Bryan Adams / Coffee Break Concert / 1CDR

Bryan Adams / Coffee Break Concert / 1CDR / Project Zip
Translated Text:
Live At WMMS Coffee Break Concert, Cleveland, OH February 23rd 1983 . Soundboard

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Brian Adams’ valuable 80’s soundboard live instrument first appeared!

February 23, 1983 recorded for radio broadcasting in Cleveland.

Delivering a fantasy 80’s live fans who caught the energetic young Brian Adams beginning with the big hit / number “Cuts Like A Knife” that was breaking worldwide with interviews at the time!


01. Intro /02. Remember /03. You Want It, You Got It /04. One Good Reason /05. Interview /06. Lonely Nights /07. Tonight /08. The Only One /09. This Time /10. Interview /11. Cuts Like A Knife /12. Take Me Back /13. Fits Ya Good /14. I’m Ready

Live At WMMS COFFEE BREAK CONCERT, Cleveland, OH February 23rd 1983

Project Zip. PJZ-541

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