Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last – New / 2CD

Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last / 2CD / Non Label

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Asbury Park Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA 5th August 1975 Stereo SBD


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Including the formal / informal, live item shall be deemed to be replaced hundreds of Sabbath. Super masterpiece of masterpieces in high honor of “No.1” has been re-pressed among them! This masterpiece sound source, August 5, New Jersey Asbury Park “Convention Hall” concert in 1975 that would have been heard once if an avid fan. It is a masterpiece of wonderful performances during official live work “PAST LIVES” including, have given rise to masterpieces live album of many, but has emerged as immaculately board that surpasses its outstanding of all in the early of 2012 is “LIVE LONGEST … it was DIE AT LAST”. Therefore Super title was out of the question to even official, it sold out in the blink of an eye. It I WAS A re-arrival Two-and-A-Half years from it, and of to meet the request finally!
The stock of this time, it HAS Been renewed in the new artwork, but please think same content as the first minute Basically. I think re-treatments such as adjust the volume and subtle sound pressure difference that was in the CD1 and CD2 also have been subjected to, but not felt difference in the minute you hear normally. This means that even if you work in search of perfection further, and that was not exceeded after all. Ultimate title of so much is now able purchase again!

So, let’s Recap the contents of the super title.
This Asbury Park Concert IS Performed IS Recorded Ya Music program “King Biscuit Flower Hour” radio on “Supergroups In Concert” for from the United States Tour Due to “SABOTAGE” release, air Check sound of radio, in 2001 after old large classic sound board sound source of the full-length version was dropped into a sound beating hell Mania is numerous. Furthermore, it’s a recording of the devil part of which is the adoption of two-disc set HAS Been Officially Released in 2002 Also “PAST LIVES”, HAD invited to boot Road even Beginners Our number.
Proud of the Mix and separate of perfection That I met Mania from Beginner up to, only mad HAS A million People, missing Zuba both air check the full-length version of the already issued, the response listen much more than a “sound source line” to ordinary image me to listen. However, it was seen many (significant in the full-length version in particular) partial deterioration and noise due to the master If you listen well it is also fact. This is not just about the Collector’s Edition, large noise had entered the official board even in the “PAST LIVES” in the “Symptom Of The Universe”. While the soil is unplugged liver to wonderful performances of high-quality, large number of noise went sounding and feeling of “lack finishing touch” just out of love for many years. Among overlaying the years from the first appearance, appeared again and again is referred to as the “board decision” total length version of the same kind, but there was no should master to solve the problem of noise more than these same. Would not of had some people intrinsic Mania holding a thought similar to give up mid- “full version without noise or does not exist, “SAID Some of Them?
It WAS A “full version of the real” I Thought everyone “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”, of SABBATH fans More Fan want to listen to That WAS Showed to Clean its Hagayu is! (Mix is different official as “PAST LIVES”) major feature first sound image is different from that of the Asbury Park sound source that circulated in the past, from the right channel, guitar Iommi is that of a left channel mainly drums Bill word. The great sound quality as the master and the state also amaze “This is !? Recording or 40 years ago,” he added. The neat as a contrary to the playing hard everywhere, noise was worrisome is absolutely’re gone pretty refreshing in the full-length version that has come out various of course, ease of listening with good balance, you feel even elegance somewhere we drifted mood. Such as meet and listen to the clear, musical instruments, sound balance, is the highest grade on every count.
Musical Sound, backed by power and A more Intense Sound pressure, Susamaji with Which burn up any full-length version of A Sound source in the Past. At the beginning from “Killing Yourself To Live”, Anhai of performance That HAS It has been milled in since the mid-70s and heaviness impetuous reminiscent debut initially ideal, from “SABOTAGE” and “Hole In The Sky,” “destructive power of the set of numbers that say Symptom Of The Universe”, also the basis for modern heavy metal is followed by us Uchinomeshi completely hand listening. Yet guitar riffs played by Iommi, Kosi has exquisite and at the same time metallic thick, some tone in “Snowblind”, “War Pigs” is not unbearable. (Hysterical cry of Ozzy fierce especially ) presence play Giza and Ozzy, who is also the building, such as if they unfolded in front of the eyes of the listeners like of course! Of middle and “Megalomania” and “Sabbra Cadabra”, synthesizer Gerald Uddorufu that has been featured larger would be listening place further. It rushes a long jam session, part of the peculiar 70s from after their “Sabbra Cadabra”. They have the background jazz and blues will let me listen to the play also compare favorably DEEP PURPLE the same time here, but the Center of Intense drum out Jazzy Guitar, Unprecedented in the building of A Heavy Iommi it IS A personality where you Continue to expand the Play seems to SABBATH indeed.
Is A Listening place of “SABOTAGE” Tour “Spiral Architect” Will lead to the fairy-tale Ending hand to Hear from the Sound of the theatrical end of the Game Live. And “Children Of The Grave”, “Paranoid” IS still Finish Hachikunoikioi to Last!
This Work WAS to record the SABBATH of the Heyday it Continued to play youth just started running “MONTREUX 1970”, the official go up the stairs of success in the “LIVE AT LAST”, began facing into mature from experiment. Super live that combines the maturity and power is Ze ~ tsu Starring must overwhelm any rock fan!

What this work has been completed in the sound that goes beyond even the best past Official bar none, reaching point of 1975 Asbury Park sound! It is possible to assert that the “best sound source among the Sabbath history of ’45”, single of the iron plate. Not just leave the name as a “masterpiece of the sound source BLACK SABBATH live” yea, it is a quality that will be engraved on the masterpiece election live all items. Not only to the collector only groan, live album of the Devil Revived in Vivid, Would BE to drag into the Canal mania every listener Again.
Master piece That Will BE handed down to Future Nagaraku SABBATH fans More Fan Around the World, the Second coming in the here and Now in the fully qualified Press Two CD set ! That the sound source of so much has been excavated is incident exactly, it is a miracle at the same time. I think 5 days this August 1975, and I would like you enjoy to your heart’s content if, the “full version of the real “in Asbury Park performances to the fans!

 Including the official / unofficial, hundreds live items of phrase Sabbath. Super masterpiece of honor high in the masterpiece of the “No.1” among them has been re-press! This masterpiece sound source, eager to fan if it once it would have heard August 5, 1975 New Jersey Asbury Park “Convention Hall” concert. Including official live work “PAST LIVES,” Although it is Meien in Meien which has spawned a number of masterpieces live album, had emerged as a complete integrity panel that surpasses all of its outstanding in early 2012 is “LIVE LONGEST .. . The DIE was AT LAST “. Therefore super title even was in out of the question the official, and sold out in the blink of an eye. Then two and a half years, we have finally become the stock and of to meet the request!
 In this stock, but has been renewed in the new artwork, please think basically the first batch of the same content. CD1 and is decorated also re-treatments, such as arrange a subtle volume and sound pressure difference that were in the CD2 you have any, but normally listen minute I think that the difference is not felt. This means that in that even if the work is seeking further perfection, were not exceeded after all. Now you purchase so much of the ultimate title is also!

 So, let’s recap the contents of the super title.
 ”SABOTAGE” This Asbury Park concert than America tour due to release, radio music program “King Biscuit Flower Hour”や”Supergroups In Concert” recording is performed for, old radio air check sound source, since 2001 large classic full-length version of the sound board sound source of dropped hit with the many of mania to the sound source hell. In addition, some also in the “PAST LIVES” of Disc 2, which was officially released in 2002 is adopted, it’s the number of the devil of the recordings had been invited to boot road to beginners who.
 From beginners to enthusiasts, and there just has mad a million people, boasts a separate and mix of maturity that was missing Zuba both air check the full-length version of the already issued, the response listen much more than the common image to “line sound source” He told me to listen. However, (significant especially in the full-length version) noise and partial degradation due to master If you listen well is a lot and seen was of a fact. This is not a story of only Collector’s Edition, in the “Symptom Of The Universe” is the official board big noise even in the “PAST LIVES” was entered. Even while pulled the de liver in high-quality sound of Meien, large number of noise went become as just “lacks the finishing touch” feeling of love for many years. Among overlaying the years from the first appearance, but again and again the full-length version of the same kind appeared in the name of the “decision board”, the master was not even supposed to be resolved the same or more of these noise problems. Why not Nakaniwa than had even more of an intrinsic mania that holding a thought similar to give up middle and “whether there is no full version with no noise”?
 The Hagayu of “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST” and that showed to wipe out, and I was “a real full version” that everyone thought want to hear of SABBATH fans! Sound image is different from the Asbury Park sound sources circulated in the past, guitar of Iommi from right channel, drum Bill word is mainly the left channel of the the first major feature (mix with the official “PAST LIVES” is different) . Furthermore master state and sound quality also “Whether this is!? Recording of nearly 40 years ago” is great enough to surprise with. The noise became really care full-length version that has come out various are gone cleanly, of course, ease of listening with a good balance, even where it is neat as a Despite the hard playing, you feel even somewhere elegance We drifted mood. Clear of the instrument balance, sound, and listen to respond, etc., it is how the very highest grade.
 Further musical tone that has been backed by intense sound pressure and power, knocked also a past any full-length version of the sound source is terrific. From the “Killing Yourself To Live” at the beginning, milled been playing Anhai after the impetuous heaviness and ’70s medium-term reminiscent of the original debut ideal, from “SABOTAGE” “Hole In The Sky” and ” Symptom Of The Universe and the “destructive power of modern heavy metal of the foundation and also say number is followed by set us Uchinomeshi the hand completely and listen. Yet guitar riff played by Iommi, there are excellent stiffness and at the same time is a thick, metallic, there are things that sound is unbearable in the “Snowblind”, “War Pigs”. Of course Ozzy and Giza, presence, such as if it unfolded in front of the building our play also like listening hand eye (especially fierce hysterical cries of Ozzie)! In addition the middle of the “Megalomania” “Sabbra Cadabra”, would also listen office synthesizer of big feature has been Gerald Uddorufu. Its “Sabbra Cadabra” to rush to the ’70s peculiar long jam session part from after. They have the background of jazz and blues, here but let me listen to compare favorably play also in the same period of DEEP PURPLE, centered on the intense drum of comings and goings in the heavy of Iommi jazzy guitar, in the daring of building place to continue to expand the play is the really SABBATH seems individuality.
 The end of live is the office handed “SABOTAGE” tour “Spiral Architect” will lead to hand listen in theatrical sound in finale. Last is “Children Of The Grave” and remain “Paranoid” is irresistible force finish!
 Popping youth just started running “MONTREUX 1970”, following the official to go up the stairs of success “LIVE AT LAST”, this work was to record the heyday of SABBATH began facing into mature from experiment. Super live that combines maturity and power, is Ze~tsu演must overwhelm any rock fan!

 This work was completed in the sound that goes beyond even the past best-official without complaint what, ’75 years Asbury Park sound source of reaching the point! It is possible to assert that “the best sound source among the ’45 of Sabbath history”, one of the iron plate. Not just leave the name as unpleasant “BLACK SABBATH of live recordings masterpiece”, is a quality that will be engraved on the masterpiece election of all of the live items. Vivid the devil live album revived is not only a collector only to groan, will be to drag again and all the listener to mania road.
 Master piece that will future be handed down Nagaraku to SABBATH fans is, two sets of fully qualified in the press CD Second Coming here now! That the sound source of up to about this has been excavated is just a case, it is a miracle at the same time. Fan of this August 5, 1975 to everyone, the “real full version” in Asbury Park performances, I would like to Enjoy it to your heart’s content whether! 

Disc 1 (41:13)
1. Supertzar 2. Killing Yourself To Live 3. Hole In The Sky 4. Snowblind 
5. Symptom Of The Universe 6. War Pigs 7. Megalomania 

Disc 2 (58:51)
1. Sabbra Cadabra 2 . Band Jam 3. Guitar Solo # 1 4. Sometimes I’m Happy 5. Drums Solo 6. Supernaut 
7. Iron Man 8. Orchid – Guitar Solo # 2 9. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor 
10. Guitar Solo # 3 – do not Start (Too Late) 11. Black Sabbath 12. Spiral Architect 
13. Embryo – Children Of The Grave 14. Ozzy’s MC 15. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Tony Iommi – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Bill Ward – Drums 
Jezz Woodroffe – Keyboard



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