Beatles / Live At Maple Leaf Gardens 1966 Evening Show / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Beatles / Live At Maple Leaf Gardens 1966 Evening Show / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Misterclaudel

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Live At The Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto Canada 17th August 1966 – Evening show – With Opening Acts & Documentary. Digitally Remastered

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■ Completely first appearance including the undercard from the Beatles’ last tour Performance in Toronto.
■ “LONG TALL SALLY” is also in the end! !

Not only is the first appearance live released by M. Claudel’s live chronicle series indispensable for mania, but also the first appearance sound source is re-released. From the 1966 North American tour that became the last tour for the Beatles, it is an excavation sound source recorded including the night section of Toronto on August 17 from the undercard. This sound source was a Canadian newspaper company announcing its existence as a scoop last year, it became a global topic, and it was released from M Claudel after twists and turns.

As for the sound source recorded in this work, a reporter who visited the Toronto performance as a journalist at the time for interview to the people of the venue while interviewing the people in the venue, at the beginning of the concert, directing the interview microphone directly to the stage without stopping the tape It was recorded. Even so-called secret recordings did not clearly distinguish what was recorded at the general auditorium, whether it was recorded at the interview seats or not, because the circumference is relatively quiet, you can listen to the baseline well, It is characterized by sound quality enough to capture transcripts as clearly as possible.

Disk 1 starts with a conversation in the car where the recording person heads to the venue with a car with his family. When I arrive at the venue, I call out to familiar security guards and others, and the voice of the goods department is also recorded. When entering the venue, the roughness before the performance gathered a sense of uplifting, and “RUBBER SOUL” flows as a BGM in the hall. It is the first time that this work is the first time I can hear from the appearance of the concert before the performance of the 60 ‘s. Not to mention the fact that their songs are being swept in the venue before the performance. As an aside, this “RUBBER SOUL” will be an American editing board. In this way, not only the concert but also the appearance of the outside of the concert venue, the state of the inside, and the like which is a valuable document of the day are features of this work. It can be said that it was historical historical just what the concert of that time was done in 1966.

There are 4 groups on the undercut in all. While the recording person leaves the tape for the main Beatles, with regard to the undercard, as the record can be short as a record, under the intention of recording all songs, although each song is partway, all the songs of each performer Recording is a journalist soul. REMAINS has 4 songs, BOBBY HEBB 5 songs, CYRKLE 7 songs. And the bird of the undercard is RONNETTES and 6 songs are recorded. Especially “BE MY BABY” was a famous song at the time, and the recording person also recorded the complete without stopping the whole tape. When the undercard is over, there is a short break before the Beatles comes out, and during that time interviews with fans from the venue are recorded. The interview full of excitement in the venue just before the start of the stage of the Beatles after a while. As you can see the performance of the Beatles is getting closer.

Disk 2 is a performance of the Beatles appearing in the hit. A genuine, completely played performance of the Toronto night section, which will appear for the first time, appears here for decades. The Beatles that appeared along with the introduction of the presenter started tuning as usual when we arrived. And the show opens with John’s “Rock And Roll Music”. At this time, the remarks of Christ became the beginning, there was only a tour that started in a disturbing atmosphere, a tense feeling drifted very tight, the relaxed Japanese performance is a wonderful thing full of opposite sense of speed. Unfortunately the beginning of “Baby’s In Black” is a bit unrecorded, except for that it is just a complete recording, you can enjoy this fulfilling performance.

It is the youngest sound source of the 1966 North American tour that has been excavated so far, just that the performance is close to the previous Japanese performance, and Paul is surprisingly working, John and George are doing it gently The features of this period are clearly shown. “I WANNA BE YOUR MAN” that the apple sings is also a good performance of apples as if the smile of the apple appears to the eyes. At the end of the scream of the last “LONG TALL SALLY” the concert will close with a feeling of running that the excitement reaches the climax and the Arashi will leave in a moment.

Recorder of this sound source also interviewed by directing the microphone to fans who leave the venue even after the concert was over. The gloomy voice of a girl who does not get excited is impressive. The voice of a girl who is crying too far in the distance. It is a perfect document from entering the site, through a concert, until the venue is left behind.

Complete first appearance It is the title which recorded the Toronto performance of 1966 from the undercard. After releasing M Claudel, it has been copied to numerous titles and reaches the present, but the original is only this work. In 1966 North American tour with few sound sources, as a nearly perfect form the candle stick, 4 performances following Memphis 2 show. Moreover, it is recorded not with amateur but with stable sound quality by staff involved. Moreover, it is not only the part of the Beatles that enhances its historical value, but also the point from the inside and outside of the venue on the day to the undercut. The performance on the undercard of the North American tour of 1966 is valuable which I could not hear anywhere. And the Main Act’s Beatles performances are recorded firmly until the end of the ending, except at the beginning of “BABY ‘S IN BLACK” “LONG TALL SALLY”. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

■「LONG TALL SALLY」も最後まで入っている!!



ディスク1は録音者が家族とともに車で会場へ向かう車内の会話から始まる。そして会場に到着すると、顔見知りの警備員などに声をかけ、またグッズ売り場の声も収録されている。会場の中に入ると、開演前のざわつきが高揚感をあおり、会場内にはBGMとして『RUBBER SOUL』が流れている。このような60年代当時のコンサートの開演前の様子から伺い知ることができるのも本作が初めてのこと。ましてや自分たちの曲が開演前の会場内で流されているという事実。余談であるが、この『RUBBER SOUL』はアメリカ編集盤であろう。このように、コンサートだけでなく、コンサート会場の外の様子、中の様子など、当日の貴重なドキュメントとなっている部分が本作の特徴である。まさに1966年当時のコンサートがどのような感じで行なわれていたか、歴史的史料といえる。

前座は全部で4組。録音者はメインのビートルズのためにテープを残しつつ、前座に関しては記録として短くてもよいから全曲を収録しようという意図の下、いずれの曲も途中までではあるが、それぞれの出演者の全曲を収録しているのがジャーナリスト魂。REMAINSは4曲、BOBBY HEBB5曲、CYRKLE7曲。そして前座のトリはRONNETTESが勤め、6曲収録されている。特に「BE MY BABY」は当時の有名曲だっただけに、録音者も一曲まるごとテープを止めずに完全収録してる。前座が終了すると、ビートルズが出るまでにしばしのブレイクがあり、その間、会場のファンへのインタビューが収録されている。あとわずかでビートルズのステージが始まる、まさにその直前の会場内における興奮に満ちたインタビュー。いよいよビートルズの公演が近付いていくのが手にとるようにわかる。

ディスク2は真打登場ビートルズの演奏である。正真正銘、完全初登場となるトロント夜の部の演奏が、ここに数十年の時を経て現れるのである。司会者の紹介とともに登場したビートルズは、登壇すると通常通りチューニングを始めている。そしてジョンの「Rock And Roll Music」でショーは開幕。この時期、キリスト発言が発端となり、不穏な雰囲気の中始まったツアーなだけあって、緊張感漂い非常に締まった演奏は、リラックスした日本公演とは対極的なスピード感にあふれる素晴らしいもの。残念ながら「Baby’s In Black」の冒頭が少しだけ未収録となっているが、それ以外はまさに完全収録で、この充実の演奏が堪能できる。

今まで発掘されている1966年北米ツアーの音源の中でも一番若い日付なだけに、演奏が直前の日本公演に近いこと、またポール一人が張り切っていて、ジョンとジョージは淡々とこなしている様子など、この時期の特長が如実に表れている。リンゴが歌う「I WANNA BE YOUR MAN」も、リンゴの笑顔が目に浮かぶようなノリのよい演奏になっている。最後の「LONG TALL SALLY」の絶叫に会場は興奮が最高潮に達し、嵐が一瞬で去っていくような疾走感でコンサートは閉幕する。


完全初登場1966年トロント公演を前座から収録したタイトルである。Mクローデルのリリース後、数多くのタイトルにコピーされて現在に至るが、オリジナルは本作のみである。音源が少ない1966年北米ツアーにあって、ほぼ完全な形としてはキャンドルスティック、メンフィス2公演に続き4公演目。しかも素人ではなく関係者録音による安定した音質での収録。しかもその歴史的価値を高めているのはビートルズの部分だけではなく、当日の会場内外の様子から前座までを収録している点。1966年北米ツアーの前座の演奏は今までどこにおいても聴くことのできなかった貴重なものである。そしてメイン・アクトのビートルズの演奏は、「BABY’S IN BLACK」の冒頭以外、「LONG TALL SALLY」がエンディング最後までしっかり収録されている。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. going to the concert by car
02. in front of the Maple Leaf Gardens
03. inside of the Maple Leaf Gardens
04. announcement

05. introduction
06. Hang On Sloopy
07. Like A Rolling Stone
08. Why Do I Cry
09. I’m A Man

10. introduction
11. Crazy Baby
12. For You
13. Good Good Lovin’
14. Mojo Workout
15. Sunny

16. introduction
17. Red Rubber Ball intro ? Money
18. Unknown
19. Medley I Get Around – This Diamond Ring – Big Girls Don’t Cry
20. Turn Down Day
21. Hushabye
22. Red Rubber Ball
23. Stay

24. introduction
25. Shout
26. Be My Baby
27. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
28. Land Of 1000 Dances
29. Walking In The Rain
30. What’d I Say – interviews to fans

01. introduction ? tuning
02. Rock And Roll Music
03. She’s A Woman
04. If I Needed Someone
05. Day Tripper
06. Baby’s In Black
07. I Feel Fine
08. Yesterday
09. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. Nowhere Man
11. Paperback Writer
12. Long Tall Sally

13. interviews to fans after the concert
14. crowd at the Maple Leaf Gardens
15. report
16. go back to home by car

Misterclaudel. MCCD-117/118


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