Crosby Stills & Nash / Complete Vancouver 1988 / 2CDR

Crosby Stills & Nash / Complete Vancouver 1988 / 2CDR / Project Zip
Live At Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada September 1st 1988. Audience Recordings

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September 1, 1988 Crosby Still & Nash’s Canadian Vancouver performances will appear in a two-disc full concert set that combines a sound board source and an audience recording! Based on the sound board sound source, the high-quality audience recording compensates the opening 7 songs and the ending 3 songs, and the concert of the day is completely reproduced. As of the end of 88, CSN & Y reorganized album “American Dream” is a valuable soundboard live now as a tour of CSN that was performed before the announcement!


01. Love The One You’re With*
02. Pre-Road Downs*
03. Change Partners*
04. Just A Song Before I Go*
05. The Lee Shore*
06. Night Time For The Generals*
07. Dark Star*
08. To The Last Whale / Critical Mass / Wind On The Water
09. Wooden Ships
10. Wasted On The Way
11. Try To Find Me
12. America
13. Compass

01. Almost Cut My Hair (snippet)
02. Word Game
03. Find the Cost of Freedom
04. Guinevere
05. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
06. Southern Cross
07. Monkey & the Underdog
08. Soldiers of Peace
09. Long Time Gone
10. For What It’s Worth
11. Carry On*
12. Cathedral*
13. Teach Your Children*
14. Outro*
◆Live At Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada September 1st 1988
* = Audience Recordings

Project Zip. PJZ-708A/B

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