David Bowie / Adelaide 1978 / 2CDR

David Bowie / Adelaide 1978 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Oval Cricket Ground, Adelaide, Australia 11th November 1978


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Japan’s performance was also a brilliant Berlin era “LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”. The masterpiece of overseas performances is appeared in gift title. This work is “1978 November 11, Adelaide performances (Australia)” Audience album that contains the. There just put the masterpiece overseas recording that number indeed, three of the “clear sound”, “perky and the performance,” “realistic feeling of air,” but the name recordings aligned with Bishitsu. Site and became “Oval Cricket Ground” is, outdoor cricket field that can accommodate about 53,000 people. Soredakeni Although the tone is also a little sense of distance, a large outdoor space breaks new ground such clear is nice, there is no such thing as music by the wind is flowed.
The wonderful than such a sound, enthusiastically that was lively. That should be it, this day for the first time in Australia for the Bowie, I it also was the first stadium-class open-air concert. Here a little, let’s summarize the tour dates of 1978.

– 1978 March 29, 2006 – May 9, 2011: North American tour (31 performances)
“The four-day Moving & off”
– 1978 May 14 – May 27: The European Tour # 1 (11 performances)
“The three-day Moving & off”
– 1978 May 31, 2008 – July 1, 2011: European Tour # 2 (23 performances)
“Off and” STAGE “release of about four months,” LODGER “production”
– 1978 November 11, 2011 – November 25, 2011: Australia tour (7 performances)
“The three-day Moving & off”
– 1978 November 29 – December 2, 2011: New Zealand tour (two shows)
“The three-day Moving & off”
– 1978 December 6, 2009 – December 12, 2011: Japan tour (5 performances)

Schedule was vacant for more than a little fine “three days” I tried to divide all. In other words, the schedule that has been put together is not was live spree without empty as the “three days”. As can be seen when it comes to look at this, about three months from the “North American tour” to “European tour # 2” is flowing out and full of live. Then, in July over November is plenty between free, where production of the “STAGE”, “LODGER” has been performed. And, Adelaide performances of this work, of the Australia tour the first day. In other words, it is released from the studio work and songwriting was the first shot eyes of live resume. Moreover, to the Australian tour itself is this the beginning of the year, open-air stadium and the first …… this day, covered in the tension of the first fruits Dzukushi, condition best condition. I of course an even performance that profusely energetic of this work.
Even more than the enthusiastic performance of such Bowie, the audience of mood is also important point of this work. In this tour, Japan tour super recording of “BUDOKAN 1978 (Wardour-177)” and “BLACKOUT (Wardour-084)” is but is very popular, where enthusiasm and is to be heard, different at all quality. Japanese audience carefully and Kikiiri, dedicate the performance is finished and standing ovation. Of course, if there are MC may not begin the next song, it is the glue that to settle even heard reveal Mai again ear word. However, the audience of this Adedo the difference though, a great deal commotion it would be during the performance it would be between the songs, to cheer, sing. Listen while talking with fellow each other also for the song being played, favorite songs, rollicking of body and soul if those about to begin in hit songs. Writing this, it is likely covered in profusely picky customer voice, but it is not so. On firmly musical tone has stretched the lead, we feel adorned of us realistic enthusiasm are listening.
This is also, wonderfully fun. Sing audience There is also the fact that the song is also good (laughs) in the native pronunciation, but downright honest enthusiasm is good feeling. Bowie is to be the first time Australia, first Bowie also for the audience of the site. The first meeting of innocent delight is, we happy enough pleasing. In addition, “Five Years” before in the vividness that is spoken recording’s as “are you recording?” Is of. Elegant high or wild or of polarization is intense British, unlike with hot American people to profusely leaning forward, Australia who was somewhere relaxed. Moreover, this day is November of summer in the southern hemisphere. Warm to the air flowing out of the speakers, full of sense of openness we live album.

Is released from a long studio work, Bowie to play for the first time in the southern hemisphere, for the first time in the open-air stadium. Such him warmly greeted Australian people. Matching is any environment, great performance that has become as much as possible and to great performance, is as much as possible to birth name recorded in the name of recording. While true contrary to the concentration of Japan, where up to be warm and open-minded live album. Last also sing than usual longer dramatic sense of fulfillment of “Ziggy Stardust”. By all means, please you also met in “the Japanese did not know Bowie”.

日本公演も鮮烈だったベルリン時代の“LOW AND HEROES TOUR 1978”。その海外公演の代表作がギフトタイトルで登場です。本作は「1978年11月11日アデレード公演(オーストラリア)」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバム。さすがに数ある海外録音でも代表作を張るだけはあり、「クリアなサウンド」「溌剌としたパフォーマンス」「リアルな空気感」の3つがビシッと揃った名録音。現場となった“オーバル・クリケット・グラウンド”は、約5万3,000人を収容できる野外クリケット場。それだけに楽音にはやや距離感もあるものの、広い野外空間を突っ切るようなクリアさは素晴らしく、風によって音楽が流されるようなこともありません。


そんなボウイの熱演もさることながら、観客のムードも本作の大事なポイント。このツアーでは、日本公演のスーパー録音「BUDOKAN 1978(Wardour-177)」や「BLACKOUT(Wardour-084)」が大好評ですが、そこで聴かれる熱狂とは、まったく質が違う。日本のオーディエンスはじっくりと聴き入り、演奏が終わるや大喝采を捧げる。もちろん、次曲が始まらなくてもMCが入れば、一言も聞き洩らすまいと再び耳を澄ませるノリです。ところが、このアデードの観客はまるで違い、曲間だろうと演奏中だろうと大いに騒ぎ、喝采し、歌う。演奏中の曲についても仲間同士で語りながら聴き、大好きな曲、ヒット曲でも始まろうものなら全身全霊の大はしゃぎ。こう書くと、やたらとうるさい客声にまみれていそうですが、そうではありません。しっかりと楽音が主役を張った上で、リアルな熱狂が聴いている私たちの身を包む感じなのです。
これがまた、素晴らしく楽しい。歌い出す観客がネイティヴな発音で歌も上手い(笑)ということもありますが、なんとも素直な熱狂が心地いい。ボウイが初オーストラリアであるように、現場の観客にとっても初ボウイ。その初対面の初々しい喜びようが、微笑ましいほどに幸せなのです。さらには、「Five Years」の前では録音者が「録音しているの?」と話しかけられるという生々しさ。気品高いかワイルドかの二極化が激しいイギリス人、やたらと前のめりに熱いアメリカ人とも違って、どこかノンビリとしたオーストラリア人。その上、この日は南半球では夏の11月。スピーカーから流れ出る空気まで暖かく、開放感溢れるライヴアルバムなのです。

長いスタジオ作業から解放され、初めての南半球、初めての野外スタジアムに弾けるボウイ。そんな彼を暖かく迎えたオーストラリアの人々。あらゆる環境が揃い、名演になるべくしてなった名演、名録音になるべくして生まれた名録音です。日本の集中力とは真逆ながら、どこまでも暖かく開放的なライヴアルバム。ラストもいつもより長めにドラマチックに歌う「Ziggy Stardust」の充実感。ぜひ、あなたも“日本人が知らなかったボウイ”に出会ってください。

Disc 1(47:31)
1. Intro. 2. Warszawa 3. “Heroes” 4. What In The World? 5. Be My Wife 6. The Jean Genie
7. Blackout 8. Sense Of Doubt 9. Breaking Glass 10. Fame 11. Beauty And The Beast

Disc 2(58:46)
1. Band Introduction 2. Five Years 3. Soul Love 4. Star 5. Hang On To Yourself
6. Ziggy Stardust 7. Suffragette City 8. Art Decade 9. Alabama Song 10. Station To Station
11. TVC 15 12. Stay 13. Rebel Rebel

David Bowie – Vocals Carlos Alomar – Ryhthm Guitar Adrian Belew – Lead Guitar
Dennis Davis – Drums & Percussion Simon House – Electric Violin
Sean Mayes – Piano & String Ensemble George Murray – Bass
Dennis Garcia – Keyboards & Synthesizer

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