Bob Dylan / Sendai 2016 / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Sendai 2016 / 2CD / Zion

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Live at Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi, Sendai, Japan 9th April 2016


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Since 2010, the frequency of the visit to Japan of Dylan are beginning to rise. And fans by me doing a concert at the venue of the concert hall class can be seen the Dylan in the familiar sense of distance, yet that also increases the number of performances, of the situation to say, even with the killing two birds with one stone for the Japanese fans even Dylan this time in Japan in the middle. It is followed by a tour at the time of writing this, yet you will be surprised because of that it is not reached the final day. It did the last time 2014 tour schedule is also considerably long, stay in it comes to this time to Japan, which also extends to nearly a month. Again since 2010, Dylan popularity rise again in Japan, it is the fact that in, but respond as himself it continue energetic live activities, only single-mindedly be surprised considering his age.
First item in anyway just not said that the tour is “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT”, which Mise released our shop at the limit of the press CD in the context of progress have been waiting for the mania around the world, yet the current visit to Japan while release, even now that you have to use your own to obtain audience recording of the finest level without hyperbole has become a very popular. Dylan concert in Japan currently in progress would listen even in the press CD soon … And Nante’s superb sound quality! Dylan fan only to not only, is a best-selling item of the more rock fans who took in hand without hesitation What in the rush. Last week, but also there is a sound source was Mise released with confidence as our shop, was about did not expect to call the echo of far indeed. The item popular “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT” has captured the Japan tour stage of the early tour, but “also release I want you to continue to other performances” have voice were received that is of course from mania. Simply popular tour from just beyond to say that I want you to issue a further item, even more things that if and Dylan live show every night of the show is a different facial expression.

So Dylan Japan item second edition of our shop to this release, was chosen is the Sendai performances of April 9. There is also the kick-off of the Japan tour, ending a three-concert in Tokyo was also the starting point in the live action of the 2016 Dylan, the first performances moved to the region was the live of this day. Notably, to digest the first scheduled in Tokyo, that was a performance that have been made through the movement and off of two days.
Dylan “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT” tired of the three consecutive nights performances in had been out only a little, but was seen unusually “Long And Wasted Years” band rare occasions, such as playing sway of, through the off of two days Dylan and the band that challenged the new stage the feeling has been written to Katsuaki in this sound source. After all, our shop is a great quality of this unique get the audience recording. Of course, now that give an imitation of release at the limit of the press CD, previous work “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT” level of high-quality sound quality is prerequisite. This time of the sound source the height of such a hurdle gave me over lightly!
If you play back the CD, even a superb catch to the air feeling of the venue expected before Dylan and the band appeared increases. Ya serving as sound pressure of performance that starts from there … anyway on. Dylan singing of the outline, without being buried further detail of each instrument, so clearness also perfect. Among them, such as rhythm guitar Stu Kimball is play as the backbone of the performance is completely frequency of the sound board recording. This detail is the recording state of finely audible surprise will being understood to be a “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT” and the audience recording boasts also different high-quality of the. For example, please try to listen to the “Duquesne Whistle”. It would be divided to listen to realistic incredible sound of each instrument played by a band sound that was, including his rhythm guitar. And although the current Dylan band I Tony Garnier from the fact that the introduction of Sinatra cover adapted to heavy use of wood-based, the baseline would clearly listen to take sound with more depth that he begins to play So great!

And although the day had also been reported on the SNS and the excitement of the fans was great, has been confined in such a sense of realism is also exquisite balance. If you were raised up there, the fun of that may sound basis there is no wonder as had entered voice reflected in the strange voice. However, such a sudden and without any even the collapse of the sense of reality was, and yet because of us convey the excitement of the day, there is only longer to take my hat off. Although originally the past songs in Dylan Live have been playing in the Arrange that does not stop the original form, it has been hardened with songs from recent works album in addition to there from 2013. Because of that in Japan the fans I live than ever before tend to watch to literally catch one’s breath has become stronger, climax of the day even in this respect there is a great thing.
Such welcome and in Sendai, Dylan was beautifully refresh across the off of the rolled skip top form! “That Old Black Magic” and such as a secondary songs round out the first half of “Tangled Up In Blue”, fun because I hustle the first time of Dylan comes through diligently. Previously not only stunning clearness of the performance touched, precisely because his singing voice has been captured near, it states that such Dylan was riding on the ride is felt. The latest item of the latest live boasts an Ultra-quality second only to the popular “TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT”. Definitely you’ll be attracting attention from enthusiasts around the world. Also name board is born yet again!

何しろツアーが進行中という状況で当店が限定のプレスCDにてリリースしてみせた「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」は世界中のマニアにとって待ってましたと言わんばかり、しかも今回の来日における最初のアイテム・リリースながら、掛け値なしに極上レベルの独自入手オーディエンス録音を使用したことで現在も大好評となっています。現在進行中のディラン来日公演が早くもプレスCDで聴けてしまう…しかも極上の音質だなんて!ディラン・ファンだけに留まらず、ロックファンが迷わず手に取ってくれたほどのベストセラー・アイテムを驀進中なのです。先週、当店としても自信を持ってリリースしてみせた音源ではありますが、さすがにここまでの反響を呼ぶとは思っていなかったほどでした。大好評「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」がツアー序盤の来日公演ステージを捉えたアイテムですが、マニアからは当然「引き続き他の公演もリリースして欲しい」という声が寄せられています。単に好評なツアーからさらなるアイテムを出してほしいというだけに留まらず、毎晩のショウが違った表情を見せるディラン・ライブとなればなおさらというもの。

「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」において三夜連続公演の疲れが少しだけ出ていたディラン、珍しく「Long And Wasted Years」バンドの演奏が揺れるといったレアな場面が見られましたが、二日間のオフを経てディランとバンドが気持ちを新たにステージに挑んだことが今回の音源で克明に記されています。何しろ当店が今回独自入手したオーディエンス録音の音質が素晴らしい。もちろん、限定のプレスCDにてリリースしてみせるからには、前作「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」レベルのハイ・クオリティな音質は必須条件。そんなハードルの高さを今回の音源は軽く超えてくれました!
CDをプレイバックすれば、ディランとバンドが登場する前の期待が高まる会場の空気感までもが見事にキャッチ。そこから始まる演奏の音圧たるや…とにかくオン。ディランの歌声の輪郭、さらに各楽器のディティールが埋もれることなく、それでクリアネスも完璧。中でもスチュ・キンボールが演奏の屋台骨として奏でるリズム・ギターなどは完全にサウンドボード録音の域。このディティールが細かく聞き取れる驚きの録音状態が「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」とはまた違ったハイ・クオリティさを誇るオーディエンス録音であると理解してもらえることでしょう。例えば「Duquesne Whistle」を聴いてみてください。彼のリズム・ギターを始めとしたバンド・サウンドを奏でる各楽器の音が信じられないほどリアルに聴き分けられてしまう。しかも現在のディラン・バンドはシナトラ・カバーを導入したことからトニー・ガーニエがウッドベースを多用するようになったのですが、彼が弾き出すベースラインが深みのある音で明瞭に聴きとれてしまうのだから凄い!

そんな仙台での歓迎と、オフを挟んで見事にリフレッシュしたディランは飛ばしまくりの絶好調!「That Old Black Magic」と「Tangled Up In Blue」という前半を締めくくる二曲など、ディランのハッスルぶりがつぶさに伝わってくるのだから楽しい。先に触れた演奏の見事なクリアネスだけでなく、彼の歌声が近く捉えられているからこそ、そんなディランが乗りに乗った様子が感じられるのです。大好評「TOKYO 2016 3RD NIGHT」に次ぐウルトラ・クオリティを誇る最新ライブの最新アイテム。間違いなく世界中のマニアからの注目を集めることでしょう。またしても名盤が誕生します!

Disc 1 (69:35)
1. Intro. 2. Things Have Changed 3. She Belongs To Me 4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
5. What’ll I Do 6. Duquesne Whistle 7. Melancholy Mood 8. Pay In Blood 9. I’m A Fool To Want You
10. That Old Black Magic 11. Tangled Up In Blue 12. Intermission

Disc 2 (62:27)
1. High Water 2. Why Try To Change Me Now 3. Early Roman Kings 4. The Night We Called It A Day
5. Spirit On The Water 6. Scarlet Town 7. All Or Nothing At All 8. Long And Wasted Years
9. Autumn Leaves 10. Blowin’ In The Wind 11. Love Sick

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