Blue Murder / Tokyo 1989 / 1DVDR

Blue Murder / Tokyo 1989 / 1 DVDR / Non Label

Live At Nihonseinenkan, Tokyo, Japan 25th August 1989. NTSC

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Translated text:

BLUE MURDER came to Japan for the first time ’89 years’ performance is due to decision board sound board sound source, audience recording items are not appearing so much at the moment, but on August 25 the same day as the line sound source There is a picture taken from the audience side in the performance of the Japan Youth Center. Although this material is inferior to line / source in speech, it was a very stable and easy-to-see image as an audience shot of the time, one who knows who it knows. It is this work that synchronized the line sound source to this image, further complemented the appealing power of superior image and completed it! (With original menu)

Despite the images that have been circulating in part so far, this work digitizes materials that are better than previous ones. In the remaster which was advanced in parallel with the synchro operation of the line sound source, the noise which has been flickering on the screen so far is greatly alleviated, and the coloring derived from the master is clearer and more natural. The difference in video quality is not comparable with the existing VTR. In the opening “Riot”, the posture and position of the camera have not been decided, but somewhat unstable scenes are seen, but the screen composition has also been determined after “Vally Of The Kings” and “Out Of Love”, more than 20 years As a previous audience shoot, you can enjoy the live completely to the end with good images and image quality that can be said to be the top level.
The splendor of the sound board sound superimposed on the picture is as you can understand even in the main board, just super super quality of the super official grade. I think that there are many fans who thought that “image is unnecessary” at this point, but the amount of information and the entertainment nature of the picture are still different from each other. The truth of a live unknowable only by the sound source, such as the stage of narrowing the stage and struggling side by side with John Sykes and Tony Franklin, a drum of Carmine · Apis attracting fans with amazing play, unfolds with unique persuasive power of the image Yes. Even if everyone knows that the play of the three players on the live was amazing, it is just “one hundred pictures can not be seen”. There are a lot of scenes that these scenes can be understood intuitively quickly in this movie, what kind of movement they showed on the live, how they were fascinating the fans, and scenes that they understood after listening several times with the sound source. Synchronized effects of video and sound board sound sources such as drum solos that Carmine involves audiences in a familiar pattern, and Six’s performance at “Still Of The Night” which made the venue a great deal of excitement are outstanding. Even in well-known sound sources and videos, the attraction has expanded several times due to this becoming one, and fans should expect with the fresh feeling from the beginning to the last “Blue Murder”!

This work “TOKYO 1989” which reconstructed the excellent audience image of the same day with synchronized with the line sound source is the decisive item of BLUE MURDER in ’89, which could be realized because it is a collector’s item! In the past, “INNOCENT CRIME” and “STILL OF THE NIGHT” appeared as a bonus disc of the recurring board, even among maniacs, the gem that a topic of the highest quality of the past was a topic is the glamorous “gift title” appearance! !

BLUE MURDERが初めて日本にやって来た’89年の来日公演は決定盤サウンドボード音源があるためか、現在ではオーディエンス録音アイテムもあまり登場していませんが、ライン音源と同日となる8月25日の日本青年館公演には客席側から撮影された映像が存在しています。この素材は音声こそライン・ソースに見劣りするものの、当時のオーディエンス・ショットとしては非常に安定して見易い映像で、知る人ぞ知る一本でした。この映像にライン音源をシンクロさせ、優れた映像の訴求力をより一層引き立て、完成させたのが本作です!(オリジナル・メニュー付)

これまでにも一部で出回った映像ながら、本作では既発よりも良質な素材を吟味してデジタル化しています。ライン音源のシンクロ作業と平行して進められたリマスターでは、これまで画面にちらついていたノイズが大きく軽減され、マスター由来の発色もより鮮明かつナチュラル。映像クオリティの違いは既発VTRとは比べ物にならないほどです。オープニングの「Riot」ではカメラの姿勢やポジションが定まり切らなかったのかやや不安定な場面が観られますが、「Vally Of The Kings」や「Out Of Love」以降は画面構成も定まり、20年以上前のオーディエンス撮影としてはトップレベルと言える良好な映像と画質で、ライヴを最後まで完全に楽しむ事ができます。
映像に重ねられたサウンドボード音源の素晴らしさは本盤でもご理解いただける通りで、まさに超オフィシャル級のスーパー・クオリティ。この時点で「映像も不要」とお思いになったファンの方は多いと思いますが、やはり映像がもつ情報量やエンターテイメント性はケタが違う。ステージ狭しと縦横に闊歩するジョン・サイクスとトニー・フランクリンの絡み、豪快なプレイでファンを魅了するカーマイン・アピスのドラムなど、音源だけでは知りえないライヴの真実が、映像ならではの説得力で繰り広げられます。ライヴにおける彼ら3人のプレイが凄かった事は誰もが知っていても、まさに”百聞は一見にしかず”というもの。彼らがライヴでどのような動きを見せ、いかにファンを煽っていたのか、音源のでは数回聴いてやっと理解できた場面が、この映像ならたちまち直感的に理解できるというシーンも数多くあります。カーマインがおなじみのパターンで観客を巻き込んでいくドラムソロや、場内を大いに沸かせた「Still Of The Night」でのサイクスのパフォーマンスなど、映像とサウンドボード音源がシンクロした効果は抜群。良く知っている音源と映像でも、これがひとつになることで魅力が数倍に膨らんでおり、ファンは最初から最後の「Blue Murder」まで、新鮮な気持ちで見入ってしまうはずです!

同日の優秀なオーディエンス映像をライン音源とのシンクロニティで再構成した本作「TOKYO 1989」は、コレクターズ・アイテムだからこそ実現できた、’89年におけるBLUE MURDERの決定的アイテムです!過去に「INNOCENT CRIME」、そして「STILL OF THE NIGHT」再発盤のボーナス・ディスクとして登場し、マニア間でも、その過去最高のクオリティが話題となった逸品が、嬉しい「ギフト・タイトル」登場です!!

1. Riot 2. Valley Of The Kings 3. Out Of Love 4. Instrumental 5. Tony Franklin Solo
6. Billy 7. Ptolemy 8. Jelly Roll 9. Carmine Appice Solo 10. Hot Legs
11. Still Of The Night 12. Closer 13. Purple Haze 14. Blue Murder

John Sykes – Guitar & Vocal Tony Franklin – Bass Carmine Appice – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.115min.

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