David Bowie / 1980 Floor Show / 1DVDR

David Bowie / 1980 Floor Show / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Filmed at the Marquee Club, London, UK on 18-20 October 1973
The show was broadcast on the Midnight Special, NBC TV, USA on 16 November 1973



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“Ziggy Stardust” era last of the finest professional shot is the resurrection release decision. Best version of this work, the familiar TV show fans “THE 1980 FLOOR SHOW”. In November 1973, which was broadcast in the United States NBC in “MIDNIGHT SPECIAL”, recording the “October 18, 1973 – 20 days Marquee Club” was. On this day, the other to CARMEN also, TROGGS, but MARIANNE FAITHFULL has stood on the stage, this work is the excerpt only the Bowie of the part.
Is there in the video too familiar you, but the quality is not a familiar. Its astounding visual beauty is, no questions asked of the official class. Because the fact that there is a sound missing while a moment in (as well as its outstanding), “1984”, “Time”, will not be as it is of the official release, the basic of quality is completely official level. In 2005, this master for the first time saw the light of day, and items that had been “sharp and vivid shades unbelievably at the time 1973 recording,” “distribution past” finally convincing release Quality “from magazine is a clear distinction, because rather than poor official video reliably clean image quality, “” it is possible to see the video of the concentration to Bowie and nice editing “, is about acclaimed that did his words were received.
…… Ie of drawn Bowie in the quality, appearance of “Ziggy” is brilliant itself. To begin with Ziggy, but I always went to evolve enough to advance the tour after the album, of this work has been recorded the tour after the end. After only even end declaration of legend, it not was the last to Ichihana that bloom, is exactly what a Kitai of character has reached “the end of the figure.” Its cradling down beauty is even emit intense aura, not inferior even to Marianne Faithfull to sprinkle the beautiful to look at beauty that co-starred (26 years old at the time).
Also a great number of essential THE SPIDERS and taste to such “Ziggy of the world”. In there was “October 19” is of this recording, cover album “PIN UPS” it is also has been released, where once is also firmly be Fichua appearance of Mick Ronson to break up. And even to mime and human characters that are directed at the costume merged with set revives ultra-beautiful image. In the current it has also been excavated on the day rehearsal video, but the entertainment where show was a perfectionist the first time of Bowie got none. That it all has spread to fill the screen with the best ever quality.
In this work, still about one year after the “1974, December 4, 2009,” recorded on the American television program “DICK CAVETT SHOW” also has bonus recorded in the master quality. Here alone about 31 minutes, luxurious contents to be referred to as “bonus”. In addition to the three songs live scene of “1984,” “Young Americans,” “Footstompin ‘”, also recorded valuable interview. What’s vivid than is the visual. Totally different person to say just one year from “MIDNIGHT SPECIAL” in the main, and are singing the same “1984”. Dressed in brown suit, singing in a dandy attire, appearance of Bowie talking Yuku drawn with the finest quality. At the time of Bowie, but I mean it was during the production of “YOUNG AMERICANS”, a gap of this intense view of the world. Is exactly what various changes Bowie of the true value.

It was left behind a huge footprint in rock history “Ziggy Stardust”. Very presence of unbelievably it was a fictional character is a masterpiece video spread to fill the screen. Final form that such Ziggy was repeated evolution to evolution. Please, please be witnessed in the history of the highest quality on this occasion.

“ジギー・スターダスト”時代最後の極上プロショットが復活リリース決定です。本作は、ファンにお馴染みのテレビ番組“THE 1980 FLOOR SHOW”の極上バージョン。1973年11月にアメリカNBCの「MIDNIGHT SPECIAL」で放送されたもので、収録は「1973年10月18日-20日マーキークラブ」でした。この日は、他にもCARMEN、TROGGS、MARIANNE FAITHFULLがステージに立ちましたが、本作はボウイのパートだけを抜粋したものです。
そんな“ジギーの世界”には不可欠のTHE SPIDERSや趣向の数々も素晴らしい。この収録のあった「10月19日」には、カバーアルバム『PIN UPS』もリリースされていますが、そこで一度は別れるミック・ロンソンの姿もしっかりとフィーチュアされている。さらにはセットと同化した衣装で演出されるパントマイムや人文字までも超・美麗映像で蘇る。現在では当日リハーサル映像も発掘されていますが、そこで見せたボウイの完全主義ぶりがなし得たエンターテインメント。その総てが史上最高クオリティで画面いっぱいに広がるのです。
本作では、さらに約1年後の「1974年12月4日」に収録されたアメリカのテレビ番組『DICK CAVETT SHOW』もマスター・クオリティでボーナス収録しています。こちらだけでも約31分と、「ボーナス」と呼ぶには豪華な内容。3曲「1984」「Young Americans」「Footstompin’」のライブシーンに加え、貴重なインタビューも収録しています。なによりも鮮烈なのは、そのヴィジュアル。本編の「MIDNIGHT SPECIAL」からわずか1年、同じ「1984」を歌っているというのにまったくの別人。ブラウンのスーツに身を包み、ダンディな装いで歌い、語るボウイの姿が極上クオリティで描かれてゆく。当時のボウイは『YOUNG AMERICANS』の制作中だったわけですが、この強烈な世界観のギャップ。まさに七変化ボウイの真骨頂です。


1. 1984/Dodo 2. Sorrow 3. Everything’s Alright 4. Space Oddity 5. 1984 6. I Can’t Explain
7. Time 8. The Jean Genie 9. I Got You Babe (with Marianne Faithfull)

Filmed in New York, USA on 4th December 1974

1. Introduction 2. 1984 3. Young Americans 4. Interview 1 5. Interview 2 6. Interview 3
7. Footstompin’



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