Beatles / Whatever Happen To The Beatles / 1CDR

Beatles / Whatever Happen To The Beatles / 1CDR / Beatfile
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Upgraded Collection Highlights Remastered 2017. Soundboard


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“Upgrade · collection highlights” once attracted as an indispensable item of the Beatles’ studio outtics appeared as the latest remaster edition of 2017 in nearly 20 years!

In “Anthology” it is a collection of tracks that were the best quality as an upgrade sound source at that time from among rare tracks and analog / boot sound sources that were not recorded.

A further high-quality sound source has been excavated, and depending on the song, it is replaced with real stereo and a remarkable upgrade sound source, and a new bonus additional sound source is also included.

Beatles · Collector We will deliver it as 2017 year compilation of remarkable attention.



01. Shout (stereo version with restored longer fade-out. 19 April 1964)
02. I’m A Loser (speed corrected, re-equalised. take 2, 14 August 1964)
03. That Means A Lot (newly stereo remix. take 24/test 30 March 1965)
04. Yesterday (no strings. Take 2 master, 14 June 1965)
05. And Your Bird Can Sing (without laughter version, April 1966)
06. Strawberry Fields Forever (restored backing vocals take 1, 24 November 1966)
07. When I’m Sixty-Four (original speed, re-equalised stereo)
08. Strawberry Fields Forever (remake original speed, re-equalised)
09. Only A Northern Song (original speed outtake, 20 April 1967)
10. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (restored full length. 26 November 1969)
11. Your Mother Should Know (speed corrected, re-equalised early mix, 22 August 1967)
12. Across The Universe (speed corrected, re-equalised wildlife version, 8 February 1968)
13. Sour Milk Sea (newly stereo remix esher demo, May 1968)
14. Helter Skelter / Gone Tomorrow Here Today / Blackbird (acoustic demo 1968)
15. Brian Epstein Blues (speed corrected, new backing outtake, 19 July 1968)
16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (restored original ending demo, 25 July 1968)
17. Not Guilty (restored complete original version 1968)
18. Gone, Gone, Gone (re-equalised, speed corrected, 7 January 1969)
19. Across The Universe (phil spector mix – original speed. take 9/RS13. 1 April 1970)
20. Mean Mr. Mustard / Her Majesty / Polythene Pam / She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (original medley line-up restored, re-equalised 30 July 1969)
21. Free As A Bird (cleaner version with John’s vocal predominating over some of Beatles’ demo / overdubs. 1977)
22. Whatever Happened To… (speed and mistakes corrected, new backing overdubs. 1977)
23. India (speed corrected, new backing on late 70’s Lennon demo)
24. I’m Looking Through You (take 1 remix and remastered)
25. In My Life (alternate organ solo version)
Beatfile. BFB-094CDR

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