Cheap Trick / Come Right Here / 2CDR+1Bonus DVDR

Cheap Trick / Come Right Here / 2CDR+1Bonus DVDR /Power Gate

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Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Japan 28th April 1978 & Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 29th March 1979 Plus Bonus DVDR Germany 1979.


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Directly recorded from the master cassette a good audience / tape, which was recorded by the record company staff at the time for the record, a story related to the outflow, the first day of 1978 and the next 1979 visit to Japan.
Firstly, disc: 1 recorded Nagoya City public hall performance for 53 minutes on April 26, 1978. While not being recorded in the latter part of the live, it entered the familiar Hello There from the opening announcement, and surreal, Auf Wiedersehen, Need Your Love and the midst of excitement are collected in real. Osaka and Tokyo performances right after this will be such a best time to record a worldwide hit as that “At Budokan” after being official recording.
In addition, disc: 2 recorded the Budokan performance of March 29, 1979 over 75 minutes from the second Japan tour. Although this is not complete, just plenty of golden age sets.
Furthermore, from the tour at the time of releasing “DREAM POLICE” as a coupling, plus the DVD-R recorded with master quality, pro shot video, TV program “Rock Palast” which included the German performance on August 30, 1979.
Because of the recently re-aired video, the quality is a record high, and Rick Nielsen’s guitar action bursts from the opening “Hello There”, a bunny hitting the drum while smoking the cigarette, Robin at the stage center Tom Peterson playing the bass as cuddling closely with Zander, this is exactly like a cheap trick performance, the last “Day Tripper” Rick uses yellow, red and black German color guitar Also check it out. In addition, a studio live of I Want You To Want Me was also added from the Australian TV program “Countdown” on air on October 28, 1979, totaling 58 minutes.

まずdisc:1は1978年4月26日名古屋市公会堂公演を53分にわたり収録。ライブの後半は未収録ながら、オープニング・アナウンスからおなじみHello Thereに突入し、Surrender、Auf Wiedersehen、Need Your Loveと盛り上がる中盤までをリアルに収録。この直後の大阪と東京公演はオフィシャル・レコーディングされ後にあの「At Budokan」として世界的に大ヒットを記録する、そんな最高の時期となるもの。
さらにカップリングとして「DREAM POLICE」リリース時のツアーより、1979年8月30日ドイツ公演を収録したTV番組「ロックパラスト」を、マスター・クオリティー、プロショット映像で収録したDVD-Rをプラス。
近年再オンエアーされた映像からゆえ、クオリティーは過去最高となるもので、オープニングの「Hello There」からリック・ニールセンのギター・アクションが炸裂、タバコをふかしながらドラムを叩くバニー、ステージ・センターでロビン・ザンダーに寄り添うようにベースを弾くトム・ピーターソンの姿など、まさにこれぞチープ・トリックというパフォーマンスで、ラストの「Day Tripper」でリックが黄・赤・黒というドイツ・カラーのギターを使用しているのも要チェック。さらに1979年10月28日にオンエアーされたオーストラリアのTV番組「Countdown」からI Want You To Want Meのスタジオ・ライブも追加した、トータル58分。

Disc 1 : 1. Introduction 2. Hello There 3. Come On, Come On 4. Elo Kiddies 5. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace 6. Big Eyes 7. Lookout 8. Downed 9. Can’t Hold On 10. Oh Caroline 11. Surrender 12. Auf Wiedersehen 13. Need Your Love
[Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Japan 26th April 1978] Disc 2 : 1. Hello There 2. Come On, Come On 3. Stiff Competition 4. How Are You? 5. On Top Of The World 6. Guitar Solo 7. Big Eyes 8. Ain’t That A Shame 9. Surrender 10. Need Your Love 11. Dream Police 12. Writing On The Wall 13. I Know What I Want 14. I’ll Be With You Tonight 15. I Want You to Want Me
[Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 29th March 1979]

Power Gate-125

Cheap Trick / Germany 1979 / 1Single DVDR

Live At WDR Studios , Koln, Germany , 30th August 1979.

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1. Hello There 2. Come On 3. Stiff Competition 4. On Top Of The World 5. Ain’t That A Shame 6. Need Your Love 7. I Know What I Want 8. I Want You To Want Me 9. Surrender 10. Good Night 11. Day Tripper
[Rockpalast Live at WDR Studios, Koln, Germany 30th August 1979] 12. I Want You To Want Me
[Australian TV Programme :Countdown 28th October 1979]

Robin Zander – Vocal & Guitar / Rick Nielsen – Guitar & Vocal / Tom Petersson – Bass & Vocal / Bun E. Carlos – Drums

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