Bryan Ferry / Avonmore In Dusseldorf 2015 /2CDR

Bryan Ferry / Avonmore In Dusseldorf 2015 /2CDR / Uxbridge
Translated text:
Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Dusseldorf, Germany 10th September 2015

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September 10 Complete recording of Düsseldorf’s performance in Germany, Digital Audience Recording in Germany. The set list centered on the album “AVONMORE”, this time also composed the rocky era songs and solo songs in a well-balanced manner, especially the “Bob Dylan’s Dream” that was delivered to Dylan’s Tributary Album rare.
In addition, this time the violin Lucy Wilkins who played an active part in the 2001 Roxy – Reunion tour have recovered for a long time and showed brilliant performances such as “Bete Noire”. In addition to adding the “More Than This” dubbed as lively, the exotic and glamorous vocal multiplication with Ronnie Spector was remarkable, adding to the set, the album “AVONMORE” reminiscent of the former roxie ” One Night Stand “also faithfully reproduced with the backing / chorus team of three, everywhere is everywhere.

9月10日ドイツ、デュッセルドルフ公演をデジタル・オーディエンス・レコーディングにてコンプリート収録。 アルバム『AVONMORE』を中心としたセットリストは、今回もロキシー時代の曲と、ソロ曲をバランスよく構成し、特にディラン・トリビュードアルバムに提供した「Bob Dylan’s Dream」がセット入りしているのはレア。
また今回は2001年のロキシー・リユニオン・ツアーで活躍したバイオリンのLucy Wilkinsが久々に復帰しており、「Bete Noire」などでは見事な演奏を披露。またライブでは苦手といわれた「More Than This」をあえてセットに加えたり、アルバム『AVONMORE』では往年のロキシーを思わせる、ロニー・スペクターとのエキゾチックで艶めかしいヴォーカルの掛け合いが印象的だった「One Night Stand」も、3名のバッキング・コーラス陣と忠実に再現していたりと、聞きどころは随所に。

Disc 1 : 1. Intro. 2. Avonmore 3. Driving Me Wild 4. Slave to Love 5. Ladytron 6. Bob Dylan’s Dream 7. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 8. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 9. Bete Noire 10. Zamba 11. Stronger Through the Years
Disc 2 : 1. Tara 2. Take a Chance with Me 3. One Night Stand 4. Midnight Train 5. More Than This 6. Avalon 7. Love Is the Drug 8. Virginia Plain 9. Do the Strand 10. Let’s Stick Together 11. Jealous Guy

[at Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Dusseldorf, Germany 10th September 2015] Bryan Ferry – Lead Vocals / Paul Beard – Piano & Keyboards / Jacob Quistgaard – Lead Guitar / Neil Hubbard – Rhythm Guitar / Luke Bullen – Drums / Jimmy Sims – Bass / Lucy Wilkins – Violin & Keyboards / Jorja Chalmers – Saxophone & Keyboards / Fonzi Thornton – Backing Vocals / Bobbie Gordon – Backing Vocals / Rhianna Kenny – Backing Vocals
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