Queen / Paris Magic /1 DVDR

Queen / Paris Magic /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France 14th June 1986.


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1986 Live at Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France 14th June 4 tour that hits the Brussels concert June 17, 1986 the press board “MAGIC IN BELGIUM” was recorded, to live the previous first day, recorded in the Paris audience video performance June 14. The video of the audience shot by handy camera, and extensive use of zoom, we have captured the members in its own way from the left rear a little toward the stage. Video because of the handy camera at the time, preoccupied with shaking of the screen, suffer from, but (cut noise There is also on the way), image quality itself is in good condition, and you can enjoy in the quality of its own way, a precious picture. Modulation is felt to voice to A Kind Of Magic, it’s clear, but there is also a feeling that is hard to listen to subtle, but it has become a voice that is easy to listen to while mild Under Pressure later. The remastered recorded video that was recorded bonus disc “SPECTACULAR” of (2CD) to “VISIONS DE PARIS” in the past. Brighten the image, appearance of members has become easier to see. In any case, it’s a long period of time is watch the video of the Queen stage of the day this is a good thing as the recording. It is one that you can feel absolutely the value of documentary items or more. Original menu with. 

プレス盤「MAGIC IN BELGIUM」が収録された1986年6月17日ブリュッセル公演の、ひとつ前のライヴに当たるツアーの4日目、6月14日パリ公演をオーディエンス映像で収録。ステージ向かってやや左後方からハンディ・カメラによるオーディエンス・ショットの映像で、ズームを多用し、それなりにメンバーを捉えています。当時のハンディカメラの映像ゆえ、画面の揺れに終始、悩まされるものの(途中でカット・ノイズもあり)、画質そのものは良好で、貴重な映像を、それなりのクオリティで楽しむことができます。A Kind Of Magicまで音声に変調が感じられ、クリアーだが微妙に聴きづらい感もありますが、Under Pressure以降はマイルドながら聴きやすい音声になっています。過去に「SPECTACULAR」(2CD)のボーナスディスク「VISIONS DE PARIS」に収録されていた映像をリマスター収録。映像を明るくし、メンバーの姿が見やすくなっています。いずれにせよ、この日のクィーンのステージを映像で長時間観れるのは記録としては素晴らしいこと。資料的アイテム以上の価値を絶対に感じていただける1枚です。オリジナル・メニュー付き。

1. Intro. 2. One Vision 3. Tie Your Mother Down 4. Day-O
5. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 6. Seven Seas Of Rhye 7. Tear It Up
8. A Kind Of Magic 9. Under Pressure 10. Another One Bites The Dust
11. Who Wants To Live Forever 12. I Want To Break Free 13. Impromptu
14. Guitar Solo 15. Now I’m Here 16. Love Of My Life 17. Is This The World We Created?
18. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care 19. Hello Mary Lou 20. Tutti Frutti
21. Day-O 22. Bohemian Rhapsody 23. Hammer To Fall 24. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
25. Radio Ga Ga 26. We Will Rock You 27. Friends Will Be Friends
28. We Are The Champions 29. God Save The Queen

COLOUR NTSC Approx.97min.


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