Chicago / Budokan 1987 2nd Night / 1CDR

Chicago / Budokan 1987 2nd Night / 1CDR /Trial

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Live At Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 27th April 1987. Soundboard Recording

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Chicago From the 5th visit to Japan in 1987, the 2nd day performance of Nippon Budokan on April 27 was recorded on a sound board using FM broadcast sound source. Peter Cetera has withdrawn and is the first visit to Japan after joining the Jason Chef, but the number that had not been played a few years ago is restored to just here, a hit spanning three hours of two parts · In the parade of numbers on the number, the place where many fans enthusiastically is also in memory. Contents such as the best of Chicago that covered single hits while this item was excerpted for broadcasting for broadcasting. Also I am glad that I can listen to “If She Would Have Been Faithful” which is almost never played after this.

シカゴ1987年の5度目の来日公演から、4月27日の日本武道館公演2日目を、FM放送音源を使用したサウンドボード収録。ピーター・セテラが脱退し、ジェイソン・シェフ加入後の初来日公演ですが、この数年前からプレイされなくなっていたナンバーがここぞとばかりに復活、、2部構成の3時間にも及ぶヒット・ナンバーのオン・パレードで、多くのファンが熱狂したのも記憶に有る所。本アイテムはライヴを放送用に抜粋したものながらシングル・ヒットを網羅した、まさにベスト・オブ・シカゴといった内容。また、この後殆ど演奏されることの無い”If She Would Have Been Faithful”が聴けるのも嬉しいところ。

01.25 Or 6 To 4 / 02.You’re The Inspiration / 03.Saturday In The Park / 04.If She Would Have Been Faithful / 05.Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? / 06.Stay The Night / 07.Will You Still Love Me? / 08.Hard Habit To Break / 09.Hard To Say I’m Sorry~Get Away

Recorded Live at Nippon Budoukan,Tokyo,Japan 27th April 1987- [FM Broadcast Soundboard Recording]

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