Cream / Reunion MSG 2005 1st Night / 1DVDR

Cream /Reunion MSG 2005 1st Night /1DVDR / Johanna

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Live At Madison Square Garden October 24th 2005. NTSC


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★ I collect 3 camera mix of 10/24, MSG performance the first day of 2005 ! !
Reunion – second act that was realized in the United States at last! October 24, 2005 , the first day of MSG3 consecutive days performances in New York
Recorded with 3 camera mix of wonder . 1 turtle to keep the screen shot , two turtle from the front of the stand , three turtles from the stand right side . Any oversized shot reflection , it will be saved version of this eternal legendary concert you are capturing the appearance of members at all times . Guitar solo Clapton in STORMY MONDAY thunderous applause that was Wakioko~tsu is a must-see , must listen !

驚異の3カメラ・ミックスで収録。スクリーン・ショットを押さえる1カメ、正面スタンドからの2カメ、スタンド右寄りからの3カメ。どれも映りは特大ショットで、常にメンバーの姿を捉えていてこの伝説コンサートの永遠の保存版となるでしょう。万雷の拍手が沸き起こったSTORMY MONDAYでのクラプトンのギター・ソロは必聴・必見!
1DVD-R 122 min. 

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Johanna. JPD-237

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