Sting / Live At The Big EGG / 1DVDR

Sting / Live At The Big EGG / 1DVDR / VJam

Translated Text:
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, October 25th 1988. Pro-Shot


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Sting DVD title appearance was recorded Tokyo Dome performances of ’88 played a visit to Japan as police disbanded after solo from TV broadcasting pro-shot video!

“Nothing Like The Sun” October 25, 88 Tokyo concert was held in the dome album same luxury Apartments of Blanc in what was achieved followed by a tour band Ford Marsalis as a tour, Mino-Shineru, Kenny -handedly musician playing the first time of such Kirkland is a must-see.

Was broadcast only in foreign countries, “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE” are also recorded, it is a big recommendation TV Live Sting ’88 was a huge success as a solo D!



海外のみで放送された「MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE」も収録しており、Dソロとしても大成功を収めたスティング88年の大推薦TVライブです!

01. Introduction / We’ll Be Together/02. The Lazarus Heart/03. Too Much Information/04. Englishman In New York/05. Sister Moon/06. Rock Steady/07. One World/08. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free/09. King Of Pain/10. Bring On The Night/11. Be Still My Beating Heart/12. Little Wing/13. Don’t Stand So Close to Me/14. Every Breath You Take/15. Message In A Bottle

Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, October 25th 1988

VJam. VJZ344

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