Leon Russell / Leon Russell DCC Compact Classics / 1CDR

Leon Russell / Leon Russell DCC Compact Classics / 1CDR / Non label

Taken From The Original DCC Compact Classics 24 KT Gold CD(gzs-1049).

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The gold CD was a great success with the spread of CD media. By depositing 24 carats of pure gold instead of the commonly used aluminum, a higher-quality press machine can be realized and more stable CD playback can be expected. At the same time, borrowing the master tape of the album and giving it its own mastering, it became possible to produce a high-quality CD album in terms of sound quality compared to the regular version, so it was welcomed by audio enthusiasts. Among them, the DCC label can be called a child of the Gold CD era.
The label was the most aggressive release in the mid-1990s. At that time, if the sound was clear if the sound was clear, the mastering that cherished the analog feeling in the era when it was considered good would be attractive even if you listen to it with that ear Hear I had released a number of CDs with a nice finish. Some of them have been mastered, such as Wings ’“ WILD LIFE ”and George Harrison ’s“ ALL THINGS MUST PASS ”, but they were released on limited press CDs. What is new in memory.
The first album of Leon Russell, which appears as a gift item, was released in 1994 in a DCC version. Of course, because it is a release from the same label, the finish that can enjoy the natural analog feeling of CD with the sound that is unique to that swamp rock is wonderful, but the mastering of the current board of this work that is currently on the market is not bad This is a matter of preference.

Rather, the DCC version of this album attracted a great deal of attention among enthusiasts, probably because the rare track from the session at the Olympic studio in London where the album was recorded was recorded on the bonus track.
Two performances were especially noted. One is “Jamin’ With Eric ”, as the name suggests, a jam session with Eric Clapton. Here, Leon Russell leads with a Honky Tonk style piano, and Clapton cuts solo. Therefore, the performance is tight and the degree of perfection is high, and there is a response that the appearance of Clapton playing with the tone is captured only at this time. It was also a time when we participated in recording each other’s first solo albums, and we felt a friendly atmosphere.
More than that, “(Can’t Seem To) Get a Line on You” was the last thing that attracted much attention from enthusiasts. Because this song was a sound source that could be called the draft of the song that Rolling Stones later announced as “Shine A Light”. It is very valuable alone, but here Mick Jagger is singing, as well as Russell’s piano and Ringo Star’s drum, and I learned that at the time I was playing a slide guitar from beginning to end It is said that George Harrison has just been done.
In this version, on the other hand, there is also Charlie & Mick Taylor theory (and even Bill Wyman), but the slides heard here appear and hide instability in the phrase, and when you don’t play the slides as a bonus The cutting atmosphere sounds like Harrison’s play at that time (thus there is a theory that this song was recorded in July 1970). Anyway, because it was a recording involving Russell, there was no doubt that I saw the sun as a bonus.
Since it is such a precious super session sound source, “(Can’t Seem To) Get a Line on You” was pirated by many Stones titles, and there are many manias heard about them. But “Jamin’ With Eric ”isn’t getting much attention and can be said to have been forgotten.
Now, there is a feeling that the DCC version of this album has been overlooked now, and it is also a fulfilling gift that you can easily listen to the specifications boasting such a luxurious bonus. Of course, these bonuses are not included in the current CD, and they are great except for the two main performances. Try this rare gift DCC version of Swamp Rock’s early album, which is the best of Clapton’s first solo.

同レーベルが最も積極的なリリースを行っていたのが1990年代半ば。当時のコンパクト・ディスクは音がクリアーであればそれで善しとされていた時代に、アナログ感を大事にしたマスタリングを、かのスティーブ・ホフマンが担当したことで今の耳で聞いても魅力的な仕上がりのCDをいくつもリリースしていたのです。その中にはウイングスの「WILD LIFE」やジョージ・ハリスンの「ALL THINGS MUST PASS」といった、マスタリングが済んでいながらもお蔵入りしてしまったものまであり、それらが限定プレスCDにてリリースされたのは記憶に新しいところ。

中でも注目されたのが二つの演奏。一つは「Jamin’ With Eric」で、その名の通りエリック・クラプトンとのジャム・セッション。ここではレオン・ラッセルがホンキートンク・スタイルのピアノでリードしながら、そこにクラプトンがソロで切り込むというもの。よって演奏がタイトで完成度が高く、なおかつこの時期ならではトーンで弾きまくるクラプトンの姿が捉えられたという聞き応えのあるもの。ただでさえお互いのファースト・ソロ・アルバムのレコーディングに参加し合った時期でもあり、和気あいあいした雰囲気まで感じられます。
それ以上にマニアから大きな注目を浴びたのが最後に収録された「(Can’t Seem To) Get a Line on You」。何故ならこの曲は後にローリング・ストーンズが「Shine A Light」として発表する曲の草稿と呼べる状態の音源だったからです。そこだけでも大変に貴重なのですが、ここではミック・ジャガーが歌うのはもちろん、バックがラッセルのピアノにリンゴ・スターのドラムというもので、終始スライド・ギターを弾いているのは当時それを習得したばかりのジョージ・ハリスンだと言われています。
そんな貴重スーパーセッション音源ですので「(Can’t Seem To) Get a Line on You」の方は多くのストーンズ・タイトルにパイレートされ、それらで聞かれたマニアも多いのでは。しかし「Jamin’ With Eric」の方はあまり注目を浴びず、それどころか忘れ去られたと言っても良いのではないでしょうか。

1. A Song For You
2. Dixie Lullaby
3. I Put A Spell On You
4. Shoot Out On The Plantation
5. Hummingbird
6. Delta Lady
7. Prince Of Peace
8. Old Masters
9. Give Peace A Chance
10. Hurtsome Body
11. Pisces Apple Lady
12. Roll Away The Stone

Bonus Tracks
Unissued Tracks From The Leon Russell Sessions

13. The New Sweet Home Chicago
14. Jammin’ With Eric ★エリック・クラプトンとのジャム・セッション
15. Indian Girl
16. Shoot Out On The Plantation

17. (Can’t Seem To) Get A Line On You ★「Shine A Light」の原曲。ボーカルはミック・ジャガー。

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