves well is dynamic. Although it feels different from the British and American in how to hold the angle, its shooting technology is definitely the best in the world. It’s a shame that it’s about 60 minutes from the broadcast, but it’s a gem that you can witness a live once in a lifetime with superb quality.

After such a performance in Russia, bonus pro shots of the same “OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996” were also recorded. The stage here is London, a home ground that is the opposite of Russia. The “Brit Award” award ceremony performance held on “February 19, 1996”. The Russian performance was “next to Japan”, but this is a performance that is “two years before Japan”.
This is also a gorgeous professional shot, but the atmosphere is totally different. Bowie was awarded an “Award for Merit”, but appeared in a stiletto pump designed by Katherine Hamnett and wearing a large earring on one ear. Three songs, “Hallo Spaceboy”, “Moonage Daydream”, and “Under Pressure” are sung with great encouragement from home. The “Hallo Spaceboy” is particularly wonderful. This year, we made a hit with a remix version that welcomed PET SHOP BOYS as a guest, but here we can see the performance with the PET SHOP BOYS.
A once-in-a-lifetime performance in Russia and a co-starring with PET SHOP BOYS. It is a masterpiece that can enjoy the finest professional shot at once. One valuable and special piece. Please add it to your collection at this opportunity.

ボウイの生涯でただ一度だけの特別なショウを収めたプロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。その“特別なショウ”とは「1996年6月18日モスクワ公演」。“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”での一幕です。まずは、ワールドツアー全容の中からイメージしてみましょう。


これが“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”の全景。本作は「欧州#2」の初日。つまり、日本公演の“次のコンサート”でもありました。そんなショウの何が特別なのか。それは公演国そのものにある。実は、これこそボウイ唯一のロシア公演。1990年にはハンガリーやユーゴスラビアといった旧・共産圏でもコンサートを開いたことはありましたが、生涯を通じてロシアで歌ったのは、後にも先にもこの1回限りなのです。

そんなロシア公演の後には、同じ“OUTSIDE TOUR 1995-1996”のボーナス・プロショットも収録しました。こちらの舞台となるのは、ロシアとは真逆のホームグラウンド、ロンドン。「1996年2月19日」に行われた“ブリット・アワード”の授賞式パフォーマンスです。ロシア公演は“日本の次”だったわけですが、こちらは“日本の2つ前”にあたるパフォーマンスです。
こちらもゴージャスなプロショットですが、その雰囲気はまるで違う。ボウイは「功労賞」を授与されたのですが、キャサリン・ハムネットがデザインしたピンヒールのパンプスに身を包み、片耳に大きなイヤリングを付けての登場。故郷の大声援に迎えられて「Hallo Spaceboy」「Moonage Daydream」「Under Pressure」の3曲を熱唱します。特に素晴らしいのが「Hallo Spaceboy」。この年、PET SHOP BOYSをゲストに迎えたリミックスバージョンをヒットさせましたが、ここではそのPET SHOP BOYSとの共演パフォーマンスが見られるのです。
生涯一度きりのロシア公演と、PET SHOP BOYSとの共演も眩しい故郷の授賞式……まったく正反対ながら、どちらも2つとないスペシャルなライヴ。その極上プロショットを一度に堪能できる傑作です。貴重で特別な1枚。どうぞ、この機会にあなたのコレクションに加えてください。

1. The Motel 2. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 3. Aladdin Sane
4. The Man Who Sold The World 5. Strangers When We Meet 6. Hallo Spaceboy
7. Under Pressure 8. “Heroes” 9. White Light White Heat 10. Moonage Daydream
11. All The Young Dudes

Brit Awards
Earl’s Court, London, UK 19th Febraury 1996

12. Hallo Spaceboy (with Pet Shop Boys) 13. Moonage Daydream 14. Under Pressure


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