Boz Scaggs / A Fool To Care In Tokyo / 6CD

Boz Scaggs / A Fool To Care In Tokyo / 6CD / Zion

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Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th, 11th & 18th June 2015.


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Boz Scaggs concert in Japan that took place last month. That is the emergence of audience album was completely recorded in Tokyo. This time of the Japan tour was a very popular, especially the popularity of Tokyo is high, ticket also quickly sold out. Scheduled for the first two performances have been announced until additional performance. First of all, I went blow the archipelago, let’s make sure all eight performances of 2015 Boz.

Sendai: June 5 Electron Hall Miyagi
Sapporo: June 8 Nitori culture hall (of the 71-year-old birthday)
Tokyo: June 10 Bunkamura Orchard Hall [disk 1, 2] Tokyo: June 11 Bunkamura Orchard Hall [disk 3, 4] Osaka: June 13 Amashin Archaic Hall
Nagoya: June 15 Nagoya City Public Hall
Kanazawa: June 16 Honda Forest Hall
Tokyo: June 18 Bunkamura Orchard Hall [disk 5, 6]

In this way, in three days of “Bunkamura Orchard Hall” of being recorded in this work, all of Tokyo performances, including until additional performances have been vacuum-packed in exquisite sound press 6CD. The reason for recording, worked the name board of various artists, name taper Mr. Re sleight of hand. In terms of recent masterpiece, and sold out the Jeff Beck of ultra-name record “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014” (6 Disc) is famous. Also in this work, just as I have it provides a 24-bit high-resolution master and Kano super name record, and finished in the supreme version of the modern audience recorded in polite remastering.
When you play a disc 1, “we will be …… off. Advance to check on the position of the door, so that the very when you please according to the attendant’s instructions, thank you ……” Venue announcement before the curtain from recording. And, along with the advent of Boz, spread to smooth applause just like gentle autumn rain, would likely tension feeling even one cough anxious to dominate the venue. Actually also those that are not carry the foot to the site, realism, such as sight of Orchard Hall is spread in front is filled. I have been vacuum-packed in a good position as one Kaichuo 12 column such a realistic air.
And, playing start with the cry of a soft “Good evening”. I’ve not been feeling the splendor of sound alone earlier of applause, premonition changes to realize in the actual performance. Soft while Kosi also bass, smooth tone as velvet, while not outline as clearly, not in never strident treble. And, just because …… Orchard Hall singing voice of Boz is going full space of faint and transparent venue while wearing a reverberation, what precisely because the latest digital equipment, because the name taper of Re sleight of hand, elegant sound that was able to achieve. Official in the works and sound board soft improbable never delicate sound leaks from the speakers, and spread to the room full. Indeed, it is full of the real thrill of precisely because space recording. We, Will would have been fascinated by the unique culture of such as why “the audience recording”. Why, it tapers us to record diligently over time and effort, why would going to leave permanently until then to press CD. It is because there is this real thrill. Landscape of sound that spread if I close my eyes, feel the air was shaking of the site. Because I want to feel it again and again, because I want to leave, because I want to tell it to (Kudasaru known) someone. Come flowing out from this work, can you again reminder that feelings, it’s the best of the audience sound.
Show that was colored by such sound, make me hear slowly and carefully while interweaving the new and old classics group. While in the first half finish a song of rich colors R & B “MEMPHIS” ​​and new “A FOOL TO CARE” to the sound of more AOR, it will showcase further is sandwiched in popular songs such as “Jojo”. Gradually warmed up to go atmosphere of the venue will change to “Georgia”. At once it is charged with hot air, followed by “Miss Sun” In far from listening to the stunning combination of the Miss Monette black chorus. In the middle of scat, Wakiokori applause too stunning Vaud Cali tion, and then developed into a hot dialogue with Boz. The audience has to observe the silence, but likely tension transmitted to sweat writing to palm to the silence. As if to prove it, we play is can not wait large cheer the end of the song. In the beginning in response to the hot air “Until You Come Back To Me”, Miss Monet Sing-along, Boz will be supported by the guitar. Both Miss Monet and we have long co-star, but Vaud Cali THEY tion sing the classics, known for Steve over Wonder and Aretha Franklin is really great. The middle two songs would be a time of highlights.
All three days here it is not replacing the disk, but was the point of disk divided into here, there is little meaning. The second half of the from here, what is on parade of hit songs of lords panel “SILK DEGREES”. In the 1st encore will scissors new song “There’s a Storm Coming” also, but otherwise “SILK DEGREES” of the “Harbor Lights,” “Lowdown,” “Lido Shuffle,” “What Can I Say,” “We’re All Alone” is from the following It is being barrage to the next. This is not a reason not Moriagara. In fact, I hot air of the venue is going to be pulling up and Guigui. In this work, it is all three days was finishing the color-coded as “the first half of Takumi that worked the pace”, “the second half of the name board feature” concept.
Tokyo second day, third day is also the basic set list is the same, in “Last Tango on 16th Street” in the new song to the last song of the 2nd encore to the end of a show it is allowed to cool down (although I do not cold at all: lol ). Different from the atmosphere to more such set. On the second day, and even hot frenzy while somewhat relaxed mood. The hot air from the first floor 14 column I have recorded in the first day or more of high-quality sound. The vacant week third day of additional performances came back to Tokyo, playing like a sense of relief that has gone the Japan tour of up to two weeks is transmitted. It has been recorded further first floor in the fourth column closer than 1-second day.

The same venue in Tokyo for three days, the same taper, it is recorded definitive edition with the same equipment. Rainy season of the long rain is chilly, have continued gloomy season, but wraps the mood in a gentle voice, healing to me 6 Disc. Even carefully listening one day, even if in the sink leave, it is 5 hours 4 minutes core of fairly dust and the body becomes hot. Craftsmanship and modern technology, and singing voice of Boz was born folds, concert Annals of name board. By all means, please leave a voice of Boz who came to Japan in the 71-year-old in your collection.




このように、本作に収録されているのは「Bunkamuraオーチャードホール」の3日間で、追加公演まで含めた東京公演の総てが極上サウンドのプレス6CDに真空パックされています。録音したのは、さまざまなアーティストの名盤を手がけた、手練れの名テーパー氏。近年の代表作でいうと、即完売したジェフ・ベックの超名盤「TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2014」(6枚組)が有名です。本作でも、かの超名盤と同じように24ビットのハイレゾリューション・マスターをご提供いただき、丁寧なリマスタリングで現代客席録音の至高バージョンに仕上げました。
そんなサウンドに彩られたショウは、新旧の名曲群を織り交ぜながらじっくりと聴かせてくれる。前半ではR&B色豊かな「MEMPHIS」や新作「A FOOL TO CARE」の曲をAORよりのサウンドに仕上げつつ、さらに「Jojo」などの人気曲に挟み込んで披露していきます。徐々に暖まっていく会場の雰囲気が変わるのは「Georgia」。一気に熱気を帯びていき、続く「Miss Sun」では黒人コーラスのミス・モネットとの見事なコンビネーションが聴きどころ。中盤のスキャットでは、あまりに見事なヴォーカリゼイションに拍手が沸き起こり、ボズとの熱い掛け合いに発展します。観客は静けさを守っていますが、その静寂に掌にかく汗まで伝わりそうな緊張感。それを証明するかのように、曲の終わりが待ちきれない大歓声が弾けるのです。その熱気を受けて始まる「Until You Come Back To Me」では、ミス・モネが独唱、ボズはギターでサポートします。ミス・モネとも長く共演していますが、スティーヴー・ワンダーやアレサ・フランクリンで知られる名曲を歌うヴォーカリゼイションは本当に素晴らしい。この中盤2曲は、今回のハイライトでしょう。
3日間ともここでディスクを代えるわけですが、ディスク分けのポイントをここにしたのには、ちょっとした意味があります。ここからの後半は、なんと大名盤「SILK DEGREES」のヒット曲のオンパレード。1stアンコールでは新曲「There’s a Storm Coming」も挟みますが、それ以外は「SILK DEGREES」の「Harbor Lights」「Lowdown」「Lido Shuffle」「What Can I Say」「We’re All Alone」が次から次へと連発されるのです。これが盛り上がらないわけがありません。実際、会場の熱気がグイグイと引き上げられていくのです。本作では、3日間とも「緩急の効いた匠の前半」「名盤特集の後半」という色分けをコンセプトに仕上げたのです。
東京2日目・3日目も基本のセットリストは同じですが、2ndアンコールの最終曲に新曲の「Last Tango on 16th Street」でクールダウンさせて終演します(全然冷えないのですが:笑)。そんなセット以上に違うのが雰囲気。2日目は、幾分リラックスしたムードながら熱狂はさらに熱い。その熱気を1階14列目から1日目以上の高音質で記録しています。1週間空いて東京に戻ってきた追加公演の3日目は、2週間に及ぶジャパンツアーをやり遂げた安堵感が伝わるような演奏。それを、1・2日目よりもさらに近い1階4列目で録音されています。


Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 10th June 2015

Disc 1(52:48)
1. Intro 2. Runin’ Blue 3. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl 4. Jojo 5. A Fool To Care 6. Some Change
7. Rainy Nights In Georgia 8. Heart Of Mine 9. Georgia 10. Miss Sun 11. Until You Come Back To Me

Disc 2(42:45)
1. Harbor Lights 2. Lowdown 3. Lido Shuffle 4. There’s Storm Coming 5. What Can I Say
6. We’re All Alone 7. Sick And Tired

Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 11th June 2015

Disc 3(52:18)
1. Intro 2. Runnin’ Blue 3. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl 4. Jojo 5. A Fool To Care 6. Some Change
7. Rainy Nights In Georgia 8. Heart Of Mine 9. Georgia 10. Miss Sun 11. Until You Come Back To Me

Disc 4(49:53)
1. Harbor Lights 2. Lowdown 3. Lido Shuffle 4. There’s a Storm Coming 5. What Can I Say
6. We’re All Alone 7. Sick And Tired 8. Last Tango On 16th Street

Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 18th June 2015

Disc 5(53:39)
1. Intro 2. Runinn’ Blue 3. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl 4. Jojo 5. I’m a Fool to Care 6. Some Change
7. Rainy Night In Georgia 8. Heart Of Mine 9. Georgia 10. Miss Sun 11. Until You Come Back To Me

Disc 6(53:11)
1. Harbor Lights 2. Lowdown 3. Lido Shuffle 4. There’s Storm Coming 5. What Can I Say
6. We’re All Alone 7. Sick And Tired 8. Last Tango On 16th Street

Boz Scaggs – Vocals, Guitar Michael Miller – Guitar Richard Patterson – Bass
Gene Lake – Drums Michael Logan – Keyboards, Guitar
Michael Logan, Jr. – Percussion, Keyboards Eric Crystal – Guitar, Saxophones, Keyboards
Ms. Monet – Vocals

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