Bob Dylan / Isle Of Wight 1969 / 1DVDR

Bob Dylan / Isle Of Wight 1969 / 1DVDR / Non label

Translated Text:

Woodside Bay, Near Ryde isle Of Wight, UK 31st August 1969.


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DVD-R that summarizes the footage of the 69-year Isle of Wight island, which is famous as one of the few live performances left by Dylan in the late 60’s. This live is finally complete release of stereo sound board recording in 2013, but unfortunately there is no full live video for the purpose of shooting movies etc. (Such recording is not done It was. Famous from the old days are only images of European news mixed with black and white color, and they were all fragments. But this was a news video so it was unavoidable.
However, in recent years, the audience shot image which was carried out with the expensive black and white video camera at that time appeared, and finally it became possible to see the concrete performance scene of several songs in a remarkable memory place Is not it? The picture taken from a place quite close to the stage was as close as possible to the 1969 shoots, it was black and white and more than compensated for a handicap called a single camera.
Meanwhile, this item gathers all the live images in which the fans are present, and has dubbed the complete sound board recording of 2013 there. Originally sound of audience recording and black and white video was also excellent, but there was exceptional visibility that sound board recording was combined there. I want to raise the volume unintentionally!
For the above reasons, all of the color images are fragmentary, but even those themes have synchronized the sound board recording, so that the appearance of Dylan playing in the white costumes is “was that scene of the song? There is no doubt that it will be surprised. Still the whole recording time is short (I wanted to release it as soft if it is a little longer but …), but a high-quality fan-maid video with a little bit different from YouTube etc. This is recommended.


1. She Belongs To Me 2. I Threw It All Away 3. Maggie’s Farm 4. Highway 61 Revisited
5. One Too Many Mornings 6. I Pity The Poor Immigrant 7. The Mighty Quinn 8. Minstrel Boy

COLOUR B&W NTSC Approx. 16min.


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