David Bowie / Madison Square Garden 1978 Final Night / 2CD

David Bowie / Madison Square Garden 1978 Final Night / 2CD / Wardour

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Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA 9th May 1978

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From the Berlin era “ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR” a superb live album that can be said as “100% edition” “STAGE” appeared. Permanently preserved Press release is determined by 2CD.
What is contained in this work is “New York Performance May 9, 1978”. On this tour, we have been doing a show for three consecutive days at Madison Square Garden (MSG) at the venue, from which a number of records were born. Although the information is confused a bit even though research has advanced, this work is a superb audience recording which is considered as the last day of the research. First of all let’s check the position of the show from the whole picture of the world tour.

· March 29 – May 9: North America (31 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 14 – July 1: Europe (34 performances)
“September” STAGE “Release /” LODGER “Production Start”
· November 11 – December 2: Oceania (9 shows)
· December 6 – 12: Japan (5 shows)

This is the summary of “ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR”. This work is a record of the same “North America” ​​tour as the famous board “STAGE”. The official board was produced from seven performances “April 28th – May 6th”, but after that three days is MSG show, this work is just a live album recorded just after “STAGE” .
And this work sounds excellent too. Anyway clear on clear. Although it must be sound audience recording, although distance is not felt even though it is a big venue, it feels terribly close. The sense of air is transparent to crystal clear, and if the core is also direct, the detail is also super delicate. On top of that, the strange the master freshness is. The cutting of the guitar vividly sharp, the beat of the drum one stroke one stroke is not cloudy, glossy singing voice extends straight. Almost no degradation due to dubbing or aging is found.
That should be that, it was the overseas core Bowie researcher who unearthed the master of this work. In our shop, we have delivered the master that this researcher had unearthed by press CD, but this work is also the latest bullet. There is no small sound skip seen in the past episode so far, “Final TVC 15” and “Rebel Rebel” which is apt to cause a tape run out are also perfect. Not only is it the highest peak of the day, it is the top peak master that will be the highest peak for MSG three days.
It is just 100% version of the original “STAGE” painted with that sound. It is only three days after the official recording and the conditions are very similar, and there is plenty of spirit to challenge MSG, which is the tour highlight. As the schedule above, it was the last day in North America to return this day to Europe at the end, so the good things that do not think about tomorrow are energetic anyhow. When saying the wonderfulness of the vocalization of the powerful but stretching “Heroes” … …. It is “ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR” which is said to have not changed the show composition so much, but its heat is clearly different from other performances, it is a special night in the tour.
Moreover, you can taste such a full full size. Unfortunately, there is a slight missing recording in the beginning of “Warszawa” at the beginning, but after that there is no full-cut. Last year, the expanded version “STAGE” recorded in the box set “A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN (1977? 1982)” became a hot topic, but even with that, I can not listen there even “Rebel Rebel” You can soak in the show with.

The Berlin era has a special sparkle in Bowie’s career. It is a goods that you can experience highlight performance highlights during the world tour with the finest sound. It is comparable to the official name board “STAGE” …. No, because of the transcendent entertainment and editing, it is the show’s penetrating show. And despite being the ultimate quality, the sense of the workplace is why it is 100% real. A decisive two-piece set that is all painted with the highest peak master. Please enjoy it forever with the press 2CD that leaves the glow forever.

ベルリン時代の“ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR”から本生100%版の『STAGE』とも言える極上ライヴアルバムが登場。永久保存プレス2CDでリリース決定です。


これが“ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR”の概要。本作は名盤『STAGE』と同じ「北米」ツアーの記録。公式盤は“4月28日-5月6日”の7公演から制作されましたが、その後3日間がMSG公演であり、本作はまさしく『STAGE』直後を本生記録したライヴアルバムなのです。
それもそのはず、本作のマスターを発掘したのは海外のコアなボウイ研究家。当店では、これまでもこの研究家が発掘したマスターをプレスCDでお届けしてきましたが、本作はその最新弾でもある。これまでの既発には見られた小さな音飛びもなく、テープ切れを起こしがちな最終盤「TVC 15」「Rebel Rebel」もばっちり。この日の最高峰であるばかりか、MSG3日間でも最高峰となる頂点マスターなのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、まさしく本生100%版の『STAGE』。公式録音から3日後だけあってコンディションは酷似しており、その上ツアーのハイライトたるMSGに挑む気迫も十分。上記した日程の通り、この日を最後にヨーロッパに戻る北米最終日だったため、明日のことを考えない思い切りの良さがとにかくエネルギッシュ。力強くも伸びやかな「”Heroes”」のヴォーカリゼーションの素晴らしさと言ったら……。ショウ構成があまり変わらないとされる“ISOLAR II 1978 TOUR”ではありますが、その熱気は明らかに他公演と異なり、ツアーでも格別の一夜なのです。
しかも、そんなショウをたっぷりフルサイズで味わえる。残念ながら冒頭の「Warszawa」中盤で僅かに録音漏れがありますが、それ以降は全曲カットなし。昨年、ボックスセット『A NEW CAREER IN A NEW TOWN (1977?1982)』に収録された拡張版『STAGE』が話題になりましたが、そこでも聴けない「Rebel Rebel」まで極上のサウンドで一気貫通でショウに浸りきれるのです。


Disc 1 (47:14)
1. Warszawa 2. “Heroes” 3. What In The World 4. Be My Wife 5. The Jean Genie 6. Blackout
7. Sense Of Doubt 8. Speed Of Life 9. Breaking Glass 10. Beauty and The Beast 11. Fame

Disc 2 (54:17)
1. Band Introductions 2. Five Years 3. Soul Love 4. Star 5. Hang On To Yourself 6. Ziggy Stardust
7. Suffragette City 8. Art Decade 9. Alabama Song 10. Station To Station 11. Stay
12. TVC 15 13. Rebel Rebel

David Bowie – vocals, chamberlin
Adrian Belew – lead guitar, backing vocals
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
George Murray- bass guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
Roger Powell – keyboards, backing vocals
Sean Mayes – piano, string ensemble, backing vocals
Simon House – electric violin



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