David Bowie / California Connection 1990 / 3CDR

David Bowie / California Connection 1990 / 3CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Live At Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA May 29th 1990. Audience


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David Bowie From the US “Sound + Vision” tour in the United States, a set of 3 discs featuring the California Sacramento performance on May 24 and the Mountain View performance on May 29, each completed from the high-quality audience recording master!

This “Sound + Vision” tour is a set list that became the best hits live that announced the seal declaration of the past and summarized the career so far, and representative songs from the debut song “Space Oddity” to the 1980s are shown one after another This is the set list.

Introducing a new excavation live sound source of David Bowie 90’s, in which the daily songs “Bee My Wife” and “TVC15” were also played!




01. Opening / Ode To Joy/02. Space Oddity/03. Changes/04. Rebel Rebel/05. Be My Wife/06. Ashes To Ashes/07. Fashion/08. Life On Mars?/09. Let’s Dance/10. Stay/11. China Girl/12. Sound + Vision/13. Ziggy Stardust/14. Station To Station/15. Young Americans/16. Suffragette City/17. Fame ’90

01. “Heroes”/02. Pretty Pink Rose/03. Panic In Detroit
Live At Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA May 24th 1990

04. Opening / Ode To Joy/05. Space Oddity/06. Changes/07. TVC15/08. Rebel Rebel/09. Ashes To Ashes/10. Fashion/11. Life On Mars?/12. Blue Jean/13. Let’s Dance/14. Band Introduction/15. Pretty Pink Rose/16. Stay

01. Sound + Vision/02. Ziggy Stardust/03. China Girl/04. Station To Station/05. Young Americans/06. Suffragette City/07. Fame ’90/08. “Heroes”/09. Modern Love/10. The Jean Genie
Live At Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA May 29th 1990

Midnight Dreamer. MD-972A/B/C

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